Monday, 21 December 2009

Kinda random, but mostly wishes and its Amen

Ah, been through a tough week and I made it, I'm alive. It's just, I need a very huge holiday to overcome this. Really.

The assignments once again fill my days as usual and still with its impolite style, never gimme a break! I've got a paper to do, an interview, and a counceling practice plus its report. And I gotta make it done, all of them, before the end of this month. Perfect, huh?

Oh if you think it's nothing, then I've got a schedule of a College Field Trip to Bandung for 4 days. In the last week of December. Can I just skip to my holiday, please?

Besides all those hectic college days, work seems approximately the same. Office is less boring than campus, the lecturing to be exact, not the friends. Well, yeah, I've got tricky days with my fellas lately but it's alright now. Hmm... I'm waiting for my self saying that too to my college and the office life. Let's pray together so the time goes fast. Amen.

-- -- -- -- --

Couple days a go I went to Gramedia, without any plan to buy anything. I just followed where my feet take me and then, there, I stood in front of the magazine section and found NYLON December with Hillary Duff on the cover and screaming 'Holy cow it's damn expensive!'. I put it back on the shelf and continue walking to the comic section. I would never ever buy any import fashion magazine on the bookstore. Never. Buy it online is way better than that.

To be short, I bought 2 comics (Fruits Basket and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) and 2 little series of Princess Diaries which are in sale at the time. When the time to pay them all is come, I asked to the cashier to bring them without plastic bag. It always works everytime I buy things, everywhere. But, apparently, except here in Gramedia Delta Plaza. At first the cashier told me she didn't put the bill on the plastic, you know, press it with stapler, I didn't get it at first. Then I insisted, she doesn't need to put my stuffs on the plastic bag. And the cashier said it's because the security, she's afraid the security will ask her because she didn't give me the plastic bag. Then I went, "Oh" and walked outta the store.

I continued to visit Gunung Agung on the 3rd floor to find some magazine, usually they got more than Gramedia and yes, they do. I bought TIME Special Issue: Year in Pictures, and the best part is I CAN bring it without the plastic bag. The cashier is so friendly when I asked her to just leave the plastic bag and gave me the magazine. Doesn't mean the Gramedia's cashier is mean or whatever, it's just the rule, that's what I wanna emphasize here. If I can bring the books without plastic bag in Gunung Agung, then why I can't do the same in Gramedia; the biggest, well-known bookstore in the country. I think they must be warned with the new trend in the whole world, Global Warming. I wonder, have you heard that phrase before, Sir? I bet you have. You have colleagues, links to everywhere and everything, so it's a shame if you're not allowing the customers go without your plastic bag. At least, if they ask to.

I don't want the plastic bag because I brought bag at the time, pretty big bag and the books will be nothing in my bag. The plastic bag, just gonna be another trash in my house and it's wasting, you know. I try avoiding plastic bag as hard as I can, I'd prefer hold it with my arm or put it on my bag. I'll feel better after that, by less wasting stuffs.

What I wanna say here is, I don't mean to complain or what. I just feel sorry about the policy. The use of plastic bag is different these days, we got bags, a safer bag to use than plastic bag. For any store owner who read this post, please allow your costumers if they ask to bring the stuffs without your plastic bag. And if it's one of the policy in your company, please have a revision on it. You should tell all your purchasing staffs about this, incase they're not aware about this issue. You know the rule, you know it better than your staffs so it's your turn to tell them-educate them indirectly about how to help the world staying alive. It's for our--your own good :]

-- -- -- -- --

Last long weekend, I went out with my family to the mall. My 2 little brothers got each a pair of new shoes, lucky them! -,-' But it was all fun though!

I met my cousin with her family, her son was joining a modeling contest at the time. And I reminded my self after that, I would never put my children joining that kinda competition. The thoughts about seeing my children walking on stage with club music behind is somehow freaking me out.

Anyway, I spent my last paycheck this year in Icy Blue. I treat my lil brother a small cup of blueberry frozen yogurt and I bought my self a medium peach one. I add strawberry and brownies topping and my lil bro got Oreo.

The peach yogurt tasted like something I've tasted before. Something tasted like orange, sour something... And the blueberry (I scoop a bit from my lil brother's cup), it tasted like bubble gum. The brownies topping, if you like soft and less sweet brownies, then you'll love it. My self, I'd prefer Red Mango's brownies.

Oh I'm sorry I don't have any picture here, I did take pictures but I can't upload it on the internet because it was taken with my little brother's cellphone camera. It doesn't have feature for that :[

But overall, it's good! :D

-- -- -- -- --

Oh yeah, I'm gonna go to Bandung in the end of this week. For college purpose I know, but still, we got holiday part as well. I don't know I should be happy or not. I'm happy because one of my wish is coming true somehow, but in the other side, I've got assignments--tons of them to finish before January starts its day. Dilemma.

Well, I should've changed this blog's layout too but I didn't. I don't have time to do that. Priority is a sensitive thing these days, for me at least. I've hunted for the stuffs I need, save them in one folder but then, I gotta say sorry I can't do anything with them for now.

Like I said before, priority is a sensitive matter for me now. I did so many things, in scheduled way, just to make sure I didn't left anything. But the bad part is I can't have a sparetime to just enjoy my "me time", you know, when I can do what I wanna do without feeling pressed or bored and it's definitely unscheduled. I need those times back, I need my rest time back. Rest time, for me, is not going somewhere with my friends or my family. A rest time for me is a moment when I do not do anything for a day or more, have no plan or schedule to do, and just live my life like I'm the luckiest person in the world. Enjoy every single moment in my days, mean it like it's the last time I see it. The morning, the sleep, the night, the joy, the laughter, the relax feelings, it's all a heroine when I've got my rest time. And usually, this rest times produce a whole full story named novel ;]

An uncomfortable moment is headed in front of my eyes. I'm waiting for the moment after that. And to get through it, I must struggle as hard as I can so I don't feel the time passing by. I'll just do it and it's gonna be done.

The bad times always followed by the good times. AMEN.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!

Kamis lalu, pulang kantor langsung cabut ke kampus buat nyusul anak-anak BLM. Hari itu kami akan makan-makan bareng. Well, actually we're gonna held Scorpio Gang feat. sararocks Birthday Bash in QUA-LI, Surabaya Town Square (SUTOS) and then marathon with Karaoke in INUL Vista :] Scorpio Gang adalah anak-anak BLM yang ulang tahunnya di bulan November, yaitu Mia (7 November), Cece (14 November), Amel (16 November) dan Phebe (20 November), jadi mereka zodiaknya Scorpio semua. Biasanya sih traktiran mereka emang selalu dijadiin satu biar irit hehe. Nah, untuk traktiran tahun ini, saya mendapat kehormatan 'berkontribusi'. Jadilah judulnya Scorpio Gang feat. sararocks. Soalnya tanggal ultah saya nanggung sih, sekalian aja ikut sama Scorpio Gang biar rame hehe.


Nggak perlu panjang lebar kayaknya, langsung aja check out these photos below. Picture talks more than words, ayte? ;] Enjoy!

Everybody sing!

Euphoria 2
Kiri: penonton Dahsyat nyasar, Kanan: Dinda beraksi!

Koi Mil Gaya
Ini dia penyanyi India-nya BLM :D

Tersanjung Trio
Trio "Tersanjung", pose ini terilhami oleh scene di layar (lihat LCD)

the up and down
The up and down

They're crazy, I know


Dari acara karaoke kemarin itu, saya jadi tahu kalo Dinda ternyata adalah biduan Melayu masa depan. Masa dia nyanyi lagu Wulan Merindu-nya Cici Faramida oke banget coba??!! Belum lagi lagu-lagu lain yang pake cengkok-cengkok itu, wow wow wow. Salute for her! :D Anyway, pas karaoke dengan susah payah saya milih lagu yang saya tahu karena rule-nya nggak boleh nyanyiin lagu bule. Alhasil, saya nyanyiin Cinta Pertama dan Terakhir (Sherina), Dia dan Coba Katakan (Maliq), sama Kepompong (versi Idola Cilik tapi, pilihan si Cece Markece! -,-'). Karena ada yang mencetin, saya juga nyanyiin Lucky (Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat) hehe.

Dari rencana list lagu yang jumlahnya mencapai 40an, kemarin karaoke nggak sampai segitu karena ternyata banyak yang nggak ada. Kalo dari list saya sih, saya belum nyanyiin lagunya High School Musical haha. Kalo yang ini request khusus dari saya, daripada saya nggak nyanyi-nyanyi karena nggak tahu lagunya. Tapi akhirnya toh saya nyanyi lagi yang lain hehe. Overall, it was damn fun and it was crazy and everything! Love you girls!!! :D

P.S.: emang sih ini traktirannya telat banget, bulan November kan udah lewat. Tapi kalo ngado aja boleh telat, traktiran juga boleh dong hehe.

Monday, 7 December 2009

A little surprise

It was on Friday, when I, just as usual stucked in a calm morning at the office because we had nothing to do. Well, at least not yet. I didn't expect to have something special that day, all I wanna do was just go home. Nothing more. I wanna grab my weekend as soon as possible.

And worse, there're so many of my friends decided to not going to office and went somewhere else. So, I stayed in the office firstly with a friend who will go delivering a document 2 hours after I got arrived, then not so long a friend come after that. The official staffs, oh they got something else to do than just mingle with the interns ;] The circumtenses wasn't getting better after all. We didn't really had an office thing to do. Seriously.

