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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Confession (Day-1)

Hi everyone,

Since I'm kinda (back) in for books lately and decided to start reading more books instead of wandering the internet with no specific destination #Oops, so I guess I'm gonna give this book-challenge a go. I found it (again) in Stefani Sugia's blog, The Bookie-Looker and it seems fun to do :D

I'm not a book blogger but since this challenge is kinda fun and looks different to me, I've decided to give it a try. However, I run two different blogs at the moment and I also have a full-time job, so I guess I'm not gonna post 15 days in a row but I'll make sure to do the all 15 posts. Wish me luck! *finger-crossed* :D

Here's the complete list of the 15 themes you gotta write as a challenge:

If you decided to join, you can use those list above as a guidance for the rest 15 days ahead ;) Oh, almost forget, this challenge was made by Good Books and Good Wine. Go pay a visit, will you? ;)

Alright, let's start challenge Day-1! :D

1. I recently love reading novels about magic and witches.
But only if the witches are girls (except Harry Potter) and, you know, everything about female witches which seems mysterious yet sexy in some ways. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but a girl (or a woman) who has a supernatural power is kinda cool in my opinion. It's like seeing my favorite superhero but in non-modern way ;)
2. I just started to read more books last year since I almost abandoned it for months (or years?). 
Reading is my hobby since I was a kid. It's because I've spent most of my time doing paper assignments, catching up with the peers and internet invasion, I lost my me-time of reading. Deep down inside, it's a sad fact. Now it's all over and I can have my me-time back since I've got not much to do. Work is rather slow and is not as hectic as I was back in college. Weird, huh? But it's true ;)

3. I'm hesitate to lend my books to my friends. 
I need to evaluate them first; whether they are a good book-keeper or not. I've once got my book dirty when I lent it to my junior-high friends and had the glue torn up when I lent it to my other junior-high school mate. I'm quite picky to lend which books to other ever since!

4. My first novel was Goosebumps, but I hate horror movies and any other horror books. 
It's kinda odd since my first novel I've read was the most popular horror/thriller novel of all history by R.L.Stine. I hate to watch horror movies (my little brother, is the opposite) and kinda hard to develop interest to read such genre of books. 

5. I rarely read books (especially novels) which written by men. 
I just realized it lately that I tend to buy books which written by female authors. It actually looks like a coincidence since the theme I'd like to read mostly written by women; romance/love, girly-life problems, magic (with female witches), young-adult love problems and everything similar. Not that I hate male authors, I still read some of their works but it's just not as many as the female's :) No, I'm not a feminist.

6. My first English novel was a young-adult book, I was a teenager at that time.
It was a romance book and it was on Sale in Gramedia, so I just took a chance while it last ;) Well, I wasn't in my early teen years when it happened. So, you can say that I was mature enough to read that book and it was actually age-appropriate for me. No, I bought it with my parent's money and they had no idea what book it was, until now :p

7. Well, non-fiction books drive me to sleep immediately.
Unless it has a funny or well-drawn illustration inside, non-fiction books will be like my college text-books which will make me fall asleep in an ease LOL! :D 

8. I used to stick reading-rules on the first page of my book collection.
I've learnt this trick from my elementary school mate; don't open the book too wide while reading since it will make the book doesn't look new anymore. You know, there's this white line on the cover on the glue area (on the left) when you open the book too wide, or worse; fold it to the back T.T. So I included "no open too wide" and no folding pages and keep the pages/books clean like ALWAYS! When I found my friends (who borrowed my books) didn't obey the rules, they lost the chance to borrow any books of mine again.

9. I plastic-wrapping all my books after I read it for the first time.
You know, it's like a privilege for reading brand new books without plastic covering the book cover. I can feel the book cover until I finish the book and that feels Royal! :D Well, right after I finished them, I will wrap them up with clear mica-plastic. So no one can touch the cover like I did! muehehehe

10. I hate slow-plot books.
There are some books which I hope I love but turned out I didn't because the plot is moving too slow. Anne Frank, Being Nikki, Size 12 is Not Big, The Lake of Dreams, Breakfast at Tiffany's are just a few of them. I end up not finishing the book since it's too boring for me and I don't wanna skimming it since I might lose some important details. There you go; dilemma-queen syndrome! 

11. I bought most of my books on the book stores.
Not that I hate online bookstores. It's just I'd prefer purchase books on the physical stores since there's this special feeling of picking up books from the shelf (and put them back, if they'r not interesting LOL!) and carrying them out with a big plastic bag :D Also, I'm a stationary junkie and most bookstores always have stationary section where I can wander around after book hunting ;)

12. I'm a picky reader when it comes to Indonesian books.
I know only several Indonesian authors whose books I've read and they turned out to be my favorite. Don't mean to underestimate whatsoever, it's just when I've once got dissapointed, I never look back. I've once read these cheesy books written by Indonesian authors and it was regretful. I only read Indonesian books by certain recommendation (and a lot of deep research). However, my favorite are Sitta Karina's (those characters feel so alive and sooo damn real!), Dewi Lestari/Dee's, Ika Natassa and our travel-writer superstar, Trinity :)

13. It's hard for me to read books by recommendation but the theme/genre is not my interest.
It happened for me once and two, and I still need to learn how to say 'No' and be pro-active about it. It always brings me guilt everytime people recommended a book they think it's great but I was kinda not interested, yet still brought it home in order to please the book's owner. Meh.

14. My dad forbade me to read comic books until I was (approximately) 3rd grade.
He said comic books made me lazy and stupid. Yeah, he was right! If I spent my whole childhood year reading comic books, I wouldn't join any of those favorite schools in town. I would be too busy reading comics LOL! :D The good thing is, I've read story-books more and I developed story-writing better than anyone else in my age at that time ;)

15. The one who introduced me to books was my father. 
He brought me to Gramedia about twice a month and I've become the book store's loyal customer ever since :D He never bought me toys I really wanted (for example: Barbie and its mansion/car/hair extension/boyfriend... you name it!), but he would go with me to pay a visit in my favorite book store. Anytime, everytime I've asked him. No matter we had to ride motorcycle under the heat or rainy days (FYI, we didn't have Gramedia in our city, so you have to go to Surabaya to see one). And went home with a happy heart because I've got piles of new books in my cabinet :D

Alright, that's all about me.
Why don't you start this Day-1 Challenge and see if you enjoy it? ;)

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  1. Glad you joined this challenge! :D I also plastic-wrapped my books after I read them :) Looking forward to the next one !

    1. Yes :D I'm trying to do something new other than writing beauty posts everyday, so I took this challenge ;) Thanks for stopping by, Stef! ^^

  2. me toooo, i love Goosebumps, walo bacanya sambil merinding disko kkk, ada filmnya juga kan... pernah sempet tayang di tv lokal
    @freddy_friday blog

    1. Iyaa ada filmnya jugaa! :D Dan sebagai fans Goosebumps aku juga rajin nonton itu sampai akhirnya diputus gitu aja sama si stasiun TV -_-"


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