Monday, 22 February 2010

Nobody's saint

Been away for a long time and I feel it a bit weird to come back here, while in the other side I really wanna write again.

It's been pretty hectic with life recently, hectic with human related stuff. Traits, personality, habit; those three things cannot separated from a person. I realized that and I appreciate individual differences as I want it happened to me as well. But sometimes, it just doesn't happen that simple.

I tend to value a person from the first impression, and if it's changed then I'll revalue it. Individual value for me is like whether they're a fun person and whether they're a good friend. And mostly, my value is never changed.

Photo by Ocotox

But shit happened, ayte? So, I guess this time is kinda new to me and surprised me a bit. When I thought she's wise and mature, there's a moment when I found her so impolite and done something outta manner. I feel it so intolerance and I wanna puke in a sudden. When I thought she's a biatch, there's a moment when I found her become so lovely and humble till I can't deny it. You know, it sucks to know this thing happened. It sucks to know that I misjudged people in several points.

Well, then I realized that there's one thing that never changed; traits. It sticks in a person's body and mind. It's them, it's everybody said about you and I guess it's something I recognized as a first impression.

You know what, it's all turn me back to be a quite person. I'd hold my self to not saying a thing, just observe. Somehow I find my self again by doing that, and it's pleasing me so much. I learn to hold my anger, to manage the temper and err... try to not puke when I feel so fed up about someshit. I should grateful for this, then.

When I found I've 'misjudged' a person but then I found it that I was right all this time, makes me smile and proud of my self. That everything I've done to handle with that situation is right, I've never made any mistake. They're just a person like they are, as the first impression told me, they are their traits.

-- -- -- -- --

Anyway, exams week has gone for weeks and I'm still in my holiday as we speak. There're several marks from the exams that has been published on my college's website and I think I'd like to thanks to all the musics that played in my Jukebox. They have accompanied me through all the bad times during the process and kept me survive till the end. Ok, I make it too dramatic. But, you know, I just damn glad to know that this subject I tried to focus, got a pretty good mark. It's just bloody relieving. And of course I wanna say thanks to Allah SWT :]

I think I agree with what Raditya Dika said about getting through college life: don't need to be brilliant or whatsoever, just survive and you'll be fine ;]

-- -- -- -- --

I just watched a movie called Julie & Julia, yes, that Meryl Streep's movie and I kinda got sort of an enlightenment after that. I wanna cook immediately.


You know how much I love Nigella Lawson and her recipe and of course her cooking show, and I think it's occurred on Julia Child and Julie Powell as well :] Watching them cooking is like heaven, it's like I can smell what flavor they tried to boil. It's like I can taste too what they mixed on the saucepan. It's like heaven!

Gosh, I wanna bake again right now.

I have this tart recipe from a man in Flickr and I plan to try it on this holiday but apparently I (once again) have no time and mostly run out of bucks. I don't know, it's holiday, I don't go anywhere that often but my wallet is empty in no time! I need to reschedule it sometime around. Next month... perhaps? We'll see.

-- -- -- -- --

Couple weeks ago, I was in my office, it wasn't one of those hectic days and my lecturer came for a visit because she's the assessor of the day. She's taking Master degree in a university in Malaysia and sometimes she comes home and visits my office. She's a nice person.

You know, chatting with a wide-knowledge person is always fun. And I love it when I got a moment like that. Just exactly like that day.

We were sitting in the intern square table and some interns (including me) were listening to what she said; to her story. There are sooooooooo many stuffs I can learn, I finally know and I'm happy to have it in my head right now :]

Actually I'd love to continue listening to her story but I gotta go home and yes, I decided to leave at the end. It was Mia who were with me stepping outta office and we both agree that it was fun to have a chat with my lecturer. Kinda feel some enlightment :]

Marissa Haque
Marissa Haque

And couple days ago I watched a show on TV and adore Marissa Haque in a sudden, after watching her talking and gave a comment. Seriously, her knowledge is just soooo awesome and she correlated the problem with what she knows and tried to explain the real fact based on the theory. It's terrific, for me.

It wasn't a political topic she was commenting about (if it was then I wouldn't staying around for the rest of the show), it's about family matter and its complexity. Some people might say it's cheesy stuff but after listening to what she said, you may reconsider your thought.

-- -- -- -- --

It was almost a week ago when I felt like a worried mother. Seriously. I made frown everwhere I go, I guess. Mao got sick, he vomited as the first symptom and then he didn't wanna eat his food and drink water only. I tried to Google it and it said that Mao might've got intestines infection. A major horror suddenly attacked me. When I said we'd better take him to see the vet to my lil brother, my parents seemed not having the same thought as me. So, with all the hopes, I took care of him by MY SELF. I spent most of my time sitting next to him when I'm at home, just to convince him that he's not abandoned with his condition. He's just like a baby. I could easily cry when I heard his weak and low voice. I mean it, I barely hear nothing. My cat is strong, very moved and sometimes pretty noisy. But it's just the way I love him. His healthy body and mind.

