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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | How I Shop For Books (Day-6)

The most favorite part of this challenge! Shopping! :D

Book shopping is even more relaxing than makeup hauling, for me ;) I don't know, I think it's because shopping for books has been an old activity I've learned since I was a little kid and makeup shopping just happened quite recently for the last couple years of being a young-adult.

Going shopping is divided into two kind of way; online and offline. I kinda do both. I just have to consider which way is cheaper LOL! ;)

To make this post more useful (and longer), I'm gonna write where I go shop for books as well. Here comes the list...

This is the first bookstore I've ever been to. My dad used to take me here when I wanted to do some book haul when I was a little girl. But today, I go to this bookstore everytime I visited a mall with this shop in it :D Gramedia is the place where I can find books which aren't sold in Togamas. This bookstore is so big it sells so many books from so many publishers, even the small ones. You can get any kind of books here. You can find imported books and magazines as well but not many. 

Or Petra Togamas  the branch which I