Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Good and The Bad News

It's pretty hectic recently. What? My LIFE for God's sake!
My college's assignments was like... HELL. Oh, I just need some break pleeeaaseee. Start from observation (I did an observation about hospitality of J.Co's waiters with my bestfella, Anty), presentations, preparing any paper for doing some research and observation in the end of this semester. Ugh, it's kinda frustrating!

And I have to admit that this semester is the most hectic semester through all my time in college. I've never been this busy. For real. I feel soooo tired, cognitively, mentally, and physically.

There's one subject that sucking up almost all my time and my mind, and even my vocabulary! I spent almost all my time for 4 days sitting in front of my laptop browsing a scientific journal and on the last day I translated a journal from my lecturer for my paper presentation because I have no idea what the heck that journal said unless I translate it first to Indonesian. And my tools was laptop (of course), my Dad's dictionary, the fuckin scientific journal, and a cup of cold syrup (because it was a hot day). And I finally translated 3 pages, for hours (almost a day) because I took sooo many breaks. It was a tough fight anyway, I gotta deal with a boring stuff and keep stick to it for a long time. And I'm still alive till the second I wrote this post :]

Well, I'm gonna do some visits to some schools for my college's project. Well, basically you can choose any places but all my theme problems are located at school and I gotta admit school setting is always easy :]

Wish me luck!

-- -- -- -- --

photo by Apidya

After all those shitty stuffs, I went watching movie with my besties this Monday at Sutos (Surabaya Town Square). Some of us watched Valkyrie and the others watched Push. I was the one in team Push because I'm not really into war movie and I love super-hero movies like HEROES, X-Men, Fantastic Four and so on. So...

Well, Push is a great movie in my opinion. You can read my review here. I'm gonna talk about something interesting me on that movie. What else, wardrobe!! Yup, I'll point my finger on Cassie's wardrobe and Kira's wardrobe.

Cassie Holmes:
It's like a mix of Harajuku Girl vs New York Chick. Rebel, grunge, unique (with all those pink hair-extentions and mini-skirt), and chic. I love the boots and the jacket she wore :]

Kira Hudson:
It's just on the a couple first scenes, when she wore a cute white mini dress and a dark torquise cardigan. Pretty sweet and chic. Love it! It might be better with a black legging and a black moccasin ankle-boots :] Forgive me for the bad scenes I took, I can't find another pics that look better than that. It's always her scenes with the black blazer.

And then, I love the drawings that Cassie's made. It's unique, cute and amazing. Very interesting to try!

Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning)

-- -- -- -- --

Finally I pimp my taskboard with some pictures from magazines. I stick Ashlee Simpson's picture, some models pics, a cartoon pic and a quote "do your best and be the best". Nice huh?

I can't put the photo here, but I definitely gonna do it later. Don't mean to show off, just wanna share my artworks :]

-- -- -- -- -- --

Oh and I found these cute blogs. Lots of sweets and absolutely delicious! It makes me wanna bake cupcakes again :] Oh wait, is my paper done?

I won't ask for another presents if this is what I'm gonna get in my birthday party :]

So, do you have the fuckin hectic days too like me? or maybe you just watched a cool movie? And what's your favorite cakes? Tell me yeah :]

Friday, 24 April 2009

My Obsession is become a Vampire

Kemarin malam saya lagi nungguin pesenan tahu tek yang lagi lewat di depan rumah. Iseng, saya mendongak ke atas dan menemukan pemandangan yang SANGAT AMAT jarang terjadi beberapa dekade belakangan. Langit bertabur bintang. Cantik sekali and definitely very romantic!

Dari kejadian itu saya jadi sadar, seandainya saya melihatnya dengan mata saya waktu masih berumur di bawah 12 tahun. Pastinya akan lebih menakjubkan. Renungan singkat itu seolah memberikan efek domino di mana saya jadi menyadari kekurangan-kekurangan lain yang saya miliki.

Kind of Perfection

Betapa enaknya jadi vampir. Begitu pikir saya waktu itu, kenapa?

