Thursday, 16 April 2009


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Well, actually this post is inspired by Cassey's and now I'm starting to write my own. Anyway, loving yourself is important to build a good self-concept in you. Then it'd help you to reach your need for esteem and you might be have reached your self-actuallization by then. If you love yourself, then there's no reason for other people to not doing the same thing :]

I am an amazing person because..

1) I have a movie player in my head. I remember things visually. My right brain should be bigger than the left one—literally, well, if you sliced my head a part. My eyes are kinda a camera and my brain saves the information as a movie roll and my mind is the player engine.

2) I have a great imagination. As the effect of point #1, then I tend to collaborate events saved in my head or even create my own movie. The bad thing about this is I can imagine a super-horror movie that I totally hate :[

3) I am a huge fan of jokes. The most important thing when you have a conversation with someone is, in my opinion, start a joke and laugh together with them. Also, laugh when someone's starting a joke. I like starting jokes because somehow it saves me from frustration, while I guess I'm already genetically born as a jokes maniac. I love humorist people and thank God, I have super-humorist people surrounding me. They feed me!

4) I appreciate people so much. Starting with any differences between us, I appreciate an individual differences. Because I believe, people have their own thinking, consideration, opinion, belief, interest and anything related to human's cognition and principal things. Sometimes these differences are kinda inspiring for me.

5) I am a quiet person. I do more talking in my head than spit it out. So, it prevents something secret to blowing out and it prevents me to hurt someone's feeling with what I'm gonna say (but sometimes I speak sarcastically LOL).

6) I am a logic—say rationalistic person. I less trust my feeling and mostly use my logic to figure things out. Everything must be make sense for me or I would say it's just a bollocks!

7) I am a portable dictionary. Some people call me that, including my lil brother! And yes, I admit it that I have kinda great stock of words than other people in my age. I love reading dictionary and encyclopedia. And I guess, that's why I'm kinda good at writing stuff :]

8) I am a positive thinking person. Because I believe that being optimist is kinda too utopic so I keep thinking in positive way to make sure everything's gonna be okay. I mean, to avoid me for being another psychotic man in this crazy world :]

9) I'm perfectionist. It tends me to be organized, detailed, and obsessive-compulsive sometimes. I have to make sure everything is going to be completed, finished, looks good... just makes sure it's perfect. And I gain 'rewards' from my craziness of perfection :]

10) I'm a family girl and friends-addict. I'm easy being homesick and hang out with my little brother (well, sometimes with my bunny) and I totally love hang out with my besties. Back to point #3, I love humorist people.

This list doesn't tell me that I'm a superhuman or what, it just helps me to know my self a little bit more. Say, an introspection, a reflection to help me figure out my self.


  1. I also have a great imagination, everything I hear or read, always turns into a movie in my head. My friends say I'm such a dreamer, but so what! Hahaha

    Awesome list! You are AMAZING!

  2. im back!!

    i love myself too much, and is not really good :p

    btw, great post!!

  3. hayah, english lagi..
    bukannya nomer 3 itu berbeda secara prinsipal dengan nomer 5? humorous person biasanya ceplas-ceplos :-D

  4. @Cassey
    Well, maybe we can hang out and watch our 'movies' together :DD

    @June Paski
    Too much sometimes will turn you to be a narcissist :] but love yourself as the way you are is pretty good. You're loveable June !

    I'm a contradiction. Many things inside me are the opposite to each other :] Well I guess that's point #11 :D


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