Then I decided to just check the pencils, suddenly Mia asked me something.

Mia: Do you have an appointment with mbak Anty today?
Me: No... why?
Mia: (quiet a moment) I think you'll get a surprise. Oops... I shouldn't say that. It won't be a surprise anymore then!
Me: What surprise? No way. Oh the girls are giving Puspa's birthday gift today, right?
Mia: Yeah...

And suddenly a staff came by and brought a few dozens of envelopes. Finally, a job! We were told to pick out the good ones, at least we did something. After that, I asked the staff about what to do with the bad condition envelopes, and she told me to put it in Hope (a room's name), it's a room to put the test and office related stuffs.

I was just going back to the work room when I saw a black car driving in the parking lot in front of the building. A familiar one. I recognized it from a symbol that sticked on the front glass. At the same time someone entered the building and I asked whether she need to meet someone, she wanted to meet a staff in the office. So, I walked back to the staff office first to tell the one who asked me to bring the bad envelopes to the Hope, that she got someone to meet and then I immediately ran to Mia.

Me: Mia, why mbak Anty is here?
Mia: Hah?
Me: That's the car in the parking lot, isn't it? I think it's mas Ridzki's car. There's Autonomic's symbol in the front glass. Do you have an appointment with her?
Mia: (look confused) Really?

And I continued checking the pencils while Mia walked out the office and went check what I just told her. When she got back, she told me to check outside my self. And when I looked at the parking lot when the car was parked, I saw nothing. Then I started asking my self, "Where is it??" I even started to think I was just, you know, hallucinated. I was freaked out a bit at the time. But then, I saw the car when I turned right. It parked right next to Mia's car.

Mia: Here they are... let's meet them.
Me: Why? Do you think they're here to meet me? I don't have any appointment with both of them.

But then I just walked slowly following Mia, mbak Anty got out the car with a package in her hand. And she gave the package to me, Mia start clapping and singing Happy Birthday song.

Gift 01


The package was square and tough, I bet it was a CD. I almost yelling to ask them whether the CD is Demi Lovato's latest album or what, but then I hold my self. Mbak Anty told me to open it right away, get the picture of it and tell the girls immediately! Oh great, it's a pleasure to do anyway :]

Mia was kindly doing a favor for me. She helped me taking the pictures and I can't say anything else but thank you so much and I heart you all sistaaa! :D

Gift 02

The gift was, yes, a CD and it's not like what I expected, it's NEW MOON original soundtrack. Doesn't mean I feel dissapointed or what, it's even better!!! It means I don't have to buy it by my self. FYI, I planned to buy it after office. That day. So, I'm so grateful :]

Gift 03

Oh well, I used the money to treat Mao 4 packs of Whiskas and I bought my self and my little brother some DVDs. What a great day!

Though I already wrote this on Twitter, but I'd like to make it official here. I wanna say thanks to all BLM sistas, you guys really know how much I love surprise ;]

Thank you.

This post is dedicated to you :]

P.S.: FYI, my birthday was 2 months a go and it's some kinda tradition in BLM to give the gift months after :D
P.S.S: check out a review I just wrote here!

Hannah Montana the Movie

Directed by Peter Chelsom
Staring: Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso

Miley mulai suka bertingkah, bersikap seenaknya dan mulai menjadi seperti bukan Miley. Miley, seperti terlalu lama hidup menjadi Hannah Montana sehingga ia lupa jati dirinya sendiri. Sang ayah, Billy, menyadari hal itu. Sehingga ia membawa putrinya itu ke tempat di mana ia dibesarkan, Tenesse.

Miley pun berang karena sang ayah malah membawanya ke nowhere-in-the-world dan bukannya mengantarkannya ke New York di mana ia seharusnya tampil untuk sebuah show. Miley ngambek dan bersikeras ingin pulang ke California. Ia ingin hidupnya kembali.

Tetapi di Tenesse, Miley bertemu kembali dengan teman semasa kecilnya, Travis. Yang sekarang sudah tumbuh dewasa and of course looks cute!

Di Tenesse lah Miley harus berjuang menyelamatkan reputasinya, tak ada yang tahu dirinya adalah sang superstar Hannah Montana kecuali keluarga dekatnya dan sang sahabat, Lily. Sehingga ia bolak-balik berganti identitas dan dandanan ketika Travis mengajaknya kencan dan Hannah Montana diundang dalam sebuah acara makan bersama oleh pengusaha lokal dalam hari dan jam yang sama.

Sampai akhirnya identitasnya ketahuan oleh Travis. Dan semua berjalan semakin buruk ketika semua orang memarahinya karena sikapnya yang buruk ketika acara makan bersama. Miley pun akhirnya membuat keputusan besar, di hadapan semua fansnya dan di hadapan semua orang dalam konser yang digelar di Tenesse.

Apakah keputusan besar itu? Lalu bagaimana hubungan Miley dengan Travis?

Saya tahu saya sangat terlambat menonton film ini, tapi saya nggak tahan untuk tidak menulis review-nya sekarang. Saya kangen dengan humor-humor segar ala Miley Cyrus, saya sudah lama sekali tidak menonton serial TV-nya lagi. Jadi, film ini benar-benar menjadi penghilang dahaga saya akan tayangan yang benar-benar menghibur.

Secara keseluruhan, film ini sangat bagus ditonton bareng keluarga. Ceritanya, tipikal Miley dan Billy sekali. Keduanya memang dekat sebagai 'Father and Daughter', dan itu bisa jadi contoh yang baik bagi penonton yang mayoritas berusia sama atau lebih muda. Selain itu, ada juga love story antara Miley dan Travis yang sangat manis dan sederhana. Just sooo sweet, you know what I'm saying?

Di luar pesan-pesan yang dibawa kisah ini, Hannah Montana the Movie menawarkan tayangan yang menghibur karena ulah kocak Miley yang selalu membawa tawa bagi penonton. She's so witty and the movie is bloody hillarious!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

I need a friend

I always bring mirror everywhere I go. No, not literally. This mirror I use so that find out which one is right and which one is wrong. So, I know how to treat people like the way I treat my self.

I used to be sick of people who always telling me what to do, telling me the right thing to do with my life. But then I realized maybe I need to be open to other's opinions. Oh yeah, I got it right but then I'm back to sick of it again.

Mostly I see parent's roles around me, I don't know, they're full of superego and I keep the words in mind. No matter what. I learn and trying to put everything on its path. I really try. After all, I do recognize the bad things and I try to always avoid them.

But, apparently the superego won't last that long. I hate to see this phase again, the phase where I lost my trust to certain roles. I just don't get it, where those superegos when they act like the ones the superego has told me wrong? Where the heck those stuffs has gone??

I'm sick. I'm sick. I'm fed up with people keeping their image or whatever. Oh I'm bloody fed up with an ignorant. You throw me away, you know that?! Then, don't be upset if you find nobody next to you after that. It's all your fault and I'm not the one who walked away. It's you.

Getting older, I think, I'm gonna get better experiences. You know, being wiser and face everything as a grown-up. But then, the more I grow up, the more I see people acting like a fuckin little kids. I'm wondering, where're the adults gone? Are they still exist or I'm the only one now? Nevermind.

Kids don't talk their problems, kids don't tell your fault, kids have silent habit when they get mad. I don't wanna meet anymore kids, I wanna have real grown-up friends. A friend who simply stand by me, talk to me and just save my ass. You get the point.

Pardon me for this rude post, I just wanna spill my thoughts before I'm going insane. This human stuffs is a complicated deal. Really. The more I get here, the more I find less people to trust to. I simply need a friend. Just a little tiny friend. You know what friend is. Is that too much to ask?

Don't make me lose my trust to you. My trust is a whole things you have in me, mate.

This shit reminds me of a Paramore's song, Ignorance. That song describes my condition in a better way. It's like I'm the one who wrote that song, but I really don't wanna have someone to give that song. Really. If I could write a song, then I'd write You've got a friend. It way better to write and to give :]

If I'm a bad person, you don't like me
Well, I guess I'll make my own way
It's a circle, a mean cycle
I can't excite you anymore

Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
Well, sentence me to another life

Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain
When you swear it's all my fault
'Cause you know we're not the same
No, we're not the same, oh, we're not the same

We're the friends who stuck together
We wrote our names in blood
But I guess you can't accept that the change is good
It's good, it's good

Well, you treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

You treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend

This is the best thing that could've happened
Any longer and I wouldn't have made it
It's not a war, no, it's not a rapture
I'm just a person but you can't take it

The same tricks that, that once fooled me
They won't get you anywhere
I'm not the same kid from your memory
Well, now I can fend for myself

Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain
When you swear it's all my fault
'Cause you know we're not the same
No, we're not the same, oh, we're not the same

Yeah, we used to stick together
We wrote our names in blood
But I guess you can't accept that the change is good
It's good, it's good

Well, you treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
Well, I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

You treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
Well, I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend
Ignorance is your new best friend

Well, you treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
Well, I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

You treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out

Monday, 30 November 2009

Here comes the werewolf and the human stuff

Well, the next thing I'm gonna talk about is... of course the title. I bet you've already guess what it is. Yep, the latest movie from Stephenie Meyer's famous saga, New Moon.