Here's the things:

1. Sharp sight. Saya nggak perlu repot-repot bawa kacamata minus saya kalau mau baca di papan tulis atau saya nggak perlu susah-susah menyipitkan mata untuk melihat sosok yang dari kejauhan berjalan ke arah saya. Dan yang paling penting, nggak dianggep sombong gara-gara nggak nyapa orang yang saya kenal karena mata saya rabun.
2. Fast moves. Sebenarnya ini agak mendukung kehidupan saya juga, I tend to move fast. I walk pretty fast (and don't ask me why, I don't have the answer), I speak fast (I'm not gonna explain why though I know the reason), I put and take things pretty fast and I read, well, kinda fast. Everything's not fast enough sometimes, for me :]
3. Sharp hearing. Sometimes, I hear what people don't (not an illusion for sure). I hear everything when I definitely focus on it, so I need attention and mind-works to get what people trying to say. Dan dengan kemampuan ini, saya nggak perlu fokus-fokus amat. Pendengaran ala Vampir bakalan terasa bawa iPod permanen di kuping.
4. The strenght. I use muscles and sometimes it's over limit :] I broke small things a couple times it's because it's too 'fragile' in my hand. So, maybe I wouldn't feel guilty if I were a Vampire :D
5. The Beauty. Okay, maybe it's kinda freak :D But, when you have the grace, the perfect face a la Vampire then you have nothing to complain about your beauty kits.
6. Voice. I don't need to worry when I try to scream like Hayley Williams or maybe sing a nice Leona Lewis' song. It's because my voice is pretty and perfect :] I even could win American Idol, if you'd like.

Call me perfection freak or whatever. I don't even care. Ini cuma pengandaian, kalau dalam teori Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi sih masuk Equity Theory (bener nggak sih contoh kasusnya? Ah, nevermind).

Well, I'm kinda fun-freak for sure. So, don't take this seriously because I won't. Have fun!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Earth Day 2009 Celebration

Okay, I admit that I'm late posting this. It's because my internet connection was terrible yesterday and I'm pretty busy today (my mid-term and stuffs), so I'm gonna fulfill my promise right now. Here we go!

On this cloudy and cold Earth Day (well, at least in Surabaya), I just wanna share some opinions about what people do on Earth Day. Certainly any activities that related to Green Action. All the opinions are taken from people around me and some people who shared their opinions on my Tumblr, Twitter and Plurk. You may also leave comments here after reading this post :]

All this comments come by a same question: What're you gonna do for OUR mother earth today? and I got various answers from lovely people who just love this earth.

Here's some comments I picked as the best reply:
by SMS
Sebagai bentuk aku cinta bumi, naik bemo ke kampus. Hemat bensin, oi! Green... Green... Beli maem, minimalis plastik. Pake tissue aja dech!

And here's the most silliest:
by SMS
Hari bumi iah?
Biasanya kalo hari bumi ngapain?

I also wanna share a tiny chat with you guys:
(this chat occurred on a sunny day lunch on Tuesday)

Ms.X : We'll see whether Surabaya will lost its lands like Jakarta.
Moi : Oh please don't.
Ms.X : Then it's your duty, Rok.
Moi : Me?
Ms.Y : Yes, you, Rok.
Moi : Why me? Why only me? Are you guys human, I'm asking you?
Ms.X : I support you.
Ms.Y : Yes, I support you.
Moi : Oh.

What do you think about it?

Then, I think we ALL need to reconsider whether you're human. Because all I know is the inhabitant who lives in this planet called human. Not only one person, one small organization, but all humans must agree to keep this planet stay longer for civilization.

"It's not the earth who need to be saved, earth is quite strong to keep its self. It's just the human who can't survive."

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Sign

Gedung Sate

Sign apa sih?? Well, beberapa waktu yang lalu saya sempat membuat posting tentang sebuah foto bertuah. Foto yang modelnya adalah saya dan dua teman saya itu punya cerita magis yang lengkapnya bisa dibaca sendiri di sini

Oke, kalau udah baca postingan saya yang itu, sekarang udah tahu dong ke mana seharusnya saya pergi? Yap, Bandung!!

Sign-nya? Meskipun masih kabar burung dan nggak ada kepastian resmi dari fakultas, tapi udah banyak yang bilang kalau PKL mata kuliah Psikologi Klinis semester ini akan dilaksanakan di Bandung. Which means that I will go to Bandung if it's officially stated by the Dean. Yay!!!

Okay, I'm over-reacted.