His body was terribly thin, I can't see his tummy anymore, he walked like an old man and it was getting worse when I saw him colapsed and lying on the floor trembling. Major panic.

Everytime I leave home for office, I feel like a mother with a sick child. I kept worrying him.

But then, my prayers' finally answered. My lil brother shocked me when he called me that we lost Mao, well, he was just kidding. I hate you, bro! He said Mao is getting pretty well. And when I finally got home, I didn't have the guts to see Mao with my bare eyes. You know, to prove whatever my lil brother said to me.

In the middle of his healthy night

The night was darker and I suddenly heard a voice I missed, my favorite miaow :] Mao is just like my lil brother said, he's fine. He got his health back. However, he still haven't got his weight back and the body is still not really fit. You know, body condition after recovery. We give him the best food in this recovery period, milk and Whiskas kitten cornet.

And yes, thank God he's fine now :]

-- -- -- -- --

Photo by m0thyyku

Nobody can say you can't. So, do everything you wanna do and keep pursuing you dreams! :D

Monday, 15 February 2010

10 things that make me happy

1. Surprise. I mean, a good surprise like... get presents, meet anybody I know accidentally somewhere, stuff like that.
2. My me time. Enjoy a moment when I can be only with my own self. Nobody even dare to bother me.
3. Meeting old fellas. I don't know, even the idea has already pump my spirit up :]
4. Finding an exquisite art. Something eye-pleasing and of course inspirational.
5. Hanging out with my besties, they always know how to have fun!
6. Book stores. You know, it's my favorite place to visit. I love to read and buy books ;]
7. Watching teen/chick flicks. I learn so many (girlie) stuffs from there and yes, English.
8. Having fun with my little brother. He's the best comedian I've ever known!
9. Internet. Obviously. It feeds me and you know, I can't say no. Never.
10. Drawing, designing, doing photoshots and editing photos. The best moment ever!!!

I'll pass this tag to Sinta, Pudi, Mira, Arya, Nobo, Nadin, and Ajeng

Thanks to Fida who tagged me. You're so nice, darlaa :]

Resensi: Hush, Hush


Judul: Hush, Hush
Penulis: Becca Fitzpatrick
Penerbit: Ufuk Press
Cetakan: I, Desember 2009
Tebal: 488 halaman

Nora Grey tinggal bersama seorang pengasuh, ibunya bekerja di luar kota untuk kelangsungan hidup mereka berdua. Suatu hari di kelas Biologi, ia mendapat partner baru—cowok, anak baru yang selalu duduk di belakang. Akan tetapi Nora hanya ingin sahabatnya, Vee, yang menjadi partner Biologinya. Terutama ketika partner barunya itu mulai membuatnya tidak bisa berhenti bertanya-tanya: siapa sebenarnya dia? Namanya Patch, orangnya menyebalkan dan misterius sekali. Setengah mati Nora berusaha untuk tidak memikirkannya, tapi selalu gagal. Patch dapat mengetahui segala hal tentang diri Nora sebelum gadis itu bahkan memberitahunya.

Meskipun Vee terus meyakinkannya bahwa hal-hal aneh yang belakangan dialami Nora merujuk pada satu orang, yaitu Patch, ia tetap bersikukuh bahwa ini semua tidak ada hubungannya dengan partner Biologi barunya itu. Patch bersih dan diam-diam Nora menaruh kepercayaan padanya. Entah mengapa Nora selalu aman bila bersamanya, Nora terpaksa mengakui bahwa Patch bisa diandalkan untuk yang satu itu.

Berawal dari luka aneh di punggung Patch, luka berbentuk “V” terbalik yang membuat Nora menduga-duga. Dari luka aneh itu pula Nora akhirnya mengalami pengalaman ajaib bersama Patch. Pengalaman yang akan memberitahunya siapa sebenarnya Patch dan apa urusannya di dunia ini—di dunia Nora. Pengalaman itu membawakan Nora pada kebenaran yang sesungguhnya, yang membuatnya meragukan kembali kepercayaannya pada Patch. Nora tahu Patch seorang malaikat yang terbuang ke bumi, tapi bagaimana rasanya apabila orang yang ingin membunuhmu adalah orang yang selama ini melindungimu?

Kisah yang sangat apik, mencekam dan membuat penasaran sampai akhir. Selain kisah romance dan fantasi yang sudah cukup umum diangkat belakangan ini, novel perdana Becca Fitzpatrick ini dibumbui atmosfer thriller yang membuat pembaca ikut merasakan ketegangan yang dialami tokoh utamanya. Penulis meramu plot cerita dengan cukup baik, membius pembaca untuk mengikuti alur kisahnya sehingga mendapatkan kesan yang ingin ditinggalkan penulis.

