Monday, 30 November 2009

Here comes the werewolf and the human stuff

Well, the next thing I'm gonna talk about is... of course the title. I bet you've already guess what it is. Yep, the latest movie from Stephenie Meyer's famous saga, New Moon.

Right after I read a tweet from @cinema21, that the movie will be premiere in the whole theater in this country, I just, you know, wanna watch it immediately. Since I haven't used my absent quota yet, then I planned to skip the last class I got that day. It was on Wednesday and I went to the theater even before it's open. Yes, I was on the line for the tickets!! No, I'm not alone. I went with Cece but actually I supposed to go there with mbak Anty. But for some reasons, then I went with Cece.

When we arrived, many people has already stood on the line. The doors even still closed! It was about 1 hour or so before the doors open and I've never stood on the line like that for a movie, even for Twilight. It was pretty fun like that, feels like high-school moment again. When I was at high school, we gotta go so early to get the ticket before it's gone. Especially popular movies like Harry Potter, and etc. The reason why I stood on the line while we can easily buy the ticket online is because the technology apparently wasn't ready for the human non-physical attack, like 1000 people suddenly open the same page and do the exact same thing at the same period. The system might have been broken down in a sudden.

But, well, it's alright. The important thing is we got the ticket right in the premiere day while, you know, it's kinda hard to get such a chance like that. So, I'm happy :D

The movie, still I cannot say it's great. I'm still giving the same opinion as the former movie, Twilight, the movie was good. I'd like to explain why I'd prefer call it good instead of great or whatever. I don't mean to be Twilight hater or what, I just wanna be objective ;] I noticed there's a mistake about the make-up artist, I would say that the make-up artist have done it better in Twilight. The vampires skin look so smooth like a porcelain and of course pale, that's the perfect one. But in the sequel, the vampires have pores for fang's sake! I mean, shouldn't it covered by the make-up or something? And I dunno, but I saw Edward and also Carlisle looks a bit chubby in of course the cheeks. Vampires figure should be, you know, like have no fat or whatsoever. Don't have to be skinny but at least they look like a perfect body figure which is not involving fat.

Besides all of that mistakes, Jacob is a trully hottie in this movie. Sorry, Team Edward. I was and I am still in Team Edward though, but this time I'm gonna be in Team Jacob for a while ;] I'll be back when the story back on Edward :D Taylor Lautner definitely did a thing for this movie. He's a professional actor, I think. That body, err... speechless ;] Okay, I still can't buy the Original Soundtrack because I'm lack of money. The money has gone by the wind. So please somebody send me a million rupiah so I can continue my life. No, just kidding! :D Well, yeah, there're so many needs these days. Especially this month, the money is like whusss.. and my wallet is empty in a sudden. So, I need to manage the output so I can buy the CD soon... Or not. Maybe an angel from the sky send it to me. Let's hope so. AMEN! :D

-- -- -- -- --

And I went to Red Mango, another frozen yogurt franchise arrived in Surabaya. I went there because a friend of mine treated me for a photo design I made for her boyfriend's birthday. Okay, I went there with Cece :]

Red Mango

I tried a half new topping, because this time I'm back with strawberry topping and it's accompanied by brownies and colorful chocolate candy (the cashier said it's cha-cha). Froyo with brownies is just so yummy and sweet! I tried Cece's topping as well, she got almond, mango and mochi. Froyo with almond is like eating chocolate in my mouth, I dunno why. Maybe I ate too much chocolate (the candy and the brownies, remember?) so my tongue is a bit ambiguous about the taste or something haha. Overall, it was good! Oh FYI, the brownies is like cookies, it's dry. Not soft like I thought first time I saw it on the display, I doubted to try it but then I decided to just give it a try. And it was delightfully good, people!! This time I didn't try the original one, I tried strawberry flavor yogurt. Nothing different, because I used to eat this flavor for non-frozen one. I'd like to try the blueberry one but it ain't available anymore, you know, the color is just pretty tempting :D

-- -- -- -- --

Getting older and I hate it when, not just you gotta behave or whatever, but the problem is getting harder as well. Still correlated with behave-thingy, it's about manner and attitude. And above all those stuffs, the point is about words. I've got several problems and it's all upon the same theme: words. I just... oh I dunno what I need to say. It keeps happening while I try to promote it to everyone else. Sometimes, I wanna run to someone who doesn't know anything about my life right now. Someone I really trust and I'm sure this person is the one I save my soul to. But the thing is, I don't wanna bother this person because this problem is actually a cheesey one. Pardon my words but it's true. It's like... you said 'Grown up, people!' but in the other time you acted like a 5 years old kid. Oh come on, life wouldn't be that bad. Expressing emotion is alright, but don't lose your temper. Talking is not about one person, it's not only about you. It's about everybody else too, someone you talk to and someone who heard everything you said.

So, for anybody who read this, I beg you, do not saying a word that might hurts someone's feeling (well, unless he/she deserves it ;]). Especially to someone you love (family, bestfriends, friends, boy/girlfriend, etc.). You may be forgiven, but the words will stay remain in the person's mind AND heart. The hurt will stay although they may say 'it's okay'. I'm sorry, maybe it's just me or what, but all I know is words are way sharper than the finest sword. And I just wondering, is it just me or it's the normal way people thinking these days but I think we need to communicate our feeling so the person we meant to know our feeling will finally know. Am I correct? I think so.

I start thinking that I'm thinking like a male now, using too much left brain instead the right one (while I try to use it both all the time because I wanna write with my left hand). I mean, understanding problems. First, I definitely use my left, that's automatically so I can't control it. You know, it's about habitual kinda stuff. And then I release my feeling, which mean I use my right brain. Stuff like empathy, sympathy, self-control and friends is-I know it well-absolutely from the right side. But recently, I'm afraid I think too much like a man. What makes me afraid this much? Let me explain to you. When someone's mad at you, you can recognize it from the expression, the face (frown) and stuff. Ok, you know the person is in anger but you need to know why, right? If the person angry to you, then you need to know the reason that trigger an anger of someone, especially involving you. But what if the person didn't say a thing, what if the person just keep in silent, keep saying they're okay till you have no idea what to do to make them feel better?? You know what, I tell you; it sucks.

As far as I know, if you keep silent or less talking when you're in a bad mood/anger, it means that you wanna be alone for a while. I use it for a better way to say 'Leave me alone, people!', so I get what I want immediately. Well, usually. I need to cooling down my self for a minute so the anger will loosen and I get my self in control again, that's why I don't wanna be around people unless I don't have choice. I just don't wanna hurt them with what I might be saying in that horrible temper. So, if you just quiet about everything when you're angry, what you gonna get is you're being left by everybody. They're afraid to be around you, it's a body language of performance disapproval. What I'm gonna tell you is don't be (more) mad if you're alone in a sudden. You don't wanna say what you want then people don't know what to do to you except asking 'are you okay?' which automatically replied with 'I'm fine' plus a frown. That's not a solution, I tell you.

I'm not gonna talking about it too long, alright, I'm gonna make it short now. If you're angry or feel annoyed to someone, just say it to them not anybody else or something else. We don't use telepathy as a part of communication, we don't read minds-well, most of us. I believe we ARE conscious that we're human. We talk, we don't use animal language that we don't understand. Animals using body language, but they talk in their own way and they don't have manner of communication. We know the rule of communication, I'm sure people of Psychology know it very well. There's always a way to communicate everything, persuade and stuffs. I believe human have an ability to do that. Use the right words and if you can't choose the proper words then it's okay, it's the other person's job to understand that-to understand your feeling. That's the point of communication right? Involving 2 people, encoder and decoder. The one talks while the other listens.

Studying Psychology helps me to learn how to interact with people, because honestly I had no idea what to do with them before. You know, I've been in a dark moment and it gave me some kinda enlightenment and I meet wonderful people that make me feel better in some ways.

I'd like to quote John Mayer's song entitled "Say":

Say what you need to say...
Have no fear for giving in
Have no fear for giving over
You'd better know that in the end
Its better to say too much
Then never say what you need to say again

People have their own problems, so do I. I don't mean to teach you what's right and what's not but, well, you can take my words or just leave it. I just wanna share my thoughts. That's all.

Have a nice day !


  1. duh jeng.. tulisanmu panjang kali.. english pula.. cmn sanggup baca sampe blueberry yogurt :D

  2. haha iya yaa kepanjangan, aku juga mikir gitu. Tapi ya sudahlah. Kalo mau baca, ya silahkan. Kalo males, ya udah baca yg lain aja yaa :]

    Thanks for visiting :D


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