But, who cares?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Cape of Good Hope

I just watched Earth From Above on Metro TV. It's one of Metro TV's great program, acaranya tentang kehidupan hewan di alam liar. Yeah, sejenis dengan Animal Planet, tapi menurut saya Earth From Above lebih menarik karena nggak cuma fokus pada satu jenis hewan saja tapi juga pada sejumlah populasi hewan dari berbagai spesies beserta kaitannya dengan kehidupan manusia.

taken from

Episode yang saya lihat malam ini kebetulan tentang habitat pinguin di pantai selatan benua Afrika. Ternyata pinguin adalah hewan tergokil yang pernah saya lihat (sorry bunny). Dikatakan bahwa habitat pinguin di pantai barat kota Cape Town, Afrika Selatan hidup sangat dekat dengan permukiman manusia. Dan ternyata pinguin-pinguin itu juga nggak mau kalah modern kayak manusia. Kalau siang, sekelompok pinguin akan hang out dan jalan kayak anak gaul di pedestrian kota (bahkan nyebrang sembarangan!). Dan ternyata, nggak cuma manusia lho yang suka kumpul-kumpul di pantai pas sunset, keluarga pinguin akan berkumpul di pantai menjelang matahari terbenam sampai langit gelap.

taken from

Mungkin perlu dipikirkan untuk mencari jawaban apakah ada kemungkinan insomnia terjadi pada hewan? Yap, pinguin juga ada yang kena insomnia lho! Sementara keluarganya yang lain tidur, sekelompok pinguin malah asyik jalan-jalan meninggalkan pantai dan menerobos batas konservasi mereka dengan melompati pagar pengaman (udah kayak anak SMA bolos aja nih!). Trus ngapain tuh pinguin malam-malam? Mereka ternyata sok-sokan seriosa gitu di dekat pemukiman penduduk. Teriak-teriak, udah kayak pemabuk pulang dari klub lah. Berisik! Jadi nggak heran mereka disiram air oleh penduduk yang terganggu tidurnya. Habis gitu ngapain? Capek konser di perumahan, mereka balik ke pantai (dan mungkin tidur karena kecapekan).

Di sisi lain, suatu kali pinguin-pinguin itu pernah menjadi korban minyak yang tumpah ke laut. Badan mereka jadi hitam semua dan lengket. Kasihan banget. Akhirnya, semacam lembaga konservasi alam gitu mengevakuasi mereka untuk dibersihkan dan dirawat sampai benar-benar pulih dengan melibatkan ribuan sukarelawan. Proses pelepasan pinguin-pinguin korban minyak tumpah itu kelihatan dramatis banget and very touchful! It's inspired me to be an animal savior volunteer or whatever it's called :]

Earth From Above episode malam ini juga menceritakan tentang Paus dan Lumba-lumba. Tahu nggak kalau populasi paus dalam 20 tahun terakhir sudah meningkat? Itu karena udah ada perjanjian antar negara-negara maju untuk menghentikan perburuan paus secara besar-besaran. Cool!!
Lain halnya dengan lumba-lumba, dalam episode kali ini ditayangkan bagaimana mengenaskannya hewan paling ramah di dunia itu diburu oleh para nelayan pemburu lumba-lumba di Jepang. And I cried for watching those dolphins being tortured. It was very cruel and horrible watching the water turns red because of the dolphin's bloods. Apalagi waktu lumba-lumba malang itu ditarik ke atas kapal dan dicabik-cabik. Kok tega ya mereka? Padahal lumba-lumba itu kan sahabat manusia di lautan.

taken from &

Ironisnya, pengeksekusian lumba-lumba itu dipertontonkan pada anak-anak SD yang sedang melakukan kunjungan semacam study tour gitu. Dilihatin seorang laki-laki mencabik-cabik seekor lumba-lumba yang ukurannya besar dan kelihatannya lumba-lumba itu masih hidup karena dia menggelepar-gelepar. Oh God, I'm crying now. Yah, mengutip quote di tayangan dokumenter ini, "Sejak kapan penyiksaan menjadi bagian dari pendidikan?"

Setelah itu diperlihatkan sebuah teluk di Jepang yang airnya merah sewarna darah, itu adalah limbah pembuangan dari pabrik penangkapan lumba-lumba itu. Mungkin sudah banyak yang tahu untuk apa lumba-lumba itu ditangkap. Sama seperti hiu, beberapa bagian akan dijual pada restoran seafood, dengan kata lain orang-orang itu mengkonsumsi hewan yang dibunuh dengan cara yang keji.

taken from

Saya jadi tahu kenapa Hayden Panettiere begitu gencar kampanye penyelamatan lumba-lumba dan dia juga frontal melawan pihak Jepang yang masih saja memburu lumba-lumba secara besar-besaran. Karena LUMBA-LUMBA nggak pantas dijadikan hewan konsumsi dan LUMBA-LUMBA TIDAK LAYAK DISIKSA SEPERTI ITU!!!

