Thursday, 23 April 2009

Earth Day 2009 Celebration

Okay, I admit that I'm late posting this. It's because my internet connection was terrible yesterday and I'm pretty busy today (my mid-term and stuffs), so I'm gonna fulfill my promise right now. Here we go!

On this cloudy and cold Earth Day (well, at least in Surabaya), I just wanna share some opinions about what people do on Earth Day. Certainly any activities that related to Green Action. All the opinions are taken from people around me and some people who shared their opinions on my Tumblr, Twitter and Plurk. You may also leave comments here after reading this post :]

All this comments come by a same question: What're you gonna do for OUR mother earth today? and I got various answers from lovely people who just love this earth.

Here's some comments I picked as the best reply:
by SMS
Sebagai bentuk aku cinta bumi, naik bemo ke kampus. Hemat bensin, oi! Green... Green... Beli maem, minimalis plastik. Pake tissue aja dech!

And here's the most silliest:
by SMS
Hari bumi iah?
Biasanya kalo hari bumi ngapain?

I also wanna share a tiny chat with you guys:
(this chat occurred on a sunny day lunch on Tuesday)

Ms.X : We'll see whether Surabaya will lost its lands like Jakarta.
Moi : Oh please don't.
Ms.X : Then it's your duty, Rok.
Moi : Me?
Ms.Y : Yes, you, Rok.
Moi : Why me? Why only me? Are you guys human, I'm asking you?
Ms.X : I support you.
Ms.Y : Yes, I support you.
Moi : Oh.

What do you think about it?

Then, I think we ALL need to reconsider whether you're human. Because all I know is the inhabitant who lives in this planet called human. Not only one person, one small organization, but all humans must agree to keep this planet stay longer for civilization.

"It's not the earth who need to be saved, earth is quite strong to keep its self. It's just the human who can't survive."

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