Monday, 1 February 2010

Are you happy? I am!

Oh hello everybody!! It's been a long time, huh?

Well, I miss writing here since ideas have gone wherever they want and unfortunately not somewhere near me. So, here I am now :]

Like I said in the previous post, I didn't plan on any vacation trip so I stayed at home which is absolutely not boring at all in my opinion. In the contrary, I get to know everything that I've been left months ago and it's kinda ashame for me somehow to not know my house very well all this time.

Anyway, I took a shot on going with my old fellas-but apparently I could only hang out with one and it was with Pudika. You know, one thing I always love when I hang out with my old friends is I always guaranteed with a nu experience. And last Monday wasn't an exception ;]

Pudika and I planned to watch movie together in Plaza Tunjungan. And to get there, we need to take some public transportation. It was cool at first, but then problem came when we had no idea how to go to TP from Jembatan Merah area. We went asking to some people and they directed us to take a bus. A bus! Repeat: take a BUS!!! Great.

With all hesitation that I have, I finally agreed with the idea of taking bus to TP. Pudika asked a bus driver in front of us and he said we need to cross the street and wait the bus in the other side of the street. So, the bus in front of us ain't the one that goes to TP. When we're on our way to cross the street, you know what, the bus arrived. We saw a man running across the street to catch up the bus. We didn't. We just saw the bus left without us.

Pudika yelled about we got a nu thing to know, I didn't. Somehow, imagining my self on a bus for short travelling was kinda freaking me out. You know, my head was full of me standing and hold my purse tight because I'm afraid of pickpocket, and there're many other scary men I could imagine that might possibly I meet on a bus. Well, I think taking 'bemo' is way better than bus. For God's sake!

And after about 10-15 minutes waiting like crazy, we got the bus. It's not the same bus like we saw leaving us, it's EVEN better! It has AC and comfy seats, it's just nice. The door is automatically open when the bus stopped. I think it's kinda cool to see, you know, public transportation can be this good. It's clean and thank God no one sipping cigarattes. COOL!!!

When we're still sort of confused to pick up a seat, Pudika suddenly sat while I didn't predict she would decided to sit that fast. I thought we're going to sit in the front part, but apparently we're not. So, I quickly took a seat next to her but in a different row. She sat next to someone else, so did I. I sat next to a man who seems to be a soldier. I didn't recognize it when I first put my butt on the chair you know. But then, I glared on the black backpack under his feet and definitely the 'doreng' uniform. Though he covered the top with a cream jacket but the pants can't hide its identity. An army man, that's what I thought at first. Should I feel worry or lucky for this moment? You know, after all the scary things I've imagined.

And when the bus started to carry on the journey, there's a man who collects the money from the passangers. It's kinda weird, I've never been in this condition before. Considering I used to take 'bemo' instead of this giant vehicle. It costs Rp 4000, pretty cheap for a nice facility I guess :]

When the bus reached Siola, the man next to me asked me where I'm going. I said I'm gonna go to TP and he nodded and smile. What a nice start I guess! After all the horrors I've created in my head about taking bus for short travelling and the fact showed me that there's nothing to worry about. A good bus to take (a very nice one in fact!) and a friendly man to sit with. It's just awesome!

FYI, it's my first time taking bus for short travelling since the last time was when I was a little girl. Long, long time ago. And the condition back then was exactly like my imagination before I took the fancy bus in the present day.

-- -- -- -- --

And we finally got to TP, save and sound. Nothing less :]

We went watching Sherlock Holmes, yeah I know I'm freaking so late to watch this movie but so what??? Time kidnapped me all this time, so blame time, not me.

Sherlock Holmes movie poster

Well, my opinion about the movie is I don't give a damn about what people say that this movie is a total rubbish or whatever, this movie is great! I love Robert Downey Jr. and I love Jude Law even more!!! He just still got his charming eyes ;]

I love the fighting scenes, you know, the ones when Holmes gotta fight with the bad guy. He described his plan first and it's definitely like a lecture to me! Super cool!! After all, detective movies always have my heart. Analyzing, observing things... Ahh, it's all my favorite things to do! :D

-- -- -- -- --

Other stuffs to do in my Holy holiday is reading novels. Oh you don't know how much I miss reading novels. It's such a deep pleasure when I finally got a chance. I read Old Magic by Marianne Curley for a start. It hasn't translated yet in Indonesian though, I bought this from a garage sale in Cerita Ungu. This book was one of Sitta Karina's book collection ;] The genre is fantasy-romance, definitely my favorite. It's about a girl who has magical ability and meet a boy who has one too but hardly admit it. The girl helped him to cope with his ability but in the end, the situation is turning up side down.

