Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Holiday Report: Plan #1 accomplished

Well, in this holy vacation, like I said (via Twitter) that my #1 plan is rent some DVDs. I rented Bolt, Bride Wars, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 and Sex and The City the movie. And I just realized that 3 of those movies I rented have a same theme, Bolt is not included anyway.

Wondering what theme? It's girl's friendship. And I even got another same theme, which refers to marriage. Kinda girls daily stuffs, huh? Yeah, I know. But the funny thing is I didn't realize that I rented the movies with similar theme :D

I'm not gonna review all those movies because it's kinda too old to be reviewed, however I'm gonna review Bolt :] I love that movie!

But still, I will talk about them, sort of lil comment about it ;]

First I watched Bolt, but you can read the rest at REVIEW.
So, skip to the second, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. It's a good movie anyway, it's been so long I didn't watch this kinda movie ( It teaches you lots of morale lesson in a fun way. The characters in this movie is in my age, it's like I just learn how to face the world by them. Because sometimes, the movie I watched has the younger or older character than I am. So, it's pretty fun to watch movie with character in your age.

Anyway, I watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 right before Michael Jackson in Memorial and I was too tired and sleepy so I fell asleep while Mariah Carey's singing.

Next, the remaining 2 movies are the movie I told you has older characters than I am but still worth to watch (surely!). I watched Bride Wars in the third round, staring by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, this movie is soooo stunning and touching! Reminds me to a moment when I got (silly) fight with my besties. The lesson from this movie is "besties know you better than your mom" :] (except your mom is your bestfriend as well)

The last movie, yanno... Sex and The City the movie. It's good though a bit gross in some part and I love the wardrobe. It's like you're attending a fashion show when you watch this movie :D Carrie Bradshaw's clothes are just amazing! The others are good too but I like Carrie's more ;]

And I love Carrie's outfit when she stepped out the store (she was with Miranda) and carried a VOGUE. Love it. All black and a lil red touch (VOGUE cover), just stunning and sophisticated!

Beside the rest 2 movies I tell you about staring by older actress than the other 2, it's basically talking about the same thing: marriage. I didn't expect that from Sex and the City (actually I didn't know what movie it was about), but still it's interesting and worth learning for my future :]

I said this via Twitter that Bride Wars and Sex and The City got the same supporting actress (or whatever the call it). I didn't googling her because I'm too lazy but just look at the picture you'll see what I mean.

LEFT: in Bride Wars, RIGHT: in Sex and the City

In Bride Wars, she's a famous wedding planner in Manhattan named Marion St.Claire and in Sex and the City, she's an editor of a well-known fashion magazine, VOGUE. Both work behind the table and she's really good I think.

Well, I guess that's my holiday report so far. I'm gonna tell you more whether I do my #2 plan or not or just skip to #3, I dunno. We'll see ;]


  1. love Carrie's look too! I like VOGUE as an accessory!

  2. Yes, VOGUE is always good as a fashion property. It's a fashion bible :)

  3. aku juga suka film2 itu. tp paling suka Bride Wars sih. touching bgt. dan endingnya itu... hmmmmm
    Eniwei, udah nntn Confession of Shopaholic? menurutku sama bagusnya sm film2 diatas.

  4. belum nonton yg Confession of Shopaholic padahal jg lg nyari, kmrn di ODIVA blm rilis :[

    akhirnya ronde kedua saya minjem film2 cowok ahaha, ntar deh dipostingin jg critanya ;]

  5. bridewars rameee apalagi waktu berantemnya tak terlupakan hahaha


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