Monday, 21 December 2009

Kinda random, but mostly wishes and its Amen

Ah, been through a tough week and I made it, I'm alive. It's just, I need a very huge holiday to overcome this. Really.

The assignments once again fill my days as usual and still with its impolite style, never gimme a break! I've got a paper to do, an interview, and a counceling practice plus its report. And I gotta make it done, all of them, before the end of this month. Perfect, huh?

Oh if you think it's nothing, then I've got a schedule of a College Field Trip to Bandung for 4 days. In the last week of December. Can I just skip to my holiday, please?

Besides all those hectic college days, work seems approximately the same. Office is less boring than campus, the lecturing to be exact, not the friends. Well, yeah, I've got tricky days with my fellas lately but it's alright now. Hmm... I'm waiting for my self saying that too to my college and the office life. Let's pray together so the time goes fast. Amen.

-- -- -- -- --

Couple days a go I went to Gramedia, without any plan to buy anything. I just followed where my feet take me and then, there, I stood in front of the magazine section and found NYLON December with Hillary Duff on the cover and screaming 'Holy cow it's damn expensive!'. I put it back on the shelf and continue walking to the comic section. I would never ever buy any import fashion magazine on the bookstore. Never. Buy it online is way better than that.

To be short, I bought 2 comics (Fruits Basket and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) and 2 little series of Princess Diaries which are in sale at the time. When the time to pay them all is come, I asked to the cashier to bring them without plastic bag. It always works everytime I buy things, everywhere. But, apparently, except here in Gramedia Delta Plaza. At first the cashier told me she didn't put the bill on the plastic, you know, press it with stapler, I didn't get it at first. Then I insisted, she doesn't need to put my stuffs on the plastic bag. And the cashier said it's because the security, she's afraid the security will ask her because she didn't give me the plastic bag. Then I went, "Oh" and walked outta the store.

I continued to visit Gunung Agung on the 3rd floor to find some magazine, usually they got more than Gramedia and yes, they do. I bought TIME Special Issue: Year in Pictures, and the best part is I CAN bring it without the plastic bag. The cashier is so friendly when I asked her to just leave the plastic bag and gave me the magazine. Doesn't mean the Gramedia's cashier is mean or whatever, it's just the rule, that's what I wanna emphasize here. If I can bring the books without plastic bag in Gunung Agung, then why I can't do the same in Gramedia; the biggest, well-known bookstore in the country. I think they must be warned with the new trend in the whole world, Global Warming. I wonder, have you heard that phrase before, Sir? I bet you have. You have colleagues, links to everywhere and everything, so it's a shame if you're not allowing the customers go without your plastic bag. At least, if they ask to.

I don't want the plastic bag because I brought bag at the time, pretty big bag and the books will be nothing in my bag. The plastic bag, just gonna be another trash in my house and it's wasting, you know. I try avoiding plastic bag as hard as I can, I'd prefer hold it with my arm or put it on my bag. I'll feel better after that, by less wasting stuffs.

What I wanna say here is, I don't mean to complain or what. I just feel sorry about the policy. The use of plastic bag is different these days, we got bags, a safer bag to use than plastic bag. For any store owner who read this post, please allow your costumers if they ask to bring the stuffs without your plastic bag. And if it's one of the policy in your company, please have a revision on it. You should tell all your purchasing staffs about this, incase they're not aware about this issue. You know the rule, you know it better than your staffs so it's your turn to tell them-educate them indirectly about how to help the world staying alive. It's for our--your own good :]

-- -- -- -- --

Last long weekend, I went out with my family to the mall. My 2 little brothers got each a pair of new shoes, lucky them! -,-' But it was all fun though!

I met my cousin with her family, her son was joining a modeling contest at the time. And I reminded my self after that, I would never put my children joining that kinda competition. The thoughts about seeing my children walking on stage with club music behind is somehow freaking me out.

Anyway, I spent my last paycheck this year in Icy Blue. I treat my lil brother a small cup of blueberry frozen yogurt and I bought my self a medium peach one. I add strawberry and brownies topping and my lil bro got Oreo.

The peach yogurt tasted like something I've tasted before. Something tasted like orange, sour something... And the blueberry (I scoop a bit from my lil brother's cup), it tasted like bubble gum. The brownies topping, if you like soft and less sweet brownies, then you'll love it. My self, I'd prefer Red Mango's brownies.

Oh I'm sorry I don't have any picture here, I did take pictures but I can't upload it on the internet because it was taken with my little brother's cellphone camera. It doesn't have feature for that :[

But overall, it's good! :D

-- -- -- -- --

Oh yeah, I'm gonna go to Bandung in the end of this week. For college purpose I know, but still, we got holiday part as well. I don't know I should be happy or not. I'm happy because one of my wish is coming true somehow, but in the other side, I've got assignments--tons of them to finish before January starts its day. Dilemma.