Host acara itu, Yann Arthus Bertrand, berpesan mengenai pentingnya manusia untuk berbagi dengan alam. Karena dengan demikian, manusia sudah berusaha untuk menyelamatkan dirinya sendiri. Menyelamatkan kelangsungan komunitasnya.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


photo by spooksydaisy

Well, actually this post is inspired by Cassey's and now I'm starting to write my own. Anyway, loving yourself is important to build a good self-concept in you. Then it'd help you to reach your need for esteem and you might be have reached your self-actuallization by then. If you love yourself, then there's no reason for other people to not doing the same thing :]

I am an amazing person because..

1) I have a movie player in my head. I remember things visually. My right brain should be bigger than the left one—literally, well, if you sliced my head a part. My eyes are kinda a camera and my brain saves the information as a movie roll and my mind is the player engine.

2) I have a great imagination. As the effect of point #1, then I tend to collaborate events saved in my head or even create my own movie. The bad thing about this is I can imagine a super-horror movie that I totally hate :[

3) I am a huge fan of jokes. The most important thing when you have a conversation with someone is, in my opinion, start a joke and laugh together with them. Also, laugh when someone's starting a joke. I like starting jokes because somehow it saves me from frustration, while I guess I'm already genetically born as a jokes maniac. I love humorist people and thank God, I have super-humorist people surrounding me. They feed me!

4) I appreciate people so much. Starting with any differences between us, I appreciate an individual differences. Because I believe, people have their own thinking, consideration, opinion, belief, interest and anything related to human's cognition and principal things. Sometimes these differences are kinda inspiring for me.

5) I am a quiet person. I do more talking in my head than spit it out. So, it prevents something secret to blowing out and it prevents me to hurt someone's feeling with what I'm gonna say (but sometimes I speak sarcastically LOL).

6) I am a logic—say rationalistic person. I less trust my feeling and mostly use my logic to figure things out. Everything must be make sense for me or I would say it's just a bollocks!

7) I am a portable dictionary. Some people call me that, including my lil brother! And yes, I admit it that I have kinda great stock of words than other people in my age. I love reading dictionary and encyclopedia. And I guess, that's why I'm kinda good at writing stuff :]

8) I am a positive thinking person. Because I believe that being optimist is kinda too utopic so I keep thinking in positive way to make sure everything's gonna be okay. I mean, to avoid me for being another psychotic man in this crazy world :]

9) I'm perfectionist. It tends me to be organized, detailed, and obsessive-compulsive sometimes. I have to make sure everything is going to be completed, finished, looks good... just makes sure it's perfect. And I gain 'rewards' from my craziness of perfection :]

10) I'm a family girl and friends-addict. I'm easy being homesick and hang out with my little brother (well, sometimes with my bunny) and I totally love hang out with my besties. Back to point #3, I love humorist people.

This list doesn't tell me that I'm a superhuman or what, it just helps me to know my self a little bit more. Say, an introspection, a reflection to help me figure out my self.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Message from my holiday

Comes from a boredom in a very long February holiday and I'm too tired planning any vacation trip *too lazy actually*, so here it is... Enjoy!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Fashion Tags

What is your current obsession?
Kodak V1233 and Blue Bloods saga

What is your weirdest obsession? finish my experiment's assignment

What are you wearing today? old T's and Bali shorts

Why is today special? umm because it's Friday and it's holiday :]

What would you like to learn to do? graphic design in serious way, Parkour :]]

What’s for dinner today? I have no idea

What’s the last thing you bought? Smart mobile internet modem

What are you listening to right now? Anggun's new album - Elevation

What is your favorite weather? spring!!! :D

What is your most challenging goal right now? pass my mid-term successfully

What do you think about the person who tagged you? she's superfashionista!

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? New York or London :]

Favorite vacation spot? Virgin beach

What would you like to have in your hands right now? Digital camera

What would you like to get rid of? my assignment :[

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? New York!!! Anyone wanna buy me a ticket??