Right after I read a tweet from @cinema21, that the movie will be premiere in the whole theater in this country, I just, you know, wanna watch it immediately. Since I haven't used my absent quota yet, then I planned to skip the last class I got that day. It was on Wednesday and I went to the theater even before it's open. Yes, I was on the line for the tickets!! No, I'm not alone. I went with Cece but actually I supposed to go there with mbak Anty. But for some reasons, then I went with Cece.

When we arrived, many people has already stood on the line. The doors even still closed! It was about 1 hour or so before the doors open and I've never stood on the line like that for a movie, even for Twilight. It was pretty fun like that, feels like high-school moment again. When I was at high school, we gotta go so early to get the ticket before it's gone. Especially popular movies like Harry Potter, and etc. The reason why I stood on the line while we can easily buy the ticket online is because the technology apparently wasn't ready for the human non-physical attack, like 1000 people suddenly open the same page and do the exact same thing at the same period. The system might have been broken down in a sudden.

But, well, it's alright. The important thing is we got the ticket right in the premiere day while, you know, it's kinda hard to get such a chance like that. So, I'm happy :D

The movie, still I cannot say it's great. I'm still giving the same opinion as the former movie, Twilight, the movie was good. I'd like to explain why I'd prefer call it good instead of great or whatever. I don't mean to be Twilight hater or what, I just wanna be objective ;] I noticed there's a mistake about the make-up artist, I would say that the make-up artist have done it better in Twilight. The vampires skin look so smooth like a porcelain and of course pale, that's the perfect one. But in the sequel, the vampires have pores for fang's sake! I mean, shouldn't it covered by the make-up or something? And I dunno, but I saw Edward and also Carlisle looks a bit chubby in of course the cheeks. Vampires figure should be, you know, like have no fat or whatsoever. Don't have to be skinny but at least they look like a perfect body figure which is not involving fat.

Besides all of that mistakes, Jacob is a trully hottie in this movie. Sorry, Team Edward. I was and I am still in Team Edward though, but this time I'm gonna be in Team Jacob for a while ;] I'll be back when the story back on Edward :D Taylor Lautner definitely did a thing for this movie. He's a professional actor, I think. That body, err... speechless ;] Okay, I still can't buy the Original Soundtrack because I'm lack of money. The money has gone by the wind. So please somebody send me a million rupiah so I can continue my life. No, just kidding! :D Well, yeah, there're so many needs these days. Especially this month, the money is like whusss.. and my wallet is empty in a sudden. So, I need to manage the output so I can buy the CD soon... Or not. Maybe an angel from the sky send it to me. Let's hope so. AMEN! :D

-- -- -- -- --

And I went to Red Mango, another frozen yogurt franchise arrived in Surabaya. I went there because a friend of mine treated me for a photo design I made for her boyfriend's birthday. Okay, I went there with Cece :]

Red Mango

I tried a half new topping, because this time I'm back with strawberry topping and it's accompanied by brownies and colorful chocolate candy (the cashier said it's cha-cha). Froyo with brownies is just so yummy and sweet! I tried Cece's topping as well, she got almond, mango and mochi. Froyo with almond is like eating chocolate in my mouth, I dunno why. Maybe I ate too much chocolate (the candy and the brownies, remember?) so my tongue is a bit ambiguous about the taste or something haha. Overall, it was good! Oh FYI, the brownies is like cookies, it's dry. Not soft like I thought first time I saw it on the display, I doubted to try it but then I decided to just give it a try. And it was delightfully good, people!! This time I didn't try the original one, I tried strawberry flavor yogurt. Nothing different, because I used to eat this flavor for non-frozen one. I'd like to try the blueberry one but it ain't available anymore, you know, the color is just pretty tempting :D

-- -- -- -- --

Getting older and I hate it when, not just you gotta behave or whatever, but the problem is getting harder as well. Still correlated with behave-thingy, it's about manner and attitude. And above all those stuffs, the point is about words. I've got several problems and it's all upon the same theme: words. I just... oh I dunno what I need to say. It keeps happening while I try to promote it to everyone else. Sometimes, I wanna run to someone who doesn't know anything about my life right now. Someone I really trust and I'm sure this person is the one I save my soul to. But the thing is, I don't wanna bother this person because this problem is actually a cheesey one. Pardon my words but it's true. It's like... you said 'Grown up, people!' but in the other time you acted like a 5 years old kid. Oh come on, life wouldn't be that bad. Expressing emotion is alright, but don't lose your temper. Talking is not about one person, it's not only about you. It's about everybody else too, someone you talk to and someone who heard everything you said.

So, for anybody who read this, I beg you, do not saying a word that might hurts someone's feeling (well, unless he/she deserves it ;]). Especially to someone you love (family, bestfriends, friends, boy/girlfriend, etc.). You may be forgiven, but the words will stay remain in the person's mind AND heart. The hurt will stay although they may say 'it's okay'. I'm sorry, maybe it's just me or what, but all I know is words are way sharper than the finest sword. And I just wondering, is it just me or it's the normal way people thinking these days but I think we need to communicate our feeling so the person we meant to know our feeling will finally know. Am I correct? I think so.

I start thinking that I'm thinking like a male now, using too much left brain instead the right one (while I try to use it both all the time because I wanna write with my left hand). I mean, understanding problems. First, I definitely use my left, that's automatically so I can't control it. You know, it's about habitual kinda stuff. And then I release my feeling, which mean I use my right brain. Stuff like empathy, sympathy, self-control and friends is-I know it well-absolutely from the right side. But recently, I'm afraid I think too much like a man. What makes me afraid this much? Let me explain to you. When someone's mad at you, you can recognize it from the expression, the face (frown) and stuff. Ok, you know the person is in anger but you need to know why, right? If the person angry to you, then you need to know the reason that trigger an anger of someone, especially involving you. But what if the person didn't say a thing, what if the person just keep in silent, keep saying they're okay till you have no idea what to do to make them feel better?? You know what, I tell you; it sucks.

As far as I know, if you keep silent or less talking when you're in a bad mood/anger, it means that you wanna be alone for a while. I use it for a better way to say 'Leave me alone, people!', so I get what I want immediately. Well, usually. I need to cooling down my self for a minute so the anger will loosen and I get my self in control again, that's why I don't wanna be around people unless I don't have choice. I just don't wanna hurt them with what I might be saying in that horrible temper. So, if you just quiet about everything when you're angry, what you gonna get is you're being left by everybody. They're afraid to be around you, it's a body language of performance disapproval. What I'm gonna tell you is don't be (more) mad if you're alone in a sudden. You don't wanna say what you want then people don't know what to do to you except asking 'are you okay?' which automatically replied with 'I'm fine' plus a frown. That's not a solution, I tell you.

I'm not gonna talking about it too long, alright, I'm gonna make it short now. If you're angry or feel annoyed to someone, just say it to them not anybody else or something else. We don't use telepathy as a part of communication, we don't read minds-well, most of us. I believe we ARE conscious that we're human. We talk, we don't use animal language that we don't understand. Animals using body language, but they talk in their own way and they don't have manner of communication. We know the rule of communication, I'm sure people of Psychology know it very well. There's always a way to communicate everything, persuade and stuffs. I believe human have an ability to do that. Use the right words and if you can't choose the proper words then it's okay, it's the other person's job to understand that-to understand your feeling. That's the point of communication right? Involving 2 people, encoder and decoder. The one talks while the other listens.

Studying Psychology helps me to learn how to interact with people, because honestly I had no idea what to do with them before. You know, I've been in a dark moment and it gave me some kinda enlightenment and I meet wonderful people that make me feel better in some ways.

I'd like to quote John Mayer's song entitled "Say":

Say what you need to say...
Have no fear for giving in
Have no fear for giving over
You'd better know that in the end
Its better to say too much
Then never say what you need to say again

People have their own problems, so do I. I don't mean to teach you what's right and what's not but, well, you can take my words or just leave it. I just wanna share my thoughts. That's all.

Have a nice day !

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Paid Off

Nyaris sebulan. Gosh!! Bener-bener nggak punya waktu buat nulis dan emang nggak ada bahan tulisan sih hehe.

Anyway, selama kurang lebih sebulan saya menghilang dari dunia blogger, sekarang saya kembali dengan membawa sejuta cerita. Ahahahayy... lebay dikit mamenn!

Mulai satu-satu yaa...

