Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Good and The Bad News

It's pretty hectic recently. What? My LIFE for God's sake!
My college's assignments was like... HELL. Oh, I just need some break pleeeaaseee. Start from observation (I did an observation about hospitality of J.Co's waiters with my bestfella, Anty), presentations, preparing any paper for doing some research and observation in the end of this semester. Ugh, it's kinda frustrating!

And I have to admit that this semester is the most hectic semester through all my time in college. I've never been this busy. For real. I feel soooo tired, cognitively, mentally, and physically.

There's one subject that sucking up almost all my time and my mind, and even my vocabulary! I spent almost all my time for 4 days sitting in front of my laptop browsing a scientific journal and on the last day I translated a journal from my lecturer for my paper presentation because I have no idea what the heck that journal said unless I translate it first to Indonesian. And my tools was laptop (of course), my Dad's dictionary, the fuckin scientific journal, and a cup of cold syrup (because it was a hot day). And I finally translated 3 pages, for hours (almost a day) because I took sooo many breaks. It was a tough fight anyway, I gotta deal with a boring stuff and keep stick to it for a long time. And I'm still alive till the second I wrote this post :]

Well, I'm gonna do some visits to some schools for my college's project. Well, basically you can choose any places but all my theme problems are located at school and I gotta admit school setting is always easy :]

Wish me luck!

-- -- -- -- --

photo by Apidya

After all those shitty stuffs, I went watching movie with my besties this Monday at Sutos (Surabaya Town Square). Some of us watched Valkyrie and the others watched Push. I was the one in team Push because I'm not really into war movie and I love super-hero movies like HEROES, X-Men, Fantastic Four and so on. So...

Well, Push is a great movie in my opinion. You can read my review here. I'm gonna talk about something interesting me on that movie. What else, wardrobe!! Yup, I'll point my finger on Cassie's wardrobe and Kira's wardrobe.

Cassie Holmes:
It's like a mix of Harajuku Girl vs New York Chick. Rebel, grunge, unique (with all those pink hair-extentions and mini-skirt), and chic. I love the boots and the jacket she wore :]

Kira Hudson:
It's just on the a couple first scenes, when she wore a cute white mini dress and a dark torquise cardigan. Pretty sweet and chic. Love it! It might be better with a black legging and a black moccasin ankle-boots :] Forgive me for the bad scenes I took, I can't find another pics that look better than that. It's always her scenes with the black blazer.

And then, I love the drawings that Cassie's made. It's unique, cute and amazing. Very interesting to try!

Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning)

-- -- -- -- --

Finally I pimp my taskboard with some pictures from magazines. I stick Ashlee Simpson's picture, some models pics, a cartoon pic and a quote "do your best and be the best". Nice huh?

I can't put the photo here, but I definitely gonna do it later. Don't mean to show off, just wanna share my artworks :]

-- -- -- -- -- --

Oh and I found these cute blogs. Lots of sweets and absolutely delicious! It makes me wanna bake cupcakes again :] Oh wait, is my paper done?

I won't ask for another presents if this is what I'm gonna get in my birthday party :]

So, do you have the fuckin hectic days too like me? or maybe you just watched a cool movie? And what's your favorite cakes? Tell me yeah :]


  1. hi sara!! thanks for visiting my blog, and for posting my cupcakes! how sweet!

    all the best,

  2. haha,,,

    biasalh nak,,, namanya juga kuliah,,, mungkin sudah agak penat,,, kerasanya banyak banget tugas yang harus dikerjain,,,

    semangat nak!!!!


  3. ga, emang semester ini tugasnya praktek semua. PKL semua... Jadi ya selain kuliah di kelas, cari subjek penelitian di luar dan nyusun proposal penelitian :[

  4. cool movie? xmen origins : wolverine :D and tiramisu is always be my favorite cake

  5. everybody's buzzing about Wolverine, well is it really that good? *curious*

    i've tried tiramissu once and i'd prefer brownies and ordinary chocolate cake :] it's too 'smell like flower' for me ahaha


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