Monday, 1 December 2008


I've been writing lots of description about my self, but I think it's never been enough. Besides, I don't like telling people what or who I am. I'd prefer people make an assessment about me in their opinion based on what I did. And now, it doesn't mean that I change my opinion or what, I just wanna tell you some facts about me so that you know me better or even complete the information about me :]

My alter-ego name and I love that name. It doesn't tell you that I hate my own name or what, I just don't like my personal life being exposed here. So, only a few people in this cyberspace know my real name because they're my friends or my family. So, don't hesitate to call me Sara here okay :]

I know this holy thing since I was in kindergarten. This special gift I have was like being explored and controled at the time. I just need to make sure my self that this is my thing. I can do it better everytime and I'm good at it. And now, I know that I always adore every artworks that human's created and fallen for any artworks created by God. The way I love art might be different, I won't describe how but it's just always gimme a new life, a new inspiration and a new breath to take.

It's kinda a habit for me now. My father always invited me to go to a well-known bookstore in this country, Gramedia, since I was little. It was like a playground for me at the time. He left me in kids section and he went to Economy section him self. I don't remember how exactly it started but all I know is I always feel encourage to grab book as many as I can right after I see them :]] Especially, books with pictures on it. Apparantly, this book-freaks habit sent me to another gift. My secondary school teacher showed me, indirectly. The next thing I realized is I'm good at writing. And I'm sure I can do something with this conventional thing.

This is an incidental choice I made actually. I'm studying Psychology in a well-known university in Surabaya, Airlangga University. Yeah, now I believe that God always have a plan for you, never ever doubt it! Something I never guess I would into it but now it's like I'm really greatful God sent me to know this subject. It turns me into someone undercontrol or something like that. Seriously, it changes the way I'm thinking about people right now. Of course in a good way.

Well, I was stupid at computer thing when I was in elementary school. Then everything's change since I knew internet. I always love new things and internet is like feeding me, you know what I mean. And the last thing I know is I'm addicted to internet till I need some kinda theraphy which I did by my self to prove that I can't live without it. At least for a month. It's fun to know, to find, to realize that something happen in the other side of this world. Something you never guess would happen in this world, internet will prove it to you that it is happened.

I love animals, my parents didn't teach me to afraid of animals even though my mother is an Ophidiophobia. That's why I disagree any animal skin using for clothes. I against any animal hunting, especially extinct animals. They deserve this world and the O2 like human deserve. I own a giant rabbit named Snowy and I owned some younger ones named Milo, Kiko and Gigi. Actually Snowy had a partner named Louie but he died years a go and I had lots of bunnies before but because I didn't know how to take care young rabbit so well then they died. And finally, the only rabbit left is Snowy who just celebrated her 4th birthday this September.

I don't know many people well, because I'm an introvert person but I have some fellas that I love so much. I'm trying to be good to people right now, don't ask me what I did before. I was worse than a vampire trust me. There are some people who saved my life from a destruction and a dark life forever. They've open my mind indirectly and I finally open my self to everyone, but still, I'm not gonna send my self into an over-exposed spot. Basically, I'm still the same person. I'll avoid spotlight as hard as I can. Say, I work behind the scene.

Yes, I do. Even though I don't join any environtment-care-organization but I plant it on my mind. I mean, I start it with my self. The world is changing right now people! You wanna lose it or keep it till you grand-grand-grand...grand-children still see the same earth like we have. If you don't care why the sun seems so hot or even the rain drops looks like ice, then you need to ask your self: are you human or alien? Please don't do anything wasted or sucking up the green environtment.

I hate talking about anything not today though my personality categorized me as an organized-mind person. There's a moment when I'm stuck in the past but I love remembering the nice memory I have. In the other hand, the days in the future is my favorite thing to imagine yet a nightmare for me. It's just I'd prefer to face the day I realize my consciousness right now than the one in the past or even in the moment when I can image my self wearing high heels or whatever.

I don't share my personal information on the internet (phone number, address etc.), except you're my very very good friend or I know you so well. I don't do chatting so much so don't ask my YM/MSN address, because I don't chat with strangers. Just talk with me here or on Friendster/Myspace.

Hope you complete anything you wanna know about me by reading this shit. But don't bother to ask me if you need more.

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