BLM sista

moi, Dinda, Amel, Peni, mbak Anty

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya (akhirnya) jalan-jalan ke mall, tepatnya ke Tunjungan Plaza. Eh ngapain? Saya mau lihat Campus Expo punya Unair yang diadain di Convention Hall lt.6 Tunjungan Plaza. Gaya yee kampus saye?? :D

The Psycho Crew

proudly present, The Psycho Crew

Sebenernya sih saya ke sana buat mendukung salah satu BLM sista, Amel, yang ikut cerdas cermat (yup, you read it right!) bareng Nobo dan Presiden BEM fakultas saya, Mas Haekal. Cerdas cermat ini bukan cerdas cermat biasa lho (disingkat BCCB, oke nggak penting!), tema pertanyaan yang ditanyakan mencakup ke-Unair-an dan pengetahuan umum. Iya, bukan materi kuliah lah, kan pesertanya dari berbagai jurusan fakultas.


yel-yel dulu yaa


gini nih gaya presiden BEM kalo main tebak gaya, anyway kita tim B

Selama dua hari berturut-turut tujuan pulang saya adalah ke TP, nggak lain adalah buat mengikuti perkembangan ketiga teman saya yang sedang berjuang itu. Hari pertama ternyata mereka lolos ke babak final, menyisihkan Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Fakultas Farmasi, dan Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi. Sejak hari itu, kita semua nggak nyangka teman-teman itu sumpah wide-knowledge juga ternyata! Terutama Mas Nobo dan Mas Haekal, ngelihat tampang mereka nggak bakal nyangka deh kalo mereka bisa menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang cuma bisa didapatkan di Google karena kita males buat nyimpen ke dalam LTM :D Kalo si Amel mah nggak usah ditanya, dia kan ensiklopedia berjalan ;]

Dan di hari kedua mereka tanding lawan BEM Unair dan Fakultas Ekonomi. Kalo dibandingin kedua tim lawan, tim fakultas saya paling nyante deh! Slenge'an banget, tim lain pada tegang dengerin pertanyaan, tim fakultas saya bisa duduk-duduk dulu (di panggung!) sambil makan konsumsi dari panitia. Seperti yang udah saya bilang di atas, nggak bakal nyangka deh kalo tim kita bisa menang. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang diberikan host dengan cepatnya dibabat habis oleh mereka, gileee!!! Nggak pake mikir lama-lama, kalo nggak bisa jawab ya nggak mencet belnya. Bahkan kalo nggak bisa pun, mereka mencet setelah pertanyaan dilempar tapi mereka jawabnya asal ahaha. Beberapa dari jawaban asbun itu ternyata benar dan dari situ skor tim kita telak dibandingin sama tim fakultas lain. Well, I would say, miss fortune was in our side at that night ;]

First Euphoria

ini bukan mahasiswa demo, ini cuma anak-anak Psikologi lagi seneng

The Winner

We are the champion!

Akhir kata, menang bo! Hadiah 1 juta pun langsung lompat ke tangan tim Fakultas Psikologi :D

Emm... tumbenan waktu itu bukan lagu We are the Champion-nya Queen yang diputer pas penyerahan hadiah, tapi malah lagunya Pussycat Dolls yang When I grow up. Berasa clubbing -,-'


Teater Boneka (T-Bone) Psikologi juga ikut meramaikan Campus Expo lho!

-- -- -- -- --

Sekitar dua minggu sebelumnya, saya dapet traktiran ultah Puspa dan Putu (BLM sista still). Kita makan bareng di Bebek Mercon cabang Kayun. Bebeknya sih lumayan crispy, tapi dagingnya dikit banget trus sambelnya bo! Pedesnya nylekit amit-amit!!! Padahal saya makan yang bebek goreng, sambelnya kan dipisah. FYI, Bebek Mercon yang dimaksud sebenernya adalah oseng-oseng bebek, bukan bebek goreng yang saya makan. Oseng-oseng bebek itulah yang pedesnya kayak mercon, nggak nylekit lagi tapi mbledos! Si Peni sampe mau nangis makan itu oseng-oseng bebek haha.

Here are some pictures I took before we ate:

Oseng Bebek

Oseng-oseng Bebek

bebek goreng

Bebek Goreng plus sate kentang

-- -- -- -- --

I took my time to editing some old photos. It was pretty fun though I didn't do much editing because the pictures have already fine. Some of those pictures I submitted in my Deviantart only, so if you wanna take a look please do visit my gallery. Thanks!

Friday, 6 November 2009

P.S. : The Way You Make Me Feel

After a long week full of misery, I'm back into the world of joy started from Thursday. I don't care if my midterm remain 1 subject, I just don't care. Let the holiday... begins...

So I went watching movie with bestfriend, mbak Anty. Yeah, one of my prayers finally come true haha. This is not an ordinary movie, I planned to watch this a long a go before the movie even premiere. The movie called "This is it".

This is it 01

Who else? Michael Jackson.

If you don't plan to watch it, put it on your schedule. If you haven't watch it yet but you plan to, go watch it then. Do not even hold your self, do it NOW!

The movie was great, till I think I didn't watch a movie, I was in a concert of a megastar! He was singing like he mean it. I mean, he sang like he was doing the concert. He's awesome.

the ticket

In my opinion, from that movie (or that documentary movie of MJ, I think), we will know how much Michael loved his career; his music. He concerned a lot about how his performance would affect the fans and he even concerned about the future of the Earth. He used the word: L-O-V-E and I was like... adore him so much by then. He's a truly entertainer and a nice human.

Oh anyway, when I watched the movie, Michael sang some songs that he thought the fans would love and YES, I love it! We love it, Michael! I hope you read this :] The music arrangement is way better than the CD we used to listen (it's copied from the old record I guess), and I can feel the beat and I wanna sing and dance with him haha. Only a true star can do that to the fans, to the people who watch him :]

The concert, undoubtedly great, directed by Kenny Ortega. He's the man who use to direct a musical show. FYI, he's the director of High School Musical and the concert of Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana meet Miley Cyrus). Both works are great and always amazing in my eyes. And this time, he did it with Michael Jackson.

He directed this concert with 3D effect (he did it with Miley's concert too on TV) and a theatrical scene each for "Thriller" and "Earth Song". The "Thriller" scene is super cool. They did it like the city is celebrating Halloween all day! Definitely thrilled. A little boy was screaming everytime the zombies showing their face on screen :D

My fave part is when Michael sang "I just can't stop loving you" duets with his female backing vocal singer, he sang seriously like doing the concert. While, he supposed to save his voice for the concert. After the song's over, he said to the whole crew, it was wrong to sang like that, they made him sang like that and Kenny Ortega tried to explain that they didn't do anything. It was Michael who couldn't hold him self to sing perfectly like that. He was joking as a reflection of his fault! So witty!

This is it 02

And one thing that makes me amazed until now is in the age of 50, Michael still can dance and sing in a powerful stage. He danced like his back-up dancers, just like he used to. His voice, I can't find the difference compared with the younger version of him. He just ain't change, at all. He's a great performer. I then imagine my self, if I were him in that age, I might wouldn't be that strong. His body and his stamina was just great, I should learn from him how to keep the body stay healthy and strong so I still can dance till the age of 50 or so :D

I'd like to buy it, if they produced this concert in DVD/VCD. This concert is worth to be collected. Did I say 'this concert'? Yes, it was a concert for me than a movie for me. Yes, I was attending Michael's concert entitled "This is it".

the poster

All hail the King!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

A break is expensive, in my case

It's been a long time baby till I feel like this feeling is not good, it's not good to leave you like this. To make you feel alone for this long. Now I'm back and I'm not gonna go again.

Mengingat saya benar-benar tidak punya waktu tenang untuk menulis (untuk kepala saya sebenarnya), maka saya putuskan untuk menulis blog setiap akhir minggu. Saya akan usahakan selalu menulis setiap akhir minggu, jadi Senin pagi sudah ada tulisan baru untuk dibaca. Atau, yah saya bisa manfaatkan fasilitas Scheduled posting kan ;] (I love technology!)

Anyway, kegiatan magang masih sama seperti kemarin-kemarin, cuma intensitasnya jauh lebih meningkat sekarang. That's why I need to rest my head for a while -,-' Tapi, kabar baiknya, saya masih punya kesempatan buat main-main (tapi yang produktif). Kali ini tidak ada hubungannya dengan Photoshop atau kode-kode HTML, kali ini kemampuan bahasa Inggris saya yang akan diuji. Saya resmi bergabung menjadi salah satu kru majalah Art & Design, WOWMAGZ yang ber-basecamp di Malang. Posisi saya di situ jadi apa? Coba tebak! Kalo penasaran juga, langsung deh meluncur ke TKP-nya yah :]

Yap, untuk kedua kalinya saya menjadi anggota tim sebuah media cetak (WOWMAGZ cetak bukan yah?), dengan posisi yang berbeda namun keduanya benar-benar mengasah skill yang saya miliki dan berada di dunia yang saya cintai. What a perfect job!

Next pit-stop: a fashion magazine >> layout editor (AMEN!)

-- -- -- -- --

Salah satu assignment UTS saya adalah membuat Bab I penelitian kualitatif. Tugas yang satu ini cukup menyita pikiran saya, di saat, you know, ide-ide tidak selancar ketika saya sedang liburan dan tugas ini mengharuskan saya untuk mencari satu topik untuk dijadikan penelitian dengan teknik kualitatif. Shit!

Sekitar 3 minggu saya diam-diam memikirkan topik apa yang akan saya jadikan tema penelitian. Saya sudah buka semua indera saya untuk menangkap sinyal-sinyal inspirasi. But NONE. I've got nothing but stress. Sekalinya dapat insipirasi (yang kesannya terpaksa), jadinya malah judeg dan buntu karena nggak bisa menemukan judul yang tepat buat penelitian saya. Ketika aspek psikologis udah didapat (motivasi kerja/performance appraisal) dan gambaran subjek juga udah dapet (wanita bekerja/hamil), tapi saya masih ngerasa kurang sreg dan rasanya ada sesuatu yang harus saya temukan untuk melengkapinya. Intinya saya nggak tahu apa yang harus saya lakukan terhadap tema yang sudah saya dapatkan itu. Jadi, terpaksa tema yang ini masuk folder "OLD FILES".

