Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Brown Monkey

  • You are Brown Monkey, who can show great consideration for those around you, and can act promptly and effectively.
  • Although you may show tense nervousness, you try hard never to lose your dignity.
  • You have strong ego, and you are very sure and confident about yourself.
  • Although you look gentle, you can be strong minded.
  • You also possess inquiring mind, that is greater than any other person.
  • You keep your every day frustration and anger inside, and blow it all at once.
  • You should not keep your frustration inside, but talk and interact with people.
  • You are intelligent person, and acts quickly.
  • You have a talent in creating and coming up with new ideas.
  • You are a very passionate person.
  • You are good at give and take tactics.
  • You can act without hesitation, so you would be good as a leader.
  • You are rather competitive, and your character is like that of a man.
  • You may make a wrong move by relying too much on your instinct, and not taking into consideration the circumstance.
  • You should be careful not to make the means turn into aims.
  • Your effort and will is thought highly of, but if you get too heated up, you may lose your momentum.
  • You will be successful if you can leave a room in your heart.
  • Even after you get married, your attention may be set outside your house.

If you wanna try this on your own, you can click here. Good luck!


  1. it's looks like you're a very strong person, yours is like almost the opposite of mine!

  2. haha not really that strong actually


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