Which language do you want to learn? French but I wanna improve my Spanish and Japanese as well :]

What did you dream of last night? too many to mention

Who do you want to meet in person? Alexa Chung

One thing that you would snitch out of someone’s closet, with no regrets? a cute vintage dress maybe :]

What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? a little floral dress

What is your dream job? anything about drawing and colors and Photoshop and writing, basically working in a Fashion Magazine is my dream when I was in junior high school :D

If you had £100 now what would you spend it on? fulfill my wish list :]

Fashion pet peeve? tummies pop-out in my fit-body T's ! :[

Do you admire anyone's style? Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, Zooey Deschanel, Kirsten Dunst

Describe your personal style: Simple, sophisticated, clean, street style

Who's fashion show would you want tickets to? Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson

Monday, 6 April 2009

When silence is still golden

If you put me in a circle of random people, I'll be the one who stands quitely. Basically, I'm not a talkative person. I used to think that people who always know what to say, look confident talking in front of thousands guests and friendly to a new friend is the best idol I should follow. But then, life for once again changes my perception. When too many talkings felt overwhelmed, then it's better to stay quite.

When I look back several moments in the past, I will find my self trying to be a person I put as my idol--the best idol. But now, that moment is no longer continue. I think it's a proud feeling to be just who you are, and I'm proud to be a quite girl like my secondary's teacher used to call me.

Quite is being silence and silence itself has two different reasons. You can be silent because you don't know, or you can keep quite because that's the right thing to do instead of talk shits. In my opinion, being silence is more than just listening what people saying and more than watching people doing things. It's quite common for people today to speak their minds, this condition is applied to me as well. I support democracy or everything related to a freedom to say opinions. But then, I think this democracy thing also gives people freedom to not saying what their minds. Not because the not knowing or there's a tyrant tells them so, but it's because silence is the best way to not making anything become worse than it has been.

I do lots of thinking in my head (until I get insomnia) and it's one of the reason why I'm categorized as a quite person besides I'm a shy girl. And I become quieter when I'm assured that some events is better when I just keep my mouth shut and watch what happened and then I'm gonna say a lil thing in the end of that event. Just to suggest something or critize it.

On the other hand, I'd prefer keep my words when I made a mistake by let the words spread out. This reason is stronger to transform me to be just my self than another reasons. I try to be nice by talking friendly but the feedback I got is people telling me to just keep my unimportant words inside. It hurts however, but makes me stronger somehow. And once again it reminds me why I should be proud for being a quite girl.

When people asking my comment or opinion about something, I'd rather say simple and common things. It's better for me to write or tell my opinion by my will. I will have an analyzing description and critics because I think about it before. I need to think everything (or plan it) before it comes out from my mouth. That's why there ain't many words I say when I talk to people because there're so many things I think don't need to come out, it's better stay in my brain.

I know there's a rule about when you can keep silence and when you have to say something immediately. That rule ain't wrong, I obey that because it's related with my life however. I can't be just still when my right is being abused. I will fight my rights no matter what.

So I think the old phrase 'Silence is golden' is still happening right now, especially these days. Too many shout outs will make everything looks complicated and turns bad. I'm proud for being a quite girl.

Permainan Hujan

Seharusnya hujan sudah tidak turun, karena matahari beberapa hari terakhir sudah mulai terik. Tapi seolah langit ingin bermain-main dengan penghuni bumi yang selama ini selalu 'bermain-main' dengan alam.

Nah, hari Kamis kemarin, setelah kuliah Eksperimen saya langsung cabut dan terpaksa bolos kuliah Psikologi Pendidikan buat nyelesein tugas observasi di rumah Anty (partner observasi saya): nonton film Journey to the Center of the Earth sekaligus ngerjain laporannya. Waktu turun dari tangga gedung kuliah yang langsung menghadap ke luar, saya melihat awan hitam bergulung-gulung di atas. Otomatis saya cemas dong, secara saya perginya naik motor. Belum lagi waktu itu saya masih harus mampir ke bank dulu ambil duit setoran customer. Semakin mendekati daerah rumah Anty yang ada di daerah Margerejo, langit emang nggak segelap di kampus tapi tetap mendung. Dalam hati kita berdua berdoa semoga nggak hujan sebelum sampai di rumah.

Namun ternyata doa kita berdua cuma bisa bergema dalam hati alias nggak terealisasi. Waktu lagi nunggu nomor antrian saya dipanggil sambil ngobrol ngalor-ngidul tentang kuliah eksperimen yang gokil-gokil sampai berandai-andai makan mi pangsit yang sebelumnya kita beli, mendadak pembicaraan terhenti ketika Anty noleh ke arah pintu keluar.

