Friday, 20 June 2008

Live in a box full of Friends

It's funny at first because I didn't know that I deserve, that I deserve to get what they give me. I've never been in a condition when so much love fallen for you. I've never been in a place when somebody really needs you, when somebody do really care about you. Honestly I've never been in such a wonderful place like that.

It's all happened last year. I met lots of various kinda people. I left a bunch but then I got millions. It's interesting and contains lots of fun to know them all. I just realized that people's characteristic is an interesting thing to learn about. I start to open my self, knowing people more and more, being kinda friendly and always trying to be warm to the new people I just knew. Because honestly, I'm even worse than a Vampire.

Then time goes by and I finally know who I can going out with and I got shocked by some girls who -let me tell you- just found to be my true friends. I used to live in a place where sunlight couldn't come through. I'm afraid of light--spotlight, I hate being in the middle of the crowd, I was crazy of being lonely, I avoid everybody just so they don't need to know the real me cause I'm so shy of people. Now, the light is like my new bestfriend. The warm feeling my friend's gave makes me comfortable with the way I am. Makes me do the same to other people, share the warm feeling.

I know now that it's okay to be this way, it's fun to be warm and opened, it's fine for the light shining on me. And in this new way, I even got something I never guess it would happen before. Something beautiful and of course fun. Perhaps, I need to thank to the circumtances which have already put me on this. And let me say, all hail my lovely friends and angels. You're the puzzle pieces who built me up into one full body of soul.

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