Penulis memposisikan Nora selalu dalam bahaya: keadaan terancam, merasa selalu diawasi, dan pikiran yang halusinatif. Nora membuat kita berpikir bahwa ia sedang melihat hal-hal yang tidak nyata, karena kita sendiri tidak tahu kepastiannya sampai akhir cerita. Di tengah kebimbangan Nora akan kesadarannya, pembaca dihadapkan pada situasi berbahaya yang bertubi-tubi.

Dari segi tema, novel Hush, Hush ini merupakan kisah romance yang bisa dibilang tidak umum. Tidak ada yang pernah mengangkat tema tentang fallen angel sebelumnya. Kemunculan myth characters seperti vampir, werewolf, drakula dan tokoh-tokoh pemburu sejenisnya rupanya sudah terlalu biasa untuk dikisahkan. Sebut saja Twilight Saga, sejak tetralogi karya Stephenie Meyer itu menjadi perbincangan di mana-mana, novel-novel bertema sejenis langsung bermunculan seperti jamur.

Sebenarnya masih tersisa satu lagi tema yang mungkin cukup 'tabu' untuk diangkat dalam sebuah kisah, tapi akan jadi cerita yang sangat menarik apabila diramu dengan sangat baik. Salah satunya adalah Hush, Hush ini.

Fitzpatrick menawarkan kesegaran baru dalam genre romance, membawa angin segar yang memperbarui segmen kalangan pecinta kisah fantasi. Dengan adanya kisah tentang malaikat terbuang yang berjuang mendapatkan sayapnya kembali ini, pembaca akan terbuai dalam dunia ciptaan sang penulis yang charming dan sekaligus penuh ketegangan.

Credits to: Rizky Susanti, Alanda Kariza

Monday, 1 February 2010

Are you happy? I am!

Oh hello everybody!! It's been a long time, huh?

Well, I miss writing here since ideas have gone wherever they want and unfortunately not somewhere near me. So, here I am now :]

Like I said in the previous post, I didn't plan on any vacation trip so I stayed at home which is absolutely not boring at all in my opinion. In the contrary, I get to know everything that I've been left months ago and it's kinda ashame for me somehow to not know my house very well all this time.

Anyway, I took a shot on going with my old fellas-but apparently I could only hang out with one and it was with Pudika. You know, one thing I always love when I hang out with my old friends is I always guaranteed with a nu experience. And last Monday wasn't an exception ;]

Pudika and I planned to watch movie together in Plaza Tunjungan. And to get there, we need to take some public transportation. It was cool at first, but then problem came when we had no idea how to go to TP from Jembatan Merah area. We went asking to some people and they directed us to take a bus. A bus! Repeat: take a BUS!!! Great.

With all hesitation that I have, I finally agreed with the idea of taking bus to TP. Pudika asked a bus driver in front of us and he said we need to cross the street and wait the bus in the other side of the street. So, the bus in front of us ain't the one that goes to TP. When we're on our way to cross the street, you know what, the bus arrived. We saw a man running across the street to catch up the bus. We didn't. We just saw the bus left without us.

Pudika yelled about we got a nu thing to know, I didn't. Somehow, imagining my self on a bus for short travelling was kinda freaking me out. You know, my head was full of me standing and hold my purse tight because I'm afraid of pickpocket, and there're many other scary men I could imagine that might possibly I meet on a bus. Well, I think taking 'bemo' is way better than bus. For God's sake!

And after about 10-15 minutes waiting like crazy, we got the bus. It's not the same bus like we saw leaving us, it's EVEN better! It has AC and comfy seats, it's just nice. The door is automatically open when the bus stopped. I think it's kinda cool to see, you know, public transportation can be this good. It's clean and thank God no one sipping cigarattes. COOL!!!

When we're still sort of confused to pick up a seat, Pudika suddenly sat while I didn't predict she would decided to sit that fast. I thought we're going to sit in the front part, but apparently we're not. So, I quickly took a seat next to her but in a different row. She sat next to someone else, so did I. I sat next to a man who seems to be a soldier. I didn't recognize it when I first put my butt on the chair you know. But then, I glared on the black backpack under his feet and definitely the 'doreng' uniform. Though he covered the top with a cream jacket but the pants can't hide its identity. An army man, that's what I thought at first. Should I feel worry or lucky for this moment? You know, after all the scary things I've imagined.

And when the bus started to carry on the journey, there's a man who collects the money from the passangers. It's kinda weird, I've never been in this condition before. Considering I used to take 'bemo' instead of this giant vehicle. It costs Rp 4000, pretty cheap for a nice facility I guess :]

When the bus reached Siola, the man next to me asked me where I'm going. I said I'm gonna go to TP and he nodded and smile. What a nice start I guess! After all the horrors I've created in my head about taking bus for short travelling and the fact showed me that there's nothing to worry about. A good bus to take (a very nice one in fact!) and a friendly man to sit with. It's just awesome!

