Monday, 6 July 2009

Surprisingly YAY!!!

Another surprising event I've got couple days a go!
Well, nobody would guess we went home with a full tummy :D

It was mbak Anty's birthday and she intended to celebrate it together with Dinda because their birthday is in the same month ( Celebrate here means that she wanted to held a treating party collaborating with Dinda's. And of course they wanted to celebrate it with their besties (BLM :D

BLM all crew

Then, after a pretty long thinking about where they're gonna held the party, they decided to held it on Long's resto in WTC, Surabaya. Mas Ridzki said they got a pretty cozy place outdoor and it's on the second floor! What a nice place.

girls with tummy :D

And the rest is history. We each ordered different menu from about 40's menus they got, it's all look yummy! And I got a chicken mushroom my self and a glass of Lemon tea. Well, if you look at the photos, I'm the one who ordered food with many vegetables. Green, baby green... Trust me it's healthy :]

no, it's not trash

I've wanted to ordered a black-pepper beef but there's no enough vegetables so I changed to the green one hoho.

The place it self is pretty cool, with the red lampions and the interior is set in red and black. It's just amuse me because they got my fave color ;]

From the second floor, you can see through the roads below or the viaduct. But something need to be fixed so that the view would look good is the tree. There's a huge tree near the building which the branches distort the view, a little cut down till it looks tidy and nice then it could be nothing but perfect.

Oh and I just realized that the sky in the center of Surabaya has no pretty color at dusk. I mean, there's no color changing from light blue, orange, purple, magenta, and the last is dark blue or black. And I didn't find any clouds being the pattern of the sky field. It's weird I guess. The only color changing is from light blue to orange and then end up with black, the sky view from that place wasn't a pleasure so I did take no pictures.

However, I took a few shots and mostly the pictures I took were my fellas :D

I'd like to say thanks to mbak Anty and Dinda for the party. Well, maybe we can do this again next month, huh? ;]

P.S.: more photos on Deviantart

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