Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Washii doll Tutorial

Actually it's something I made to celebrate Earth Day last year by trying to reuse the magazine papers for something cute and unique and then I gave it to some dearest people in my life and they love it. So, I think I can share how I make it to everyone else through this tutorial now. It's very cheap and even you can earn some money by sell it on any festival or bazaar near you. Enjoy!


1. Scissors
2. Cutter
3. Glue
4. Marker (black and red)
5. Ruler
6. Pencil

1. Glossy magazine's papers (color/pattern)
2. Color paper: black
3. Poster board
4. Plain white paper (a small cut)
5. Ribbon with a small diameter (any color)

How to:

1. Make the doll's body from a poster board. Cut the paper until form a doll's body like the picture.
2. Now prepare the glossy paper for the kimono. This is the content of the kimono: inside kimono, outside kimono, kimono collar, sash, little sash. Use solid color paper for inside kimono, it has to be match with the outside kimono which will use pattern paper (solid will be fine). Paper for kimono collar will be used for sash as well and inside kimono use the same paper as small sash and hair pin. Make sure those papers enough for boths.
3. Stick the paper for inside kimono on the doll's neck, and make sure both the edge crossed.

4. Fold glossy paper in vertical way like in the picture, then put the doll on it and form its body to the paper (make sure the doll's hand not covered with the kimono). Kimono will be on 2 parts, top and bottom. Therefore, remain the same glossy paper to make the bottom. Put dots on the glossy paper to sign the neck part which will be cut till form 'V'.

5. Cut the glossy paper with cutter and ruler for a tidy cut, to form the front look of kimono (look at the picture). Make sure the back side of kimono has already up removed so that it won't be cut. Then, cut rounded the edge of kimono's sleves (look at the picture). Take on the kimono and stick it.
6. Glued the kimono collar on the neck (look at the picture) and also stick the bottom, start from the left. Fold the last edge till formed a pleas like in the picture.

7. Round the sash and stick it, make sure the edge stick on the back and the sash exactly round upon the kimono collar (look at the picture). Then round small sash right in the middle and make sure the edge stick on the back as well.

8. Write down your name on a small white paper as big as kimono collar, glued on the top and slip into the sash. Make sure you write your name in Kanji letters (vertically).
9. For the hair, fold a black paper in vertical way, just like the top of the kimono, form the head part and add a few mm the cut it (look at the picture).

10. Cut the front side to form the face shape like in the picture then take the wig on and stick it. The face is not too wide shown, but pretty wide horizontally.
11. Use the remain of the paper that you used for inside kimono and little sash and cut it like a ribbon and stick it on the wig, you may put it diagonally on the right side of the head or right on top.
12. Last, draw the eyes with the black marker and the lips with the red one (look at the picture).

13. For a nice and long-lasting doll, you can laminate it then cut the laminating piece till shaped the doll's body. Remain a few mm's on top, form a square and make a small hole with paper holder then tied a small ribbon on that hole.


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