Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Oh look, Demetria Nikki!

This question might has been hanging in your head since months a go. Well, since I've started to put this in almost every account in the internet. And now, I wanna explain the reason why I use this pretty name instead everything. Read it carefully.

It's all started from a funny quiz on Twitter. Maybe you've familiar with these kinda quiz, the ones entitled "What is your character in Hannah Montana?" or "How good you know Twilight?" and stuff like that. Yes, I took 2 of those quiz, it was "What is your secret name?" and "What should you be named?". I got both a cool name like Nikki for the first question and Demetria for the second one. I grab 'em all and put it all together as one complete name, Demetria Nikki.

I've drawn iconic character sketches lately, my own design and I plan to use it like Fifi Lapin. I named her Sara Luv at first, you know, put 'me' matter in it so I use my name and 'Luv' sounds something cute and I love (read: luv) every single thing my character wears. So, in every sketches I always titled Sara Luv in a celebrity name. Such as Sara Luv in Demi Lovato or Sara Luv in Taylor Momsen. I've once put it with Designer's name but it didn't match and my drawing was so terrible so I stop drawing designer's style and prefer to put celebrity's wardrobe on my character.

Until one day, I wanted to draw something for celebrating Eid. I planned to draw my character on a greeting card and send it to my friends. Everything settled unless a name. Name for my character. Sara Luv didn't sound so good for me, not great enough for representing the character I've drawn on the greeting cards. And it's just like that! I took that quiz and it sounds fit to the character I've made, also inspires me to create my own character design till now.

art 2

So, yeah, Demetria Nikki is a character's name designed by me. If I'm asked about this name, I always say it is a brand's name. My brand. Well, I could call it a brand too because it represents something. Besides me, it represents a particular style and a work of art.

art 1

FYI, the style of Demetria Nikki are simple, rock chic, mostly monochrome, a bit sweet and urban. Adopted from street fashion and inspired mostly by Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel, Aggynes Deyn, and Kirsten Dunst (it's my style as well, by the way). But sometimes I also put any cool celebrity's style such as Demi Lovato or Taylor Momsen for instance, just anybody in those glossy magazine ;]

right 2

The funny thing about this name is Demetria is the name of my favorite singer, Demetria Lovato a.k.a Demi Lovato and Nikki, I always wanna be named Nikki since I was a little. Well, not exactly like that, my favorite name is Nicky and lucky me it seems to be my secret name (in a different form) :D

I write this post so that you understand why I didn't put sararocks like I used to. It's one of the way I call it self-branding ;] Because, yes, I have a dream to use it as a trademark and as you all know, a brand. Wish me luck!


  1. are they using a jilbab/scarf?

    aq jadi salah satunya yah,, hehe :D

  2. Iyee, udah jelas2 pk jilbab gitu lhoo. Ga bisa, semua namanya Demetria Nikki. Kn udah gueh jelasin tuh di atas kalo itu nama karakternya mak darling -____-"

  3. aww these are so thoughtful! really nice dear

  4. Awww thank you very much, dear Millie :D


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