Tuesday, 10 March 2009

BLM photo shots part.1

all shots by Ridzki

Well, those are some pictures I grab from my 2nd photo shot with BLM girls last month. We took those beautiful pictures in two different places. The one with the green grass, rail and train is in Train Station Sidotopo. And the other one with antique and vintage views are in House of Sampoerna. Both are in Surabaya.

Honestly, I never visited those places before and felt so amazed at the first time. I imagined how many poses and shots we could get in there. It must be good for any photo shoot purpose.

In this first part, I will post some photos taken by our guest photographer. FYI, we hired a real photographer (and he brought his two assistants) for the REAL photo shot and actually we 'have' our own photographer who went with us as well :] So, we got 4 photographers at the time :]

I'm gonna post some photos from the MASTER at the next posting. Enjoy this one!

P.S.: we've got lots of photo but I can't post 'em all here so if you wanna check out the other photos, you can visit my Deviantart page. Thanks!


  1. pertamaxxxxxxx...!! hehe :D, ngepostnya malem2 ya bu.. :)

  2. @ Bella
    thank you :]

    @ Anonymous
    sapa yaa ini ?? kok ga ada namanya .

  3. biar kere, tetap kece hahahahhaha
    desain kamu amazing, great, spectakuler

  4. i really want go to house of sampoerna!!, kelihatan rame bgt, kalau kita tinggal dekat saya bersedia foto kamu gratis :D, salam buat teman2 kamu yaa, they look amazing

    p.s masalah yang kemarin gimana ?, udah bisa lihat update blog saya lagi

  5. oh wow sara! the photos are wonderful =D

  6. love your photos ;D

    i never go to surabaya again since i was in kindergaten hehehe

  7. wah photo di HOS,,,

    mau nak,,, kapan2 kita kesana,,, photo kluarga ya nak,,, hohoho,,,

  8. @ MyWorldIsMyLife
    yaa trus pake kebaya gitu yaa ahaha


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