Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy Monday

Me and Cece (left); Me, Hana, and Mia (right)
Some people might think that Monday is totally the most hating day in the world. But not in my case :] Especially in this semester ahaha

Well, on this happy Monday, I went with some of my girl friends. Actually we accompanied Mia who need to do some survey for her duty. We visited Empire Palace, a place with Victorian architecture in Surabaya. It's a building rented for any meeting occasions such as wedding, birthday party, seminar, prom etc. It's deadly huge and beautiful. You'll feel like living in the old era where Marie Antoinette still alive :D

We wandered around the building using some very antique elevator (even you can find a victorian details inside!!) to move across each floor, not alone of course. There's a representation man who showed us some of the meeting rooms Mia could rent. Very huge.

I love the curtains hanging on the tall windows, the couchs, the tables; very adorable. It's good for a vintage-glamour photoshoot actually :D

this photos were taken by Alya. Thanks dear!

And after visited Empire Palace, we flied to RSAL (Navy hospital) to see Anty who got ill since a couple days a go. We met her alone with her little sister, Alya in her room. We didn't tell her about our visit before, we wanted it to be a surprise. So, yes, she didn't guess we'd come that day and we enjoy our time entertaining her haha. And because we gotta go so soon, we took some pictures so that we can remember this sweet old days in the future :D

The most important of all, we wish her to come back soon in campus :]

P.S.: I just realized, I type an emoticon in every end of the paragraph :]
P.S.S.: more photo on Deviantart

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