Monday, 20 April 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Why Blog About Books (Day-9)

Oh my God, this is not as easy as I thought it would be! Writing the 9th post feels difficult since I have to divide my time with my other blog and office last week was getting busier. Ugh! -_-*

But now, since I'm rather slow with office and my schedule for my beauty blog is done (at least for last week), I've decided to write here   to complete what I put off last week.

Today question is "Why do you blog about books?".

Well, I'm actually not a specialized blogger as in book blogger in this blog, Treasure Bag. I am a beauty blogger, but book blogger? Nah, I'm more like a book enthusiast. I like to read and share, but not as detail as I write about a beauty post LOL! :p

However, since sometimes I also write about books here, then there must be a reason behind it, right?

I like reading books, everybody who knows me well will know about this thing. Especially when they visit my house or stalk my Goodreads account :p But write about books in my blog is something new, to be honest. I get to share what I've read or (most of the time) what I've bought from the bookstores :D And that's fun! So fun.

I started to write book reviews years ago I couldn't even remember exactly when. I even started a review blog about books, movies and music but it didn't last long and I deleted it in the end. Because I couldn't keep up with it. End of the story.

Anyway, I maintain to continue what-so-called reviewing books here in Treasure Bag after reading Stefanie Sugia's blog, Bookie Looker. Somehow it motivated me to keep writing about books. And it also helps me escaping for a boredom of my beauty blog #Oops :p

Writing about books, specifically, has helped me to get back on my old hobby. I used to buy a lot of books and read them immediately (mostly) on the weekend. But as I grow older, this hobby is less likely to happen. Since I tend to go hangout with my boyfie or doing a photo shoot for my beauty blog in my spare time.

And now, I'm motivated to share what I've read (and bought, still LOL!) here on the blog because I have something to do other than photo-shooting for my beauty blog or write a review about a product. And writing about what I love (books) is fun, especially if the books are really good, that would be a plus and makes me write (or type, in this case) even faster ;)

I don't actually go out much, I go out when my boyfie asks me out or I need to go shopping something. So, aside from my full-time job, I spend most of my time blogging (and doing everything related to it). I got bored doing my beauty blog sometimes, since I write regularly and almost become a daily routine. You know, sometimes I just feel tired to do the same thing over and over again.

Then I need an escape, and there where blogging about something else lies; my other blog. Therefore, I decided to write about books since that's what I've been doing (and kinda on hiatus in a really really really long time) all this time ;) Yes, book blogging is my escape.


Alright, how bout you? Why do you blog or write about books on your blog? Do you have the same reason as I do? Go tell! :D

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