FYI, it's my first time taking bus for short travelling since the last time was when I was a little girl. Long, long time ago. And the condition back then was exactly like my imagination before I took the fancy bus in the present day.

-- -- -- -- --

And we finally got to TP, save and sound. Nothing less :]

We went watching Sherlock Holmes, yeah I know I'm freaking so late to watch this movie but so what??? Time kidnapped me all this time, so blame time, not me.

Sherlock Holmes movie poster

Well, my opinion about the movie is I don't give a damn about what people say that this movie is a total rubbish or whatever, this movie is great! I love Robert Downey Jr. and I love Jude Law even more!!! He just still got his charming eyes ;]

I love the fighting scenes, you know, the ones when Holmes gotta fight with the bad guy. He described his plan first and it's definitely like a lecture to me! Super cool!! After all, detective movies always have my heart. Analyzing, observing things... Ahh, it's all my favorite things to do! :D

-- -- -- -- --

Other stuffs to do in my Holy holiday is reading novels. Oh you don't know how much I miss reading novels. It's such a deep pleasure when I finally got a chance. I read Old Magic by Marianne Curley for a start. It hasn't translated yet in Indonesian though, I bought this from a garage sale in Cerita Ungu. This book was one of Sitta Karina's book collection ;] The genre is fantasy-romance, definitely my favorite. It's about a girl who has magical ability and meet a boy who has one too but hardly admit it. The girl helped him to cope with his ability but in the end, the situation is turning up side down.

Old Magic
Old Magic (school & library binding)

It's a great story, it's said this book is the first debut of the author and I'm kinda got a de javu. I read two books which were the first debut of its author; first, Hush, Hush (by Becca Fitzpatrick) and then Old Magic. Both are in the same genre.

Forever Princess
The Finale

After finishing Old Magic, I continued to read Princess Diaries: Forever Princess. The last series of Princess Diaries. And still, you don't know how much I love and miss Meg Cabot's works. It's always easier for me to read her books, even though it's still written in its original language; English. The way she wrote the story, somehow, is just understandable for me. It's like the way I used to speak in English. I learn a lot from her books, especially the English part :]

And once again, this series hits me. I found so many events that apparently similiar to my life somehow. Actually, a part of my life. Maybe you remember when I used to feel so frustated with my life and friends and talking shits about it, well, Mia got the same experiences too! Why oh why? Is it some kinda hint for me that I'm gonna end up that way? Let's hope so. I mean, Michael and Mia are getting back together and I definitely want it that way as well. I want my 'Michael''s back :] And the thing about Lily and Mia, oh I got this one better. I don't need to be separated with my bestfriend for 2 years for misunderstanding. It just took about a week for me and it's done now, and we have a better quality in friendship in the end. Just exactly like Mia and Lily have :]

And I don't know whether it's good or not, but I got the drama not when I was in high school, I meet this fuckin drama when I'm in college. You know, I hate drama and I used to love killing a drama queen but then, I live with those stuffs now. Yes, now. In my present life and I'm kinda use to it. It doesn't mean that I'm turning to be a drama queen right now, I'm not and I never wanna be one. This is silly.

By the way, I'm still hunting for a new book to read as we speak. I plan for Blue Blood series but I only have the e-book and I'm freakin lazy to read e-books. I wanna read a real book, my hands are kinda slippery holding MP4 player for a long steady time. Any suggestion? Not a weighty one, the range is about romance, fantasy and maybe a bit thriller like Hush, Hush is fine. But mostly it's gotta be romance and fun to read ;]

-- -- -- -- --

When I got my sanctuary back (finally!!), I'm back enjoying my self creating stuffs. This time is designing my blog layout. I wanna do that for a long time but I've never had a time and chance. So, yes, this blog will have a nu look sometime around. Just wait!

And not only this blog of course, I also design the other 2 blogs; my Review blog and my Fashion blog. They will also got a nu look.

Anyway, the weather is kinda weird these days but that's the point ;] I'm taking pictures of the sky in front of my house and collect them as a series. I'll submit them on Deviantart when they're ready. I need some more just so that it varies in some way. Stay tune then!

-- -- -- -- --

I'm done telling you my holiday story and now it's your turn to tell me yours. Just leave some comments okay? It'd be my pleasure to read one :]

Well, while I'm waiting for your story, I leave you with sort of photo-story of Mao's holiday. He loves to share it with you anyway :D Enjoy!

One of the Cold Night
One of the Cold Night

I'm Sleeping
Candid: I'm sleeping guys, get off!!

Sleep Tight Baby
Sweet dreams!


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