Monday, 5 December 2011

Still alive, pretty much

Yes, healthy and crazy as I am. Hello again! I don't feel like writing that much right now, so I guess the pictures below will tell you the story. Enjoy! :D

wisuda mia + peni
wish I'm gonna be the next fresh graduate in 2012. AMEN!

Bo 01
This guy named Kaisar Bo-San, or you can just call him, Bo :D

Bo 02
He's my best birthday gift I've ever had (ssstt... it's from God)

Bo 03
He'd like to say 'hello', but he's too sleepy to do that. Maybe next time ;)

surprise anty
Total surprise from my bestie, Anty :)

This is what keeps me busy lately

Thank God I have them! :D

Beyond the smile

tyas 01
tyas 02
A little hang out :D

hanamasa 01

hanamasa 02

hanamasa 03
hanamasa 04
Hanamasa. All the hard works, it's all over and thank God I have this incredible people around to work with me


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