Anty: Lho kok satpamnya dipayungin? (berdiri)
Saya: Hah? Hujan ya? (ikut nengok ke luar)

Dan Anty pun bergegas keluar bank menuju motornya yang diparkir di depan. Tak lama kemudian ia kembali dengan kresek putih berisi beberapa bungkus mi pangsit di dalamnya. Waktu ia sudah duduk di samping saya lagi, semerbak aroma sedap mi pangsit melintas di depan hidung saya, bikin tambah salivasi aja :D

Anty: Hmm... baunya.
Saya: Padahal belum dibuka itu. Gimana kalo dibuka...
Anty: Enak ya kalo dimakan hujan-hujan gini.
Saya: Trus kita dilihatin orang se-bank, makan mi di bangku antrian bank. Sudah gila!

Yah, hujan pun tidak juga capek main-main sama kita karena nyatanya pas kita pulang dari bank, hujannya masih turun. Lucunya, waktu keluar dari bank, satpamnya menghampiri kita sambil bawa payung.

Satpam: Kendaraannya yang mana, Mbak?
Anty: Naik motor kok, Pak.
Saya: (ngakak dalam hati)
Satpam: Nggak nunggu terang dulu, Mbak?
Anty: Deket kok, Pak.
Satpam: (menggangguk)
Anty: (noleh ke saya) Emang kita tampang orang punya duit apa?
Saya: Tau tuh.

Well, kalo dilihat-lihat emang mayoritas pengunjung bank waktu itu membawa mobil. Jadi yang salah muka kita yang kayak orang berduit atau parkiran yang penuh mobil-mobil bagus? *perbandingannya bener nggak sih?*

Tragisnya, masuk perumahan Bendul Merisi (rumah Anty), hujan MAKIN deras. Sial! Untungnya (ya, saya masih punya keberuntungan meski sedikit), saya pake jaket. Jadi baju saya nggak basah-basah amat. Yang saya takutkan adalah Shiro (laptop saya) yang ada di dalam ransel, buru-buru ransel saya pindahin ke depan biar nggak kehujanan.

Besoknya, ternyata hujan pengen main-main sama kita lagi. Hari itu si Peni yang barusan ulang tahun, ngadain traktiran bareng anak-anak BLM di Bakso Kuto deket kampus. Berangkatnya sih kita jalan santai banget, serasa window shopping di mall. Menikmati hari sambil ngobrol dan ber-hahahihi ria di pedestrian kampus yang keren *lebay*. Eh, pas mau balik ke kampus, gerimis mulai turun.

Awalnya sih cuma hujan segede butir jagung tapi light dan masih jarang-jarang. Semakin masuk kampus, butir airnya makin kecil tapi lebih sering. Otomatis kita semua jalan lebih cepet. Bahkan beberapa di antara kita waktu itu ada yang lari meninggalkan yang lain di belakang. Karena terlalu berat menyangga perut yang kekenyangan, yang di belakang-belakang ini nggak kuat lari dan terpaksa jalan cepat menerjang badai, termasuk saya :D

Mendekati gedung kampus, hujan makin deres. Karena saya lagi bawa laptop di tas yang terpisah dan bagian atasnya terbuka, maka saya pun memutuskan untuk lari saja mengingat jarak kampus juga udah nggak jauh-jauh banget. Demi menyelamatkan Shiro biar nggak kena flu yang bisa berdampak saya yang kena demam. Seperti teman-teman saya yang sudah sampai di kelas, saya meninggalkan teman-teman yang tadinya jadi teman seperjuangan di belakang *maafkan saya teman, saya tidak punya pilihan lain*

Dengan susah payah dan dengan sisa tenaga yang ada *halahhh*, saya jalan secepat mungkin biar segera sampai kelas. Dan begitu nyampe kelas, napas saya ngos-ngosan tapi perut masih nggak flat-flat juga. Masih kelihatan kekenyangan padahal rasanya tenaga saya udah habis dipake buat lari tadi. Harapan saya, makanan yang masuk tadi dengan segera kalorinya terbakar gara-gara jogging siang-siang itu. Tapi faktanya, tidak sama sekali sodara-sodara.

