Thursday, 23 April 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Choosing What to Read Next (Day-10)

Alright, 10th day, everyone! :D 5 more and we're done. Wish me luck ;)

Anywaaaays, in this 10th post, the question is about the way to choose the next book to read. Well, I've never thought there's such thing like a special method to choose what to read next, until I joined this challenge. LOL! :D

So, as you can guess, this kinda concept is purely new to me. And I don't think I have a specific way on choosing the next book to read. Or maybe I do?

When I bought a lot of books from a bookstore, I tend to read the thinnest one first. Usually comic books, then moved to the thin book and the thickest book will be the last to read. 

And when I bought books with different languages, I tend to choose the Indonesian books first. I don't know, I guess the idea to read something in my mother-language is somehow comforting. So, Indonesian it is.

This case makes me some kinda 'abandon' the English books I've bought before the Indonesian books. I have some books I bought from Periplus couple years a go and haven't read them till now :p Just because I have more interesting Indonesian books I just bought and they're more comfortable to read than the English ones LOL!

Alright, that's my way (or excuse?) in choosing the next book to read. Do you have a special method or maybe a list   like to-be-read list in a certain order   for choosing what to read next? Spill some! ^^

Have a nice day! :)

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