Wednesday, 5 November 2008

5 Men

1. Chad Michael Murray. I fallen for him since the first time I watched A cinderella's story (staring with Hilary Duff who I wish she were me!). He's just a typical man I wanna spend my life with ahaha. I mean it. Too charming to be destroyed I guess :] *why he has to be destroyed anyway?*

2. Johnny Depp. A very talented and I believe he'd better called a great actor. From Captain Jack and then Willy Wonka. The characters he played are always bold and deadly different. People will say: 'it couldn't be Captain Jack' when you watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That's what I would call 'A Great Actor'.

3. Zac Efron. I know, I know...he's too High School Musical or whatever but I love him haha *sorry Vanessa but it's true*. I think he's typical guy who'll treat you like a little puppy. I'm in love with his eyes and his smile. Gosh!

4. Adam Levine. Whoa I know it's kinda adult thing to say but Adam Levine represents a guy, you know, a guy every woman wants :] Typical of bad boy looks and something about his eyes will hypnotized any woman he meets ahaha.

5. Andy Warhol. I always adore his artworks and I have some of his pics (artwork) since I was in high school. His works is inspired me to create some artworks on my screen. He's just creative and inspirative.

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