Thursday, 2 April 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Blogging Quirks (Day-7)

7th day! Wohoooo! :D

Boy it's not easy, as I thought it would be. Today's theme is what kinda habit I possessed during blogging. Well, I've been running this blog around 4 (or maybe 5?) years but yet it gained pageviews not more than a rookie. What a shame. Yeah.

Anywaaaayy, after several years of what-so-called-blogging, I finally now realize my vibe to blog. I blog (kinda) regularly these days since I own a themed blog (it's a beauty blog, FYI), which ease me to find inspiration. Because it's so easy, the topic each day is already set and I just have to be encouraged to write based on the schedule I've already made.

And now, here are my blogging quirks: 

1. I have a blogging schedule. I like organizing my activity and since blogging is a part of what I do lately, so schedule it is. I write the blog titles on a special journal for blog. Oh also, I run two blogs at the moment. It's easier for me if I put everything in order so I know what to do each day.

2. I have photo-session schedule, as well. There are some days in a week I have a photo-day, it's a day where I take pictures for the up-coming posts (usually a week forward). The schedule can be changed if the weather is not too friendly. Eek! :/

3. I'm easily bored with my blog's layout. I just changed it last week and the next week I'll feel 'Oh I missed it here, I missed it there', then I wanna change it already. They said I'm a fussy person, well, I guess they're right. Even though it's my own design, I feel like I still can do better. The boredom will fade away, eventually, but it takes a real something to convert my attention on something else than changing my just-changed blog layout.

4. Since I'm a moody person, it takes a damn courage to write regularly. This blog needs a donation, a donation of pity. Literally. I tend to neglect this guy because I'm kinda more focus on my other blog ;) This blog contains a lot of things (I love), therefore it becomes more difficult since sometimes I don't have things to write about or I just simply don't feel like writing it.

5. I need a theme to blog, I tend to be forgetful when it comes to personal posts. Still related with #4, I rarely write about daily life because, you know, I ain't a celebrity or a person with full-booked activity. My day is same old-same old, nothing weird in particular. I find it difficult to write something worth to blog about when it comes to my personal life. So, when I do, you're being lucky! ;)

6. I went blog-walking as a mood-booster, to blog. There's a moment when I'm lack of mood for blogging. I went to several blogs I found them interesting to read and got inspired. I can find anything that will trigger me to write a post. 

7. Picture(s): A must. Based on experience as a regular blog reader, I find it inconvenient to read a (especially long) post without anything to change focus on ( It's boring and tiring. Therefore, I try to never leave my posts without a single picture. Besides to help you understanding the story, they will pretty up the post, won't they? ;)


I don't think that I have so many special things when I blog, but maybe because I don't realize it. You can remind me up if you think that's a thing about my blog or the way I blog ;)

Alright, what about you? Do you think you have a special routine when you blog? 

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