Saya bongkar-bongkar bahan-bahan kuliah yang saya simpan dalam satu map. Eh, nemu jurnal ilmiah yang belum saya review. Begitu baca judulnya, mendadak insipirasi itu datang seperti air yang mengalir di otak saya. Akhirnya saya mengambil tema proses kreatif dan subjeknya adalah penulis novel. Saya nanya-nanya dikit ke Amel buat konfirmasi dan singkatnya, saya harus bikin Latar Belakang yang saya masih blank banget. Rencananya sih saya mau konsultasiin dulu ini ide saya ke dosen pembimbing saya, soalnya saya ragu tema saya ini masuk perminatan Psikologi apa. Tapi, kalo mau konsultasi, otomatis saya juga harus bawa at least draft Latar Belakang Penelitian saya.

Jadilah saya selama dua hari kayak mahasiswa semester akhir yang mau skripsi; nyari jurnal ilmiah di perpustakaan berjam-jam, nyari bahasan topik saya di internet sampai eneg dan mulai menyusun kerangka berpikir. Khusus kerangka berpikir, saya membuat diagramnya dulu di otak saya. Saya bukan orang yang 'dikit-dikit harus ditulis biar jelas', saya bersyukur otak saya punya kemampuan memvisualisasikan imajinasi dengan baik. Then I use it. Baru ketika saya sudah dapat gambaran besarnya, saya mulai menggambar kerangka alur pikiran saya. You know what, gambar kerangka saya itu kebanyakan berisi teori. Jadi nggak saya pakai waktu ngetik Latar Belakang beberapa menit yang lalu haha. Which also tells you that I don't use any outline for writing the background of my research :] The outline, I guess, it's in my mind. It's just flowing and I try to keep it directed.

Sampai tulisan ini dibuat, saya masih harus belajar banyak tentang penelitian kualitatif. Saya masih belum ada gambaran jelas tentang teknik yang satu ini dan saya harus tahu kalau mau lulus mata kuliahnya. Doakan saya!

-- -- -- -- --

Di sela-sela kehidupan saya yang sangat menyesakkan, saya sempet-sempetin buat update berita tentang New Moon. Selain tanggal rilisnya, berita ter-hot adalah original soundtrack-nya yang udah resmi dirilis tanggal 16 Oktober kemarin di USA. Beberapa hari sebelumnya saya udah sempet hunting beberapa track yang beredar di internet. Nggak lengkap sih, soalnya beberapa lagu ternyata nggak ada dan kayaknya bener-bener diciptain buat New Moon.


Sedikit kecewa soalnya Paramore nggak ikut berpartisipasi di album OST New Moon, padahal pas di Twilight mereka keren banget. Asumsi saya sih, karena mereka lagi promo album baru. Takutnya bentrok kali ya sama jadwal promo New Moon, jadi mereka harus pilih salah satu gitu kayaknya *sotoy abis!*. Bagi yang belum tau, ini nih track list original soundtrack New Moon:

, album baru Paramore yang berjudul Brand New Eyes keren banget!!!!!!!!!!! I've got the full album and Ignorance is sooooo damn awesome!!!!!!!! I can listen to it more than 10 times a day. That song is addictive :D They're getting better I guess, more mature in arrangement and the lyrics. Hayley's voice is just as usual but with better technique. They're just ROCKS!

I know I'm not gonna quit from them, they're my long-lasting rockstar :]

-- -- -- -- --

Saya punya harapan yang sebaiknya saya jadikan doa saja sekalian. Baca baik-baik.

Apabila semua penderitaan ini berakhir, saya akan:
1) DVD marathon
2) Namatin The Mediator (which means I gotta buy MP4 player soon)
3) Spending quality time with my lil bro and Mao
4) Nonton bareng BLM sista (or maybe just mbak Anty hehe)
5) Beli DVD Gossip Girls 2 season sekaligus
6) Try any cookies/main dish recipe
7) Being lazy for a week or so ;]

Kabulkan doa hamba-Mu ini ya Allah. Amin.

Kamu punya doa yang sama seperti saya? Oh nggak ya? Trus apa dong doa yang akhir-akhir ini sering kamu panjatkan pada Sang Pemberi Kehidupan? Cerita-cerita ya :]

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Wedding and a pair of bloody heels

Sedikit cerita.

Hari Minggu lalu saya dan keluarga saya menghadiri pernikahan salah satu sepupu saya di Malang. Tempatnya jauh bo'! Udah pernah ke sana sih sebelumnya, tapi waktu itu saya tidur jadi nggak kerasa capeknya ahaha.

Karena suami sepupu saya adalah seorang TNI AD, maka resepsi pernikahannya pun pake Pedang Pora. Tau nggak Pedang Pora? Itu lho yang beberapa prajurit berbaris dua banjar sambil mengangkat pedangnya saling silang dan mempelainya jalan di bawah silangan pedangnya. Dan itu adalah atraksi Pedang Pora pertama yang pernah saya lihat.

Waktu sampai di gedung resepsi dengan susah payah karena saya pake heels nyokap yang tingginya kayaknya 5 cm (soalnya tinggi saya hampir menyamai adek saya yang tingginya 170 cm), saya lihat banyak anggota militer yang bertebaran (meses kalee...) di dalamnya . Tapi kok ya nggak ada yang tinggi tho yaa -,-' Padahal mereka masih muda-muda dan ehm... pretty good looking. Saya emang pake heels jadi keliatan lebih tinggi, tapi saya juga make patokan adek saya yang ternyata lebih tinggi dibanding mereka hoho.

Saya pun nimbrung bareng sama sepupu-sepupu saya yang udah nyampe duluan, sambil nungguin Pedang Pora yang udah saya nanti-nanti. Untungnya, sodara-sodara saya itu ngumpul di deket pintu masuk prajurit yang mau Pedang Pora. Jadi bisa lebih deket deh liat orang-orangnya hehe. Begitu suasana mendadak hening, pasukan Pedang Pora masuk ke dalam ruangan dengan langkah tegap dan sumpah keren banget waktu mereka entry ke tengah ruangan! (and still, adek saya masih lebih tinggi dari pasukan itu. Tapi yang paling depan agak tinggi dan lumayan cakep haha).

Dan ketika para prajurit itu berdiri saling berhadapan dan mulai mengeluarkan pedang masing-masing sesuai komando, saya memekik sendiri saking hebohnya. Saya berulang kali bilang, "That's cool!!" atau "Oh God, awesome!" atau "Cool!!!" sambil meremas lengan adek saya yang paling kecil yang waktu itu berdiri di samping saya sambil lompat-lompat kegirangan. Waktu pedangnya dikeluarin dan kedengaran bunyi "Siiingg..." itu yang bikin merinding, keren abis!!!

Sebelumnya, saya dan adek saya yang paling kecil sempet making fun.

Saya: Eh, dek. Gimana kalo kita minjem pedangnya buat foto-foto?
Adek: iya, trus dibuat mainan perang-perangan...
Saya: Atau kita jalan di depan pengantinnya duluan pas pedangnya diangkat?? trus foto-foto??
Adek: Iya!!

Sambil terbengong-bengong ngelihatin Pedang Pora, saya ngelirik ke arah bokap yang berjalan ke sisi lain ruangan buat ngelihat lebih jelas. Di sampingnya seorang prajurit yang bajunya sama kayak pasukan yang lagi Pedang Pora berjalan ke arah bokap saya. Saya cuma bisa lihat dia dari belakang, mukanya nggak kelihatan. Perhatian saya pun kembali tersedot ke tengah ruangan dan ketika noleh lagi ke bokap, beliau udah ngobrol-ngobrol sama prajurit yang tadi itu!!! And you know what, pas si prajurit noleh ke arah bokap dan badannya agak menghadap ke belakang, I can see an angel's talking to my dear father and smiling. Oh Dad, I wish I were in your shoes... *mupenggelaaa*

Waktu pengantinnya jalan di bawah pedang pora, kan pelan-pelan gitu bin lama. Saya jadi nggak tahan buat berkomentar ke adek saya, "Nggak enak ya kalo nikahannya ada pedang pora, nggak bisa langsung duduk. Kalo kawinan yang biasa kan ningnangninggung
ningnangninggung jalan , trus langsung duduk ke kursinya. Kalo ini kan pake berhenti dulu..." Adek saya manggut-manggut setuju.

Saya kok kasihan sama sepupu saya itu. Udah pake sanggulnya berat, pake heels, belum kain yang dia pake kan sempit banget tuh. Kalau saya jadi dia, saya maunya cepet duduk biar nggak lama-lama berdiri pake heels terkutuk itu. FYI, kelamaan berdiri pake heels bisa menyebabkan penyumbatan aliran darah di kaki lho :]

Selesai Pedang Pora, pasukan kembali ke tempat lewat pintu yang sama. Yang jadi pemimpin barisan, jalan sambil nahan ketawa! ahaha. Lalu MC memberitahukan bahwa sekarang waktunya hadirin untuk memberi selamat pada mempelai, ketika waktu itu tiba saya dan sodara-sodara saya udah keliling buat nyobain makanan yang disajikan. Soalnya kita udah stand by di rumah sepupu saya mulai pagi dan tentunya ketemu sama mereka berdua, jadi... ya ntar aja salamannya kalo mau pulang ahaha. Sambil nyobain menu-menu yang tersebar di tepi-tepi ruangan, sekalian dong cuci mata ke pasukan Pedang Pora yang udah bubar barisan hehe. Waktu lagi ngobrol-ngobrol sama sepupu saya, mendadak salah satu mbak sepupu saya nyeletuk...