Well, I should've changed this blog's layout too but I didn't. I don't have time to do that. Priority is a sensitive thing these days, for me at least. I've hunted for the stuffs I need, save them in one folder but then, I gotta say sorry I can't do anything with them for now.

Like I said before, priority is a sensitive matter for me now. I did so many things, in scheduled way, just to make sure I didn't left anything. But the bad part is I can't have a sparetime to just enjoy my "me time", you know, when I can do what I wanna do without feeling pressed or bored and it's definitely unscheduled. I need those times back, I need my rest time back. Rest time, for me, is not going somewhere with my friends or my family. A rest time for me is a moment when I do not do anything for a day or more, have no plan or schedule to do, and just live my life like I'm the luckiest person in the world. Enjoy every single moment in my days, mean it like it's the last time I see it. The morning, the sleep, the night, the joy, the laughter, the relax feelings, it's all a heroine when I've got my rest time. And usually, this rest times produce a whole full story named novel ;]

An uncomfortable moment is headed in front of my eyes. I'm waiting for the moment after that. And to get through it, I must struggle as hard as I can so I don't feel the time passing by. I'll just do it and it's gonna be done.

The bad times always followed by the good times. AMEN.


  1. sampah di rumah di wadahi apa nak?? gak pake plastik? trus berantakan gitu dunk?

    yoh emang sih bikin tambah global warming,, trus sampahnya di taruh mana? berantakan kalo gak diplastikin...

  2. Bukannya aku ngelarang orang2 pake plastik, tapi meminimalisasi penggunaannya. FYI, kantong plastik di kosku numpuk gara2 nggak kepake. Sejak itu aku mulai nolak2 kantong kresek dan berusaha selalu bawa tas kalo pergi2.

    Dan dalam kasusku ini, barang2 yg aku bawa itu nggak banyak dan aku lagi bawa tas gede. Makanya aku nolak waktu dikasih tas kresek, di toko2 lain pun aku juga gitu kalo lagi bawa tas (gede/kecil). Nggak peduli barangku banyak atau nggak yg penting masih muat dan aku bisa bawa sendiri ya aku bawa tanpa kresek.

    Contoh yg biasa aku lakukan sehari-hari:
    Kadang kalo pagi aku suka beli Buahvita di Indomaret. Beli 1 kotak pun pasti dikasih kresek kan? Nyampah lagi... Buat apa juga, toh bisa dibawa sendiri/dimasukin tas. Lagian ntar juga langsung diminum dan segera dibuang. Sekarang coba pikir, kantong kresek itu buat apa coba? Menampung kotak Buahvita? Kalo bisa dimasukin tas? Kalo nggak pake kantong kresek, nggak masalah kan?

    Sampah2 di rumahku nggak begitu banyak, soalnya aku udah bilang ke orang rumah buat meminimalisasi make2 barang yg ujung2nya dibuang. Jadi ya pake seperlunya, kalo bisa dipake lagi yang nggak dibuang. Lagian, sampahnya kan dibuang di tempat sampah, bukan di kresek.

    Di kos pun aku usahain make kresek yang gede biar bisa nampung sampah banyak sekalian dan bisa agak lama. Jadi nggak nambah2in sampah.

    Maksudku meminimalisasi penggunaan kantong plastik adalah biar nggak nambah timbunan sampah yg udah banyak. Kreseknya jadi sia2 nggak kepake dan ujung2nya numpuk. Atau kebuang gitu aja dan malah nambah2in sampah. Kalo km belum tahu, partikel plastik itu paling susah penguraiannya di alam.

    Semoga penjelasanku bisa membantu :]

  3. soooo jelas sekali,,sampe-sampe panjang kali lebar sama dengan luasan..

    lah terus buat sampah basah? misal kalo sampah-sampah sisa makanan basah, sisa-sisa masak, gmna?

    yah2 patut dicontoh,, trima kasih atas contohnya yg baik,, smoga bermanfaat bagi nusa bangsa dan agama...


  4. Sampah basah kayak sayuran bisa dikasihin ke ayam/burung peliharaan kan? Lagian sampah2 basah/makanan paling cepet mengurainya di tanah. Ya dibuang aja, masa mau dimakan juga??!

    you're talking like a REAL mom :D

  5. I think import magazine are too expensive too! Well, I hope you get your "rest time", good luck! :)

  6. @Cassey
    In this case, the price is worth with its quality. That's why I'd prefer import magazine hehehe


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