Friday, 29 May 2009

My new baby

After Shiro, I just got a new besties. It's a digital camera, Panasonic Lumix FS20. 10 MP, 7x Optical Zoom and 1/2.33" CCD sensor. Complete!

Well, actually it's outta plan. I planned to buy this on Wednesday but I got the time on Tuesday, so I got it earlier. FYI, or maybe you've already known that I planned to buy Kodak V1233 or for you who follow me on Plurk, I told you that I decided to buy Canon IXUS 85 IS. And this is outta plan everybody! I didn't plan to buy this kinda camera, I didn't browse any information about it or even asked any comment about it to the professionals :]

I'm outta my mind. I know.

It's kinda risky when you buy a digital camera (or any kind of camera) without browsing about the information first. You don't know what you wanna buy. I mean, you don't know. You know nothing, not the whole part and everything. It's just risky (at least for me).

And what makes me decided to buy this is the seller's recommendation. He successfully convinced me that this Panasonic Lumix is better than what I wanted to buy at the time, Canon IXUS 85 IS. I'm not gonna tell you what his reason is because I don't wanna break someone's down :]

Alright, I'm not gonna tell you more (because I have nothing left). Let me introduce my new baby....

I took some pics for trial but I deleted 'em immediately when I think it's not good. So, here's the rest.

Anty & Ridzki (they dragged me to this baby)

original picture

I got this in Canon IXUS 85 IS' old price. So, can I say that I got the better one? :]

Anyway, I can't find any name yet for this baby. Can you help me to find one? I will appreciate that :]

P.S.: More pics soon!!! Yes, fashion blog will kill me soon everbodyyy :]]
P.S.: More picture on Deviantart


  1. akhirnya... bakal banyak postingan berfoto nih

  2. i think all the camera is great, tergantung the person behind the camera, i use canon ixus 80 IS, it's very cheap and great camera :)

  3. @Ariw
    yes, surely yes :]

    @June Paski
    I need a big megapixel and CCD sensor as well but still in rational price ;] I agree with you, a very expensive camera is nothing when the person cannot use it properly :]

  4. huwa,,, kamera baru,,,
    new baby,,, so,, i'm a babysitter-nya yah,, haha,,,

    wah lok gitu bisa poto2 nih kalo kluar bareng,, hehe,,,


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