Old Magic
Old Magic (school & library binding)

It's a great story, it's said this book is the first debut of the author and I'm kinda got a de javu. I read two books which were the first debut of its author; first, Hush, Hush (by Becca Fitzpatrick) and then Old Magic. Both are in the same genre.

Forever Princess
The Finale

After finishing Old Magic, I continued to read Princess Diaries: Forever Princess. The last series of Princess Diaries. And still, you don't know how much I love and miss Meg Cabot's works. It's always easier for me to read her books, even though it's still written in its original language; English. The way she wrote the story, somehow, is just understandable for me. It's like the way I used to speak in English. I learn a lot from her books, especially the English part :]

And once again, this series hits me. I found so many events that apparently similiar to my life somehow. Actually, a part of my life. Maybe you remember when I used to feel so frustated with my life and friends and talking shits about it, well, Mia got the same experiences too! Why oh why? Is it some kinda hint for me that I'm gonna end up that way? Let's hope so. I mean, Michael and Mia are getting back together and I definitely want it that way as well. I want my 'Michael''s back :] And the thing about Lily and Mia, oh I got this one better. I don't need to be separated with my bestfriend for 2 years for misunderstanding. It just took about a week for me and it's done now, and we have a better quality in friendship in the end. Just exactly like Mia and Lily have :]

And I don't know whether it's good or not, but I got the drama not when I was in high school, I meet this fuckin drama when I'm in college. You know, I hate drama and I used to love killing a drama queen but then, I live with those stuffs now. Yes, now. In my present life and I'm kinda use to it. It doesn't mean that I'm turning to be a drama queen right now, I'm not and I never wanna be one. This is silly.

By the way, I'm still hunting for a new book to read as we speak. I plan for Blue Blood series but I only have the e-book and I'm freakin lazy to read e-books. I wanna read a real book, my hands are kinda slippery holding MP4 player for a long steady time. Any suggestion? Not a weighty one, the range is about romance, fantasy and maybe a bit thriller like Hush, Hush is fine. But mostly it's gotta be romance and fun to read ;]

-- -- -- -- --

When I got my sanctuary back (finally!!), I'm back enjoying my self creating stuffs. This time is designing my blog layout. I wanna do that for a long time but I've never had a time and chance. So, yes, this blog will have a nu look sometime around. Just wait!

And not only this blog of course, I also design the other 2 blogs; my Review blog and my Fashion blog. They will also got a nu look.

Anyway, the weather is kinda weird these days but that's the point ;] I'm taking pictures of the sky in front of my house and collect them as a series. I'll submit them on Deviantart when they're ready. I need some more just so that it varies in some way. Stay tune then!

-- -- -- -- --

I'm done telling you my holiday story and now it's your turn to tell me yours. Just leave some comments okay? It'd be my pleasure to read one :]

Well, while I'm waiting for your story, I leave you with sort of photo-story of Mao's holiday. He loves to share it with you anyway :D Enjoy!

One of the Cold Night
One of the Cold Night

I'm Sleeping
Candid: I'm sleeping guys, get off!!

Sleep Tight Baby
Sweet dreams!


  1. wew,,, aku kira kluarnya jadi hari slasa nak,,, kok gak jadi hari slasa toh??? tiwas aku memulangkan diri di hari slasa buat kluar bareng kalian... T_T

    senennya gak ada sinyal, jadi maap pisan gak kabar2,, T_T

    kapan kluar lagi??

  2. Iya, dimajuin soalnya pada banyak yg nggak bisa trus takutnya kalo kelamaan keburu filmnya udah ga ada mak :[

    Ga tau mau keluar lagi kapan, aku sih bisa free tiap Kamis. Pudi kalo ga salah udah mau masuk ? ITS bukannya udah selese ya liburannya?

  3. hikz,,
    hoh, tapi untungnya saya sudah nonton sherlock,, hahah,, lebih dulu dari dirimu,, free lagi,, hahah (pamer mode : on)

    aku saban kamis siang sampe sore juga free kok,, kuliahku skr jarang2 (banget),,, cz di isi dengan mengerjakan tugas akhir,, ayo2, kpn kluar lagi?!


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