Monday, 15 February 2010

10 things that make me happy

1. Surprise. I mean, a good surprise like... get presents, meet anybody I know accidentally somewhere, stuff like that.
2. My me time. Enjoy a moment when I can be only with my own self. Nobody even dare to bother me.
3. Meeting old fellas. I don't know, even the idea has already pump my spirit up :]
4. Finding an exquisite art. Something eye-pleasing and of course inspirational.
5. Hanging out with my besties, they always know how to have fun!
6. Book stores. You know, it's my favorite place to visit. I love to read and buy books ;]
7. Watching teen/chick flicks. I learn so many (girlie) stuffs from there and yes, English.
8. Having fun with my little brother. He's the best comedian I've ever known!
9. Internet. Obviously. It feeds me and you know, I can't say no. Never.
10. Drawing, designing, doing photoshots and editing photos. The best moment ever!!!

I'll pass this tag to Sinta, Pudi, Mira, Arya, Nobo, Nadin, and Ajeng

Thanks to Fida who tagged me. You're so nice, darlaa :]


  1. wihi,, maksudnya apa nak? ada namaku di tag gitu? ada hadiah? heheh,, :D

  2. I love books store and internet too, they always make me happy :p


  3. @sinTa
    yo ga lah mak! maksudnya kamu boleh copy itu pertanyaan (di post-ku: judulku). Jadi ntar kamu bikin list lagi kyk punyaku gini menurut versimu :]

    @June Paski
    Yes!!! Nothing compare ;]

  4. @ Yosephine Pheby
    Ahaha definitely irreplaceable

    @ Riesta Emy Susanti
    Number one addictive stuff in the world I guess ;]


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