Friday, 19 June 2009

Another cake story

It was Wednesday when I got a pretty long break before the next class. After the conecake that makes everyone jealous on me, then we--me, Cece and Mia--decided to bake one together. In the middle of the break time. It's like we had nothing to do than baking cupcakes :D

So, we went to Cece's home because she's the one who got the ingredients and stuff. Actually, we baked cakes with instant ingredients. It's like a powder you use to make ice cream or stuff like that. You just need a big bowl, a glass of water and a mixer.

Charlie's Angel in action

And I did the whisking, Cece prepared the cones, cups, pan and Mia? She watched us working ahaha. No, she's the photographer for some parts and pour the batter to the cones and cups and the tester for the chocolate top and the first tester for the cake. Basically, she's the tester :]

Considering we got only plenty of time, that's why we did it instantly. And the result wasn't really that bad unless the cake was too spongey or whatever. I didn't feel sure when Cece didn't measured the water, she just spilled it out into the bowl and we thought it was enough. Well, I never bake cakes instantly, so don't blame me. Then, I whisked the powder and the water for about a few minutes (I don't even remember how long) until we all got worried because it turned like foaming and flowering. So, I stopped whisking and checked the batter with a chopstick Cece gave me. It was pretty soft and I think it's enough, though I knew it's too light for a cake batter.

After that, we poured the batter to the cups and the cones. Delivered the pan to the microwave and we worked on the second round. Sometimes we checked the cakes and it was pretty odd because they need a quite long time to turn brown and gold. We started to worry again -,-'

And the worry's like keep haunting us or whatever. When Cece melted the chocolate in microwave, the chocolate didn't melt like it should be. She put it back and added the timer into about 5 minutes. It finally melted and we added some milk--Cece added CONDENSED milk for God's sake! and added also with frozen choco cream and I don't know how it tasted.

When first-round-cakes were ready, we tried one and opened the cup to see how the instant ingredient works. And you know what, we apparently didn't bake cakes. we baked BREAD, hear me? it was a bread and not cakes. That's why it felt like foam and flowering like hell. I checked the picture on the box and yes, the texture is just exactly like what we got. However, it's still taste like something we can eat at least :D

It was 11 am and we got only 30 minutes to get ready and back to campus (considering we still have the next class), so we cleaned it up and packed the cakes in 2 medium lunch box. We intended to give it for our beloved besties as celebrating Dinda's birthday (Dinda is one of BLM girls), and lucky us it was exactly enough for all of them.

So, the lesson here is never ever use instant ingredients for baking cakes because it won't be delicious as you bake it manually. And please, please, please, prepare everything before you start baking anything--not only cakes. You may experiment on some parts but don't do it too much or you'll get a freaky flavor in your cake. Baking cakes (or basically any desserts) is about serving the best meal for your tongue. You don't wanna dissapoint your tongue, do you?


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  1. eh anak sby juga yah?? sby mana nih?? salam kenal ya, aku jg anak sby. ada fb nggak?? bls di blogku yahhh (kalo mau sih)


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