Friday, 8 April 2011

Mike Tompkins

I was actually looking for Takoyaki recipe on Youtube until this video came out at the sidebar.

It looks like a cool video first I saw it, it was the Teenage Dream-Just the way you are video of Mike Tompkins. Oh anyway, he's a beatbox man who plays Top 40 songs (even Miley Cyrus song!), which I think that's the cool thing about him. Beatbox men always play hiphop or rap songs as far as I know, so I guess this guy is different and he's pretty cool.

Moreover, you can see how funny his face is when he makes all that sounds (the cymbal part is the funniest, I tell you). Yes, you can watch how he makes the sound. All of them. And plus, he put them all in one good layout so it looks awesome. The other funny video of him is Party in the USA, yes, the one and only singer of this song: Ms. Miley Cyrus. His expression when he sang "So I put my hands up...", he literally put his hands up in a nerdy way which is very hilarious :D

I think he's basically a funny guy, he made all of his video in a fun fashion and I think that's entertaining. He's not only beatbox-ing, he entertains the viewer of his video. With the layouts, the songs and his expression (I know he did it unpurpose though).

Anyhoo, when I listened to the Misery video, it reminds me of Glee. You know, there's this episode where Blaine sang Misery by Maroon 5 with The Wabblers. They sang it accapella, I know it difference with beatbox-ing (or maybe not?). But it just hit me, somehow I found the similarity, maybe they didn't make the whole sounds instantly? Yeah, I guess so.

Well, it's too bad Mike didn't make many videos of him beatbox-ing another popular songs. Because I think he's really good doing that and I'd like to see him more doing his beatbox-ing.

You can check his videos on Youtube, simply type Mike Tompkins on the search bar and you'll find him. I mean, his videos :]


  1. saraaaa, thank you so much for the sweetest comments, it means a lot for me :)

    btw, I really love ur article, and the video is very amazing, Im not fans with ms cyrus hehehe


  2. Yes, he's a talented umm... musician? :D


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