Mbak: Kamu kapan nyusul?
Saya: Eh? hehe
Mbak: Mereka ketemunya di Surabaya lho... (nunjuk ke kedua mempelai yang lagi foto-foto sama temen-temennya)
Saya: (manggut-manggut)
Mbak: Ketemunya di TP (Tunjungan Plaza), si G (mempelai pria) ngajak kenalan I (sepupu saya alias mempelai wanita) gitu... Trus minta no. hape... Siapa tau kamu juga gitu... waktu itu si G kan lagi pelesir, mampir di Surabaya...
Saya: kok serem ya, Mbak? Ngajak kenalan... minta no.hape... Serem ah!

Saya menganut paham "Don't talk to the stranger", apalagi yang tiba-tiba mendatangi saya, ngajak kenalan dan minta no.hape. Bisa-bisa saya kabur duluan sebelum ngomong apa-apa. Ngeri nggak sih kalo tiba-tiba orang asing itu adalah psikopat atau orang-orang yang punya niatan jahat??! Beruntunglah sepupu saya itu diajak kenalan cowok ganteng yang
proper. Lucky you, cousin... Lucky you...

Udah keliling ruangan (kecuali ke tempat si pengantin, karena itu bagian terakhir hehe), tiba-tiba nyokap dipanggil bokap disuruh mengikuti beliau yang lagi jalan ke tempat saya melihat Pedang Pora tadi. Saya penasaran, jadi saya ngajak adek saya buat ngikut juga. Eh ternyata bokap lagi say hi gitu sama seorang bapak-bapak yang pake jas rapi dan di kerahnya ada pin khusus yang saya nggak tahu simbol apa itu, nyokap juga salaman sama bapak itu. Saya pikir, paling-paling juga sodara jauh bokap atau kolega beliau yang ternyata juga datang ke pernikahan sepupu saya. Sampai saya mendengar hal ini...

Nyokap: Mbak, kamu nggak minta kenalan ta?
Saya: Trus... buat apa habis itu?
Nyokap: Lho itu kan suaminya Elsa Syarif... Itu Om-nya Papa.
Saya: Kok bisa?
Nyokap: Itu adeknya Eyang Dharu... (Eyang Dharu itu sudah saya kenal dari kecil dan saya tahu kalau beliau Om-nya bokap)

Sekitar 3 detik setelah saya dan nyokap kasak-kusuk, bokap ngenalin adek saya yang paling gede ke suaminya Elsa Syarif itu, lalu gantian saya dan yang terakhir adek saya yang paling kecil. Anyway, Elsa Syarif yang saya maksud di sini adalah lawyer kondang yang banyak menangani kasus-kasus para selebriti di ibu kota itu. Yup, that Elsa Syarif!

Berikutnya tante saya udah minta dipotretin aja sama Eyang saya yang baru ketemu itu bareng sama Eyang Dharu yang juga hadir hari itu. FYI, saya lupa bawa Lou jadi saya mupeng berat ngelihat orang-orang pada jeprat-jepret. Mana ada Om saya yang bawa Canon DSLR gitu, jadi gatel pengen minjem rasanya -,-'. Jadi, pas tante saya nyodorin digicam pocket Sony-nya ke saya buat motretin dia sama Eyang suaminya Elsa Syarif itu, saya pun langsung dengan bersemangat meraih kamera pink yang classy itu dan jepret deh! :] Kirain cuma sekali aja, setelah itu saya digeret tante saya itu ke tempat Eyang saya yang lain buat motretin lagi. Oke deh! Hasrat jeprat-jepret terpuaskan meski nggak pake Lou. (Kayaknya saya kualat ngatain adek saya nggak pubdok-minded gara-gara dia nggak bawa HP-nya pas ke DBL Arena sama temen-temennya beberapa hari yang lalu).

Saya juga sempet motretin adek saya di lapangan yang ada di depan gedung resepsi, anyway resepsinya dihelat di area milik TNI AD yang ternyata nggak jauh dari rumah sepupu saya. Jadilah saya fotografer dadakan yang motretin anak kecil yang beranjak remaja dan sok eksis *peacebro!*

Sepulang dari resepsi (iya, saya salaman dulu kok sama pengantinnya plus foto bareng dulu sekeluarga. Tebak saya berdiri di sebelah mana?), saya melewati jalan yang lebih parah dari waktu berangkat. FYI, jalannya tuh terjal banget kayak medan tracking dan saya kan lagi pake heels yang bikin tepian jari kelingking kaki saya sakit. Ampun deh! Saya harus jalan di atas rumput yang ada batu-batunya, menyebrangi sungai (serius!) dan menuruni tanah yang nggak rata. Pake heels. Sepanjang perjalanan saya nggak berhenti ngomel-ngomel dan ngeluh, saya sumpahin itu sepatu dan saya berjanji bakal mencampakkannya begitu sampe mobil dan akan segera merangkul Crocs saya yang tercinta. Sumpah, nggak ada yang nyaingin nyamannya pake Crocs!

Sebenernya saya nggak pake heels yang saya pake hari itu, ada satu heels (punya nyokap juga) yang modelnya kayak sepatu-sendal (ada tali yang melingkar di pergelangan kaki) tapi sayangnya yang itu rusak sol bawahnya. Terpaksa deh pake yang model sandal yang nggak pake tali dan rasanya pengen copot aja. Bener-bener nggak nyaman! Saya jadi mempertimbangkan buat beli heels sendiri yang ada talinya, lebih tertutup dan nggak bikin kaki lecet. Seperti yang dipake Alexa Chung mungkin ;]

Alexa Chung in Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals

or this...

or maybe this one...

Alexa Chung

I'm sorry there's no enough photo for this post, I forgot to bring
Lou with me. I totally forgot and I realized I was such a moron at the time :[

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Mediator: Shadowland

Susannah bisa melihat hantu, karena itu dia benci dengan tempat-tempat kuno. Karena ia tidak mau diributkan dengan masalah hantu-hantu yang datang padanya. Tapi apa jadinya kalau ia harus pindah dari Brooklyn ke California dan rumah barunya adalah salah satu rumah kuno yang dilestarikan karena keindahannya, dan kamar barunya juga merupakan kamar hantu cowok keren yang setengah mati ia tahan supaya tidak jatuh cinta padanya?

Setelah seri Princess DiariesGramedia Pustaka Utama menerbitkan kembali satu karya Meg Cabot yang berada di jalur Teen-lit, yakni seri The Mediator.

Ceritanya sendiri berkisar tidak jauh dari judulnya, bernama Susannah yang berperan sebagai mediator bagi para arwah. Suze-panggilan akrab Susannah-memiliki kemampuan melihat hantu atau arwah orang yang sudah meninggal. Dengan kemampuan tersebut, ia mengemban tugas untuk menyelesaikan urusan orang-orang yang sudah meninggal tersebut. Karena seharusnya mereka tidak bergentayangan di dunia, karena menurut Suze, mereka seharusnya pergi ke tempat setelah seseorang meninggal dunia.

Suze susah payah selalu menghindari tempat-tempat yang berbau kuno supaya tidak bertemu dengan hantu. Sampai suatu ketika, ibunya menikah lagi dengan seseorang yang tinggal di California, mau tidak mau Suze dan ibunya pindah ke sana karena pria itu juga sudah memiliki 3 anak laki-laki. Susanah tidak keberatan akan rencana kepindahan itu, hanya satu yang ia keluhkan: rumah barunya.

Rumah yang akan ia tinggali merupakan rumah kuno dengan gaya Victorian. Dan ketika sampai di kamarnya, apa yang ia takutkan muncul juga. Seorang hantu cowok tampan juga tinggal di kamar barunya. Namanya Jesse dan ia tidak mau menceritakan perihal kematiannya dan kenapa ia masih bergentayangan di dunia milik manusia ini. Suze tidak ambil pusing selama hantu itu tidak mengganggunya, meski ia harus bersusah payah berganti pakaian di kamar mandi karena takut Jesse melihatnya tidak berpakaian.

Tugasnya sebagai mediator tentu saja masih berjalan di California. Sesosok hantu cewek yang baru saja meninggal ingin membalas dendam pada seseorang yang ternyata adalah mantan pacarnya, Bryce. Sialnya hantu itu dulunya adalah siswa di sekolah baru Susanah dan ia menempati bekas loker cewek itu. Mengetahui niat buruk si hantu, Susanah berusaha menyelamatkan cowok itu dan ternyata si cowok malah tertarik padanya. Hal ini semakin membuat si hantu marah dan ujungnya Susanah menjadi target utama kemarahannya.

Apakah Susanah berhasil lolos dari maut yang terus menghantuinya di sekolah? Apakah hanya Suze dan Bryce yang jadi target balas dendam si hantu? Lalu, bagaimana dengan Jesse?

Setelah keranjingan baca seri Twilight, saya ketagihan baca novel ini. Saya memang penggemar seri Princess Diaries, tapi ternyata The Mediator lebih seru! :D

Saya kecewa kenapa penerbit tidak menerjemahkan novel ini lebih awal, di mana novel ini (yang terdiri dari 6 seri) sudah tamat di Amerika sana. Padahal ceritanya bagus sekali dan mengangkat tema yang tidak umum, yakni tentang seorang gadis yang bisa melihat dan berdialog dengan hantu. Selain itu, konfliknya juga tidak berhenti sampai di situ saja, tokoh heroine dalam kisah ini juga berperan sebagai sosok yang bertindak aktif, tidak hanya bisa melihat hantu dan tidak bertindak atau bertugas apa-apa. Sekilas kisahnya mirip Buffy the Vampire Slayer, bisa dibilang menumpas kejahatan dari roh-roh atau makhluk jahat yang berkeliaran di bumi. Menarik, kalau saya bilang sih, untuk kelas bacaan teen-lit.

