Monday, 2 March 2009

Separated Twins

Hmm twins, this word means one thing for sure, similiarity. Even though I heard each human has 7 twins in this world or sometimes I feel like a twin with my besties but I'm quite sure that I have a twin gene with my lil brother. FYI, I'm the first child in my family and I have 2 lil bros. So which my lil bro? The last one. Weird huh? I know :]

We have lotta same things in common and I feel so fun chit chat with him. Even my theory is supported by a proof of zodiac says. It says, a good partner of Virgo (me) is Taurus (my little brother). Nevermind.

My father even told me that we're really look a like. The way I lived when I was a kid almost the same as my lil bro does. Ok, I'm gonna tell you what the similiarity we have and share for heaven's sake. Check this out:

  1. We love collecting stuffs
  2. We love to play
  3. We love jokes
  4. We love tidiness
  5. We have the same way of thinking
  6. We have the same passion of finding knowledge
  7. We hate hot and spicy foods
  8. We love sweets
  9. We love books
  10. We love drawing
  11. We love Hannah Montana :]
  12. We are the huge fan of Disney Channel
  13. We are independent
  14. We have a strong will to get what we want
  15. We are a great dreamer

Considering those I mentioned above are the good things, now I'm telling you the not-good ones. Read on:

  1. We are stubborn
  2. Hard to believe in things/people
  3. Kind of shy person
  4. Easy to distract (by our fave things)

Hmm we got the negative things in a very small numbers than the good ones (isn't it awesome or what?). It's because I have the different type of personality than him however. Based on body tipology (Greek), I'm defined as Sanguine-Melancholic person and my lil brother is a Phlegmatic-Melancholic person. This category definitely separated us to different kind of person. I like doing things quickly and my brother likes the opposite. Besides, we come from different gender anyway. So, I can't say we're identical twins, we're just the same-brain and habit twins. Does that kinda twins even exist?

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