Monday, 6 July 2009


After all the promise I said to you couple weeks a go, then now I think it's time to prove my words. I proudly present my own...

It contains some fashion works I love, such as street look photography, fashion illustration (of course by me), lookbook wanna be :] and maybe I'll write some fashion review later. Just stay tune!

This blog is my biggest obsession since I've been regularly visiting some adorable fashion blogs and lately being a fans of the writer ;] It's just addicting and I can't wait to start my own. I love street style because it represents the fashion taste of the city and considering I hardly find this kinda blog which talks about fashion street in Indonesia (I only got one) then I think I'm gonna prove it to the world that Indonesian have a good taste as well in fashion street.

About the fashion illustration, since I love drawing so I wanna try to be a fashion illustrator by creating a fashion icon. Unfortunately, I can't post my works for now but I will when everything's ready. I promise :]

Okayyy, I'm not gonna talking more about this. I let you check it out and tell me what do you think ;]


  1. congrats on ur fashion blog!! love it.keep rocking n keep in touch!

  2. hi, i know where to find some good stuff. the Nameis Down Comforter Sets and we can find it here
    why don't you check it by yourself. thank you..


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