Monday, 30 May 2011


Time flies so fast, don't you think? It's midyear already. Next month is June and I still have bunch of burdens to be solve. Ok, time to change the topics.

It hits me when couple weeks ago I came to my bestfriends' graduation ceremony. Yes, 3 of my besties has graduated from the faculty I've been studying so far. Yeah, some people wanna live their life faster than the other. That's fine, I'm okay with my self.

But it really makes me realize, it's been 4 years going. I was a junior back then and now I am the seniors who are prepared to be kicked out from college. Ok, that's sarcastic. But unfortunately true.
So does my other life, I mean, I'm not only having one thing like college in my life. That would be pathetic, to be honest. Ok, so I have friends, boyfie, school, dreams, family... and it's all changing in a way that I don't even have a chance to see it. Life has changed me, for real. People around me, the way I'm thinking, my feeling, my dreams (for a greater one), and almost everything.

wisuda 01wisuda 02

plus Yuri, but I lost the picture Cece's sent me :'[

Friends come and go. They came, have fun with me, be there when I'm in need, and then come a moment when they have to leave to pursue their dreams. But we're still remain friends. I will always have you here, my dear bestfriends :]


It was a year ago (and more when this post written). Never thought we could get this far, never thought I could be this far. A year is not only a number, it has changed me during that range. And I realized that. Change everything, my thought, my feeling. Maybe God have something for me, through him. I don't know what but I think I need to go deeper to figure it out.

campus parking lot
And the last thing is my college. I met more of my juniors than people in my year or older. It means what? It means that my friends are getting focus on their thesis so they spent less of their time on campus. Sometimes I feel lonely when I see the place we used to hanging out is filled with people I don't know. What about me? Well, I did, sometimes. But also, there are so many things I can't leave behind. I just can't.

Like I said on my posting about this year. This is the year of responsibility, I'm responsible to more than one thing only. So it's not easy, to be honest, to handle everything by my self. Sometimes I need a time to do one thing so the others might need to be wait behind. That is hard, honestly.
But I know, once again, God always keeps me good. God always gives me His best way, and I trust Him.

I'd like to say I'm sorry if I've done something out of control in the past, something that might be not my habit, something that might be hard to tolerate. I'm struggling to reach my dreams and my responsibility at once, and I'm telling you, it's not as easy as flipping out you palm hand. And the only support I have, right now, the biggest one, comes from God.

I hope you understand :]

P.S.: this one is dedicated to my BLM sistas, Pudika, Sinta, Yustin, my soulsister; Anty, and the boyfie "Onyet". My life would suck without you :D


  1. wow. dedicated for me too. :)

    semangat ya kid buat skripsinya... semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.. kalo udah kelar, kabar-kabar kita ya... :)

  2. Amiiiiiiiiiin. Makasiii emakku sayaaaaang :* :*

  3. sudah lama banget aku nggak blogwalking.. but suddenly, i found this post! kyaaa nindie, where have u been recently? sibuk apa sekarang? aku harap kita masih bisa ketemu,aku bakal masih di kampus2 aja, setidaknya mungkin bwt kurang lebih 2 taun ke depan. good luck for your attempt to make those dreams come true.. ;))

  4. Hai utiiiiiiiiinnnn!!! Me? I'm still here, stuck in this darn campus and struggling hard to get out -____-"

    Well, it's been months full of pressures and to be honest, it's not easy.

    Kapan2 kita perlu hangout bareng yaa? Sama Dewi kek gitu, nostalgia SMP hahaa (seandainya Karina juga di Surabaya huhuu).

    Thanks a lot for your support. Miss you much :*

  5. hehehe.. ayo smangkaaa niiiinninn! boleh banget, nomer hp dewi ilang, aku gak punya yg baruu,hhuhuu.. atur jadwal yaa kapan2. yg jelas weekend aku slalu free (otomatis) ;P
    btw, karina sekarang menetap d bandung. wanna visit her in some other day? *day-dreaming.. hehehe

  6. Iyaaaa, someday deh kita jalan2 bertiga nyampering si Karina di Bandung :D Tunggu aku lulus S1 dulu tapi yaa Tiiiiiiiinn *curcol*


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