Semoga penerbit tidak terlalu lama menerbitkan seri berikutnya seperti yang dialami Princess Diaries sekarang, semakin nggak jelas. Padahal di AS sudah terbit seri-seri terbaru dari novel tentang Princess Mia itu. Sementara menunggu, saya memutuskan untuk membaca versi ebook-nya dulu karena udah nggak tahan pengen tahu kelanjutannya (yah, kasus Breaking Dawn terulang kembali) :]

Berikut judul seri The Mediator:
The Mediator #1: Shadowland (Gramedia Pustaka Utama)
The Mediator #2: Ninth Key
The Mediator #3: Reunion
The Mediator #4: Darkest Hour
The Mediator #5: Haunted
The Mediator #6: Twilight

Info lebih lanjut bisa dilihat di website Meg Cabot :]

Pretty Much

I know, I know I haven't update my blog for centuries. And I know it's a shame for someone who claimed her self as a blogger. Like me, for instance.

So, what's up guys? I'm doing fine and pretty great over here, that's why I have no time to write this lil thing ahaha.

Anyway, so many stories I'd like to tell but I confused which one I gotta start with. Hmm let's see... we're going back a couple weeks a go, aiyte?

Family Time
Last Ied was a great time for me to gathered with the whole family. It was fun to meet my big family, knowing their life and having fun with them.

Though I got upset a bit when my cousins are busy with their cellphone because they're asking their Facebook account to each other and me, alone with cookies and Fanta in the living room. But it's all good, we successfully passed this Ied without my grandma and the thing I was worried ain't happen. The empty spot I was afraid I would see, I didn't see it at all. I see it full and nice.

I'm proud of my family so much and I'm glad I'm one of them :]


The Day
On 3-4 October 2009, I spent my weekend (yes, entirely my weekend) in campus with my friends. What the heck are you doing in campus on the weekend for God's sake? Are you some kinda nerd?? No, well, I'm might be a nerd but not that bad. I was one of the Orientation Program committee in my faculty and I was in Publication and Documentation team for the first part of the program called Student Day. And it was fun!! Though Lou started to mess with me when I took picture indoor (considering most of the activity were held inside the building), the results are blur and it really got me mad about the lighting. Okay, forget it.

full team

While two days before, in the middle of the night, they wake me up to help them out about the street banner file. I got a schedule on Friday morning as an intern and they woke me up near 12pm! Problems, coming like crazy. The more you close to the day, the more people tend to forget things. That's what happen to our team at the time. When I remember that moment, I feel so silly and it makes me smile. It was a night to remember ahaha. Love you guys! :]

PUBDOK feat. Kanyaa
feat. Kanya

I'd like to thanks to my team for the team-work and the support they gave me.
This post is a tribute for you girls: Sonya, Mira, Tita, Caca, Tiien, Nia.


Well, my first day as an intern was fun and kinda gimme nervous a lil bit. And yes, after 2 weeks become an intern I know how it feels to work in office. The boredom, the confusing, the partner, the seniors, the peers, and the works it self. It's all makes me wanna know more and more. Can't wait for the main job we gotta do, being a tester.

Considering I have a tight schedule (contains of internship and college), so I gotta save some times for my friends (weekend is booked by my family) between those hectic time. Fortunately, my schedule is not full everyday, I mean my internship. So, I still have time to spend my days with them :] I don't wanna lose any contact with my besties, I don't wanna lose any single precious time with my sista :D

And if you wondering where I take my internship, it's in LP3T. It's an organization of Applied Psychology owned by my university and managed by my faculty, you can read further info here.


The Previous
I remember I planned to make a photography exhibition focus on food on the next post, but I totally have no time to prepare all of those photos and the layout. I even don't have time to upload my photographs on Deviantart. It's all sucked up by college assignments and now it's added up with my internship schedule. I don't blame them for this lack of time I have, I just blame time. Why it's only 24 hours?

Officially as an intern, I also officially resign from the campus magazine/bulletin, Insight. I'm afraid I can't managed my time then I left the other behind. So, I gotta choose one of them by doing gambling. If I get in as an intern, then I gotta let go my job as Layout & Design staff in Insight. And the result show all of us that I'm letting go my previous job. It's kinda hard at first because I'm still new in there and they like my works, besides there's a problem inside when I resign. I was worried it's because I resign without officially saying permission to the whole team, I told the chief about my plan of taking internship and my plan about it, and she's the one who know that I'm in when the result's out. I didn't have a chance, or time actually, to tell the entire team about it. But now, with telling the main team one by one, I hope it's getting better.

This post also a tribute for the Insight team. Thanks for the work-team and the supports and the trusts you spilled on me guys. You can do it better! :D


I got an assignment to make a reflection based on several points by reading a novel entitled Totto-chan. Well, maybe most of you know this novel. I've read it before when I was doing my assignment in the 2nd semester, but I read it again because the topic is different. This one is focus on the education (assignment and evaluation) while the previous was concern about the child development. I didn't have money to buy the book and I didn't have time to go to the book store if I asked money to my mom, so I downloaded the e-book and finished it in 3 days. I cried in the midnight reading a couple last chapters, I did the same when I read it for the first time. It was a great story. I bought the novel immediately a day before the assignment collected. Yes, I used my mom's money ;]

When I bought Totto-Chan, I also bought a novel and a comic. The comic is the one I use to buy when a new volume release, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP. It reached Volume #10 right now. And the novel, oh I'm gonna talk about this one for details. It's The Mediator: Shadowland by Meg Cabot. I haven't seen and read Meg Cabot novel for months since the last Princess Diaries (Princess on the Brink), the publisher is kinda late to translate it or something. While, helloowww it's Meg Cabot we're talking about! Everbody's waiting for her new novels and you make us read the latest novel months later.

I can't wait for the next series to be translated in Indonesian so I download the e-book. I don't care I still remember how it feels reading Breaking Dawn e-book or any kind of e-book can make my eyes hurt. I don't care because I'm craving for Meg Cabot's novel and I hate them to make me waiting for this long. If I have my own publishing company, I will translate Meg Cabot's book right after the novel is officially released. I hope the publisher read this and improve their works so the customer disappointment will be increased a bit.

Anyway, you may read the review here :]

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Prayers, Hope and Surprise!

Saya merasa banyak mendapat kado lebih awal di ulang tahun kali ini. Banyak banget surprise yang tak terkira dan bikin saya merasa lebih baik, lebih bahagia dan lebih mensyukuri apa yang saya punya :]

Waktu itu saya iseng buka YM dan melihat ID Pudika lagi on, saya pun ngajak dia chat. Eh nggak taunya dia ngabarin mau ngajakin ketemuan bareng Raisa, sahabat saya yang terdampar di Jakarta dan sekarang mau pulang kampung. Saya langsung melihat celah-celah dalam jurnal di mana kita bisa reuni. Paling memungkinkan ya Kamis, saya totally free karena cuma kuliah pagi sampe jam 9. Ternyata Raisa cuma bisa sampe Rabu doang, dia nggak nginep soalnya. Cuma transit trus malemnya langsung kembali ke desanya ;]

P1010448 copy copy
Raisa, moi, Pudi

Karena waktu itu udah malem, pembicaraan ditunda dan biar masing-masing nyari jalan keluar kapan enaknya bisa ketemu. Soalnya jarang banget nih ketemu Raisa, dulu pas masih kuliah di Surabaya aja susahnya amit-amit padahal saya sama dia satu universitas. Tapi kampusnya beda hehe (FYI, saya kampus B dan dia kampus C). Jadi, sekarang gimana caranya lah pokoknya bisa ketemu.

P1010449 copy copy
di salah satu cermin di kampus saya :]

Pas malem-malem saya mau mengistirahatkan mata, mendadak si Raisa sms ngajakin buka bareng. Berarti ketemuannya malem pas mau buka. Okelah tak apa, setelah perdebatan ini itu tentang ke mana kita bakal Bubar akhirnya keputusan digetok di Wapo deket kampus saya. Jam 5 kita ke sana dan semua meja ternyata sudah direservasi. Padahal itu masih jam 5 for God's sake! Terpaksa kita harus angkat kaki (ya masa' angkat tangan?!) dari situ dan kembali kebingungan di mana buka puasanya. Saya menyarankan satu tempat saya biasa makan siang bareng anak-anak BLM, Boaz. Pudi dan Raisa ok jadi kita langsung terbang ke tempat yang berjarak beberapa meter dari Wapo itu. Bahkan di warung kecil itu pun tempatnya penuh beberapa menit kemudian, untungnya kita langsung ke situ. Kalo nggak, bisa nggak buka hari itu :[

Usai buka, kita solat Maghrib dulu di kampus saya dan tentunya foto-foto bareng dong buat kenang-kenangan!! :D

The best moment in my life, honesty, is when I meet my old fellas :]

-- -- -- -- --

Mencari baju buat Lebaran itu susah-susah gampang, tema baju Lebaran tahun ini sih maunya Vintage dan saya tahu nyari baju model begitu di toko bukan perkara mudah. Jadi saya memutuskan berburu di online shop di Multiply. Nemu online shop yang jual dress vintage juga karena keberuntungan, klik sana klik sini dan akhirnya nyambung ke online shop yang khusus jual baju-baju era 60-70an. Sialnya, baju-baju yang ada di katalog kalau nggak lagi dibook ya udah Sold :[ Mana itu baju-bajunya pada lucu-lucu dan bikin mupeng berat huffhh... Akhirnya sampailah saya di cutie flea, di situ saya menemukan dress vintage lucu yang nggak dibook dan belum terjual. Yes! Waktu melihat harganya, saya menganga kaget soalnya murah banget. Oke, saya udah kira-kira berapa bujet yang harus saya keluarkan terhitung sama ongkos kirimnya. Eh, waktu saya tengok contact person-nya, ternyata tokonya berlokasi di Surabaya. Setelah tanya-tanya dan deal, si mbaknya bilang kalau ongkirnya free. Double YAY!!! :D

01 dress packet
02 dress packet
03 dress

Dua hari kemudian barangnya nyampe, soalnya kita deal pas tengah malam dan saya baru bisa transfer sore keesokan harinya. Ternyata juga, saya transfernya kebanyakan hoho. Si mbak-nya bilang harganya IDR 25.000 dan saya transfer 35.000, trus katanya uangnya ntar diselipin di dalam paketnya. Perasaan, waktu itu sih liatnya IDR 35.000, saya belum cek lagi harganya di katalog beneran IDR 35.000 atau nggak hehe.

Waktu bajunya dilihat nyokap dan adek saya yang kecil, semua mengira-ngira bajunya beli di manaaa gitu dan harganya selangit. Sampai tulisan ini dibuat, saya belum bilang di mana saya beli dan harganya berapa. Saya cuma bilang kalau baju itu belinya di Surabaya. Biar mereka penasaran ahaha.

-- -- -- -- --

Di hari yang sama waktu saya nunjukin baju baru saya, malamnya mendadak ada orang nyariin saya di rumah. Saya pun penasaran siapa yang malam-malam nyariin saya, saya keluar dan menemukan laki-laki pake helm sama bawa bungkusan coklat bentuk kotak.

Pas saya buka pager, bapak itu keliatan buru-buru nyodorin dua lembar kertas putih ke saya buat ditandatangani. Saya liat logo yang cukup familiar di sudut kiri atas kertas, JNE. Jadi bapak ini adalah kurir yang mengantarkan pesanan saya. Saya menduga-duga dalam hati, bikin deg-degan pengen tahu apakah dugaan saya benar.

Pak Kurir: Maaf ya, Mbak, nganternya malem.
Saya: Oh ya, nggak apa-apa, Pak.
Pak Kurir: Barangnya banyak yang harus dianter soalnya.
Saya: Oh...

Setelah tanda tangan dan menyerahkan paket itu ke saya, pak kurir langsung tancap gas. Mungkin masih banyak banget paket yang harus diantar menjelang Lebaran begini. Terakhir pas saya window shopping di Multiply sih, udah banyak toko-toko yang ngasih batas waktu terakhir pemesanan karena mengikuti hari libur shipping service-nya. Saya bisa bayangin gimana hectic-nya pesanan yang masuk dan mendesak minta diantar. Semangat, Pak Kurir!! :D

Dan setelah masuk ke dalam rumah, orang-orang pada nanyain siapa yang nyariin saya tadi dan bungkusan apa yang sedang saya bawa. Saya cuma bilang, "Kurir ngater paket." dan saya bawa itu paket ke kamar. Saya membukanya kayak di dalamnya itu makanan yang sudah saya nanti-nanti dan saya sangat kelaparan. Sobekan pertama kertas pembungkusnya udah kelihatan bungkus putih kardus, saya makin menggila nyobekin kertasnya. Dan akhirnya, walaa... isinya tepat seperti dugaan saya. WONDERSHOE. Pesanan saya.

04 shoes
05 shoes
06 shoes

Kalau diitung-itung, periode pengerjaan sepatu pesanan saya lebih cepat sekitar 2 atau 3 hari. That's the surprise! I didn't predict it'd be finished this fast :]

Hasilnya bener-bener nggak mengecewakan, sepatunya bagus banget. Emang keliatan ya sepatu yang bagus sama yang murahan hehe (ketauan nih biasa beli yang murahan ;p). Meskipun nyokap sempet komplain gara-gara saya nggak dengerin pesan beliau buat nggak beli barang online (karena itu juga saya nggak bilang beli dress vintage itu di mana), tapi saya bisa jelaskan bahwa saya nggak kecewa sama pesanan saya yang satu ini. Yang saya dapat ya persis seperti yang saya harapkan.

Bulan depan pesan yang mana yaa... :]

-- -- -- -- --

Khusus buat yang satu ini, saya agak bingung. Ini kado bukan ya? hehe

Di post sebelumnya saya udah cerita kalau saya ikut seleksi anak magang di salah satu lembaga Psikologi Terapan punya kampus. Dan hasilnya... jeng jeng jeng... I'm in!

Di satu sisi, saya bersyukur dan saya bisa melihat keluarga saya bahagia karenanya. Tapi di sisi lain, saya kok malah seperti mengalami anti-klimaks dari semua ini. Saya bertanya-tanya pada diri saya sendiri, "Bisakah saya melakukannya?". Afni yang saya curhatin pun langsung menunjukkan respon nggak terima dan malah berbalik mendukung saya. "Kita sesama rekan kerja harus saling mensupport..." begitu katanya. Ya, dia juga ketrima dan akan jadi rekan kerja saya selain teman kuliah selama setahun ke depan :]

Entah kenapa saya malah apatis sama keadaan yang satu ini. Di awal, saya sih nothing to lose karena saya memang berniat ikut buat mengetahui sampai sejauh mana kemampuan saya dan pengen tahu hasil Psikotes-nya. Eh, ternyata saya lolos sampai tahap interview dan ujungnya saya diterima jadi anak magang. Waktu interview, saya udah deg-degan. Bukan proses interview-nya yang bikin saya deg-degan tapi keputusan apakah saya diterima atau tidak yang bikin saya cemas. Saya bertaruh nggak akan diterima waktu itu, dengan rasionalisasi saya nggak punya nilai presentasi waktu role play. But then, I lose and I got in.

Teman-teman saya yang juga ketrima mengucapkan selamat tapi kok saya ya biasa aja, no euphoria or whatever. Semoga ini cuma sementara, saya sedang mencari faktor yang bisa membuat saya semangat jadi anak magang. Insya Allah sudah saya temukan and I hope it could be last till the end of my year. Amin :]

-- -- -- -- --

Kado lainnya datang lebih bermakna dan lebih berkesan buat saya. Dari Yang Maha Kuasa. Seperti yang sudah saya tulis beberapa hari yang lalu, pelajaran dari-Nya itu merupakan kado terbaik buat saya tahun ini.

Saya hanya bisa tersenyum bahagia, senyum yang dalam dengan mengucap syukur yang tak terkira. Sampai mau nangis rasanya kalau inget semua kejadian itu, bukan karena kejadiannya yang tidak mengenakkan di hati tetapi bagaimana Allah mencoba menunjukkan pada saya. Bagaimana Allah mencoba menujukkan perhatiannya pada saya dan membuat saya sadar akan itu.

Subhanallah :]

-- -- -- -- --

Lebaran ternyata maju lebih cepat dari dugaan saya. Saya lihat di kalender tanggal 21 dan awal puasa kan tanggal 23 jadi perkiraan saya antara 21 atau 22, tapi nyatanya banyak yang bilang jatuh pada tanggal 20. Exactly on my birthday :]

Berhari-hari sebelumnya saya menyiapkan mental untuk hari itu, dan yang terpenting sehari sebelumnya. Di mana tepat setahun yang lalu saya kehilangan nenek saya tercinta. Saya masih belum siap melihat 'kekosongan' itu somehow. Nggak ada lagi sosok yang dijadikan tempat buat sungkem dan akan memberikan saya nasehat berupa doa tulus. I miss that moment so bad.

Lebaran tahun lalu sih berlalu agak sepi, keluarga besar saya masih dalam suasana berduka meskipun meninggalnya nenek saya waktu itu sekitar seminggu sebelum Lebaran tapi tanpa keberadaan beliau rasanya Lebaran jadi nggak lengkap. Meski demikian, keluarga besar saya bukanlah orang-orang yang suka menyimpan duka (saya doang kayaknya). Lebaran tahun lalu itu, meski masing-masing masih menyimpan rasa sedih tetapi kita semua berusaha buat cheer up dan menyambut Idul Fitri seperti seharusnya. Bukankah itu hakikat Idul Fitri yang sebenarnya, sebuah hari Kemenangan? :]

Dan semoga Lebaran tahun ini, saya bisa memaknainya lebih baik. Semoga eyang-eyang saya di atas sana bisa melihat bahwa kami semua di sini sedang berbahagia merayakan hari yang suci dan berdoa semoga mereka juga bisa merasakan kebahagiaan kami di sini. Amin.

-- -- -- -- --

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1430 H. Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin. Mohon maafkan tutur kata dan perbuatan saya yang mungkin tidak berkenan di hati selama ini :]


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