Nah, pengalaman saya bersama hujan nggak sampai di sini saja ternyata. Hari Sabtunya saya mau ngirim barang ke kantor pos bareng Anty (ya, partner observasi saya itu). Waktu berangkat langit udah mendung-mendung nyebelin gitu, bikin horor tersendiri buat kita berdua. Sampai Anty bawain jas hujan ekstra segala buat saya (kita naik motor waktu itu), belajar dari pengalaman kemarin lusa. Hati udah tenang pas kita berangkat soalnya langit nggak menurunkan air, cuma rintik-rintik kecil yang sangat jarang. Eh... begitu urusan di kantor pos selesai, hujan mendadak turun. Gerimis kecil yang emang sih nggak sampai bikin basah kuyup, tapi tetep aja bikin baju agak basah (apalagi helm yang kedap air). Otomatis Anty jadi mempercepat nyetirnya, takutnya hujannya tambah deres (sekali lagi, belajar dari pengalaman kemarin lusa). Nyebelinnya, begitu sampai di kos saya, hujan udah nggak turun alias gerimisnya berhenti perlahan. Hmmffhh...

Saya punya pertanyaan sama hujan yang ternyata suka bercanda itu, "Are you happy now?"

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

sararocks and the soccerer's photo

Visit Indonesia 2009
photo by Ridzki

Foto ini diambil ketika saya dan teman-teman BLM (what is BLM?) sedang photo shoot di House of Sampoerna. Model dalam foto tersebut adalah, dari kiri: Peni, moi, Anty. Dan meskipun Peni selalu menganggapkan diri sebagai adik saya dan sekalipun saya memanggil Anty ibu, tapi INGAT, ini bukan foto keluarga.

Baiklah, sekarang saya akan cerita kenapa foto ini saya anggap sebagai foto bertuah. Begini ceritanya, perhatikan buku-buku yang dipegang para model. Buku-buku itu memiliki kesamaan kan? Entah nama lokasi yang berawalan huruf B, letak lokasi yang semuanya di Indonesia atau semuanya merupakan nama tempat wisata populer di Nusantara. Terlepas dari itu semua, ternyata buku-buku itu memberi pengaruh magis pada pemegangnya. Anggaplah saya sok tahayul atau sudah gila, tapi ini murni nyata.

Di mana letak magisnya?

Here's the explanation:
Buku yang dipegang Peni, merupakan buku tentang Bali dan keindahannya. Setelah pemotretan akhir bulan Februari lalu, beberapa minggu kemudian si Peni berangkat ke Bali dan kembali tanpa membawa upeti buat teman-temannya *yang ini karena dia kebingungan membelikan leh-oleh yang murah buat teman-temannya yang selusin itu, termasuk saya*
Buku yang saya pegang, merupakan peta turis tentang kota Bandung. Sayangnya saya belum ada wangsit apa-apa yang mengindikasikan saya untuk mengunjungi kota kembang yang saya idam-idamkan itu T.T
Buku yang dipegang Anty, merupakan buku tentang Batavia (Jakarta). Minggu lalu, dia NYARIS saja pergi ke Jakarta kalau nggak terpaksa ngerjain tugas observasi bareng saya buat tugas Psikodiagnostik II (I'll tell you the details on the next posting ok?).

Terlepas dari untuk kepentingan apa Peni dan Anty mendapatkan kesempatan pergi ke kota-kota yang buku panduannya sempat mereka pegang waktu di HOS tapi rasanya seperti dreams come true. Sayangnya, saya doang yang nggak dapet tanda-tanda bakal pergi ke Bandung hiks... hiks...

Sebelum pegang buku-buku itu, kami juga pose dengan pegang buku yang lainnya. Waktu itu saya pegang peta turis tentang Thailand, si Anty pegang buku Bali yang dipegang Peni dan si Peni sendiri nggak tau pegang apa waktu itu *nggak merhatiin dia*.

Melihat kondisi saat ini yang kelihatannya SANGAT tidak mendukung untuk travelling sih rasanya magic sign saya untuk pergi ke Bandung bakalan lamaaaaaaaaa banget atau bahkan itu jadi angan doang. Mengingat tugas-tugas kuliah di semester ini benar-benar menyita waktu sampai saya nggak sempat nulis posting blog. Ini aja sambil nyari landasan teori buat laporan observasi (yang saya dan Anty lakukan minggu lalu itu) karena laporannya kami revisi dan googling alat-alat tes Psikologi buat tugas Psikometri Jumat besok.

Besok saya juga harus nonton film buat observasi dengan metode narasi, paginya ke bank ngambil kiriman duit dan siangnya mbungkusin paket tas buat dikirim ke Malaysia besoknya. Capek! *tapi tetep nge-plurk*


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