Friday, 6 November 2009

P.S. : The Way You Make Me Feel

After a long week full of misery, I'm back into the world of joy started from Thursday. I don't care if my midterm remain 1 subject, I just don't care. Let the holiday... begins...

So I went watching movie with bestfriend, mbak Anty. Yeah, one of my prayers finally come true haha. This is not an ordinary movie, I planned to watch this a long a go before the movie even premiere. The movie called "This is it".

This is it 01

Who else? Michael Jackson.

If you don't plan to watch it, put it on your schedule. If you haven't watch it yet but you plan to, go watch it then. Do not even hold your self, do it NOW!

The movie was great, till I think I didn't watch a movie, I was in a concert of a megastar! He was singing like he mean it. I mean, he sang like he was doing the concert. He's awesome.

the ticket

In my opinion, from that movie (or that documentary movie of MJ, I think), we will know how much Michael loved his career; his music. He concerned a lot about how his performance would affect the fans and he even concerned about the future of the Earth. He used the word: L-O-V-E and I was like... adore him so much by then. He's a truly entertainer and a nice human.

Oh anyway, when I watched the movie, Michael sang some songs that he thought the fans would love and YES, I love it! We love it, Michael! I hope you read this :] The music arrangement is way better than the CD we used to listen (it's copied from the old record I guess), and I can feel the beat and I wanna sing and dance with him haha. Only a true star can do that to the fans, to the people who watch him :]

The concert, undoubtedly great, directed by Kenny Ortega. He's the man who use to direct a musical show. FYI, he's the director of High School Musical and the concert of Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana meet Miley Cyrus). Both works are great and always amazing in my eyes. And this time, he did it with Michael Jackson.

He directed this concert with 3D effect (he did it with Miley's concert too on TV) and a theatrical scene each for "Thriller" and "Earth Song". The "Thriller" scene is super cool. They did it like the city is celebrating Halloween all day! Definitely thrilled. A little boy was screaming everytime the zombies showing their face on screen :D

My fave part is when Michael sang "I just can't stop loving you" duets with his female backing vocal singer, he sang seriously like doing the concert. While, he supposed to save his voice for the concert. After the song's over, he said to the whole crew, it was wrong to sang like that, they made him sang like that and Kenny Ortega tried to explain that they didn't do anything. It was Michael who couldn't hold him self to sing perfectly like that. He was joking as a reflection of his fault! So witty!

This is it 02

And one thing that makes me amazed until now is in the age of 50, Michael still can dance and sing in a powerful stage. He danced like his back-up dancers, just like he used to. His voice, I can't find the difference compared with the younger version of him. He just ain't change, at all. He's a great performer. I then imagine my self, if I were him in that age, I might wouldn't be that strong. His body and his stamina was just great, I should learn from him how to keep the body stay healthy and strong so I still can dance till the age of 50 or so :D

I'd like to buy it, if they produced this concert in DVD/VCD. This concert is worth to be collected. Did I say 'this concert'? Yes, it was a concert for me than a movie for me. Yes, I was attending Michael's concert entitled "This is it".

the poster

All hail the King!


  1. DvD this is it yang bajakan nya udah ada, 5000 ribu aja, kemarin saya liat di pinggir jalan hahaha, keren bgt!!!

    sara tau ga gimana caranya ganti logo blogger jadi logo bow or love ?


  2. Nonton DVD bajakan sama nonton di bioskop ato DVD yg asli beda atmosphere-nya June :]

  3. Yes yes yes your blog is filled up with wonderful inspiring.

    Here is a footprint from me in little Sweden.

    Peace & Love



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