Thursday, 26 February 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Blogging BFFs (Day-3)


Third day, people! Alright, today we're gonna talk about blogging BFFs. Well, I've never met any of my favorite bloggers or any bloggers whose blogs I've read regularly (or randomly LOL!). 

I've once met Trinity   she's a travel blogger, by the way   but I met her in a Meet & Greet kinda event with many other people :D So it can't be said that she's my blogging BFF, right? Other than that, I don't have any special relationship with other bloggers to be honest. We might be friends but not too deep as a best friend in real life :)

Trinity and my BFF, Sinta :)
However, I have a best friend who happens to be a blogger as well. She's my high school fella and we've been best mate ever since :') Her name is Sinta and you can peek on her travelling journey in her blog [ here ]. She likes to travel, obviously but she also likes to read books :D 

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  1. kebanyakan blogger yang hobi travelling itu kece-kece :))

  2. woohaaa...... :D
    thank you for tag me as your BFF!! *kiss kiss*

    doyan traveling, sesekali ngeblog, tapi bukan travel blogger. :D
    makasiih kiddo

    miss u :* :*

    1. Ayooo diseriusin mak blognya, mayan nambah temen baru lhoo ^^

      Miss you tooooooooo! xoxoxoxo


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