Monday, 9 March 2009

5 Women

1. Agyness Deyn. Supermodel, a vocalist of a rock band and she's so stunning. Haha. She's too perfect to be described. You'd better see her on your own and you may tell me your opinion then :]

2. Hayley Williams. A type of girl-power strenght she has. Definitely, definitely my role model. My Guru :] Her voice is awesome and wonderfully (what kinda word is that?!) fits with the rock band she is in. She looks strong like a rockstar but in the other way she still keep the cute-matter in her self as a girl. I wanna meet her, seriously.

3. Keira Knightley. Although I know I can't be that pretty (that high cheek-bone is the #1 factor for sure), but I know she's adorable :] She's a good actress and always stunning anywhere she is. I love her English-accent and I tell you, I imitate it everytime I watch 'Pride and Prejudice' :D

4. Gwen Stefani. This mother is my role model when I'm getting married and have babies in the future. She's still 'Gwen from No Doubt' though she has a kid and a new born baby who need to look after so much. She doesn't look fat but yet doesn't seem she work that hard (like you know who) to be that skinny. She just acts normal like the way she is now is usual and normal to happen.

5. Anna Sui. Creative, super-creative! I love all her stuffs and I like her cosmetics look (even though I never buy it, just the Dolly Girl perfume). It's cute yet elegant. She is.....just creative :]


  1. ur BLOG is very2 amazing!
    makasih yach dach ngasih comment baca juga dong, TRAGEDI MATI LAMPU
    keep surfing okay :)

  2. hahahha,, parfume ku juga dolly girl.. kok kita banyak kesamaan ya.. tapi kok kamu masih kecil... ini kamu yang dewasa.. atu aku yang kekanak kanakan..

    btw.. i like ur writings...

    trs aku ndak suka kiera e.. dia terlalu kurus,.. bahunya terlalu lebar... dan mukanya kotak... dan dia anoreksia....

    however i like her accent too..

  3. Dolly girl aku udah pake dari jaman SMA :D

    Lucu aja botolnya tp smp sekarang belum dapet jg yg botol asli :[ *biasa beli yg ilegal*

    Sekarang sih lagi pake yang Fancy, trus lg pengen Dolly girl yg warna putih. Sebenernya pengen koleksi botol Dolly Girl satu set gitu kn lucu *dasar maruk!*

    thank you :]

    Kiera... yeah lama2 emg dia makin kurus. Aku baru tau kalo di anorexia mbak... Bukannya emg dia kurus gt yaa ? hoho


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