Monday, 4 August 2008

Quality Time

I've been back on-line for the first time in forever and trust me it made me healthier these days :D

Well, I wasn't going anywhere actually, just sitting around in front of TV or my notebook and wrote some stories or continued the old ones. You know, common things people have in a holiday (except the writing part), lots of sleeping, day-dreaming, drawing etc. But this holiday, I spent almost all my time with my family. Surely I don't enjoy doing the household things, but I did love when I hang-out with my mom. We did gardening, shopping, baked some cookies and cake and we even visited my grandmother. It's just all fun!

I also have fun with my little brother, he loves playing DinerDash2 or The Scruffs or any games in my notebook. It makes us close to each other. Oww, FYI, I don't live with my parents about 5 days a week because I live in another city, so that my brother seems like miss me so much, that's why he likes to spend some time with me :]. There's one day when I gotta help him doing his art project. Well, I gotta admit that I'm good at drawing so I offered him a sketch for his project then he can do it by his own in a different paper. He finished drawing but he had no enough time for coloring, I offered my help again. Well, in my days (long way a go for God's sake!), I did all my projects by my own. My parents didn't even care about it, I mean, they just supported everything that I need (such as money or the materials) but not help me doing the project. So, lucky you my dear brotha! We did coloring till my fingers felt like dying and my eyes going to turn down a.k.a I need to sleep soon. However, I enjoy coloring with my little brother because somehow it reminds me to a moment in my past when I gotta drawing yet coloring a lot :] (that moment successfully makes me proud with the way I am today).

But, I also got bad things in this holiday. Shit happens, yanno. I lost my lovely little bunny, Milo. He's gone forever and I got a bad grave for almost a week. And my mother deleted all -yes, ALL- of Milo's pics on her gallery and I was so shocked and sad to know the fact that I can't see his face anymore. I'm still feel a grave a lil bit right now, but still, I try to let him go :[

And I spent my time almost a week doing nothing in hospital, because my grandma got sick and since everyone's busy with their job and everything then I'm the one who has no duty to do finally got a duty to take care my grandma in hospital. Well, eventually it's like make me -seriously- realize that we're all going to be old and so weak and in the end, nobody will save us but God. I got a spiritual talks again since I did it soooo rarely these last months because of the damn hectic days that successfully break me down.

Anyway, this off-line thing I did because I just wanna test my self whether I deadly addicted to internet. FYI, I'm still on-line in a time which I supposedly not going on-line so that I can be focused and everything. But now, shit changes and I proudly tell ya that I can live without internet for almost a month but I guess I can't help it for more than that :] It's just I can't live without hanging my life on Google, it's like my everything right now.

Well, that's it. There're sooo much quality times I've got from my holiday and I'm getting some good experience and got my besties's times back :] It's just dead relieving, you know. So, I'm back now and I'm ready to rock this cyber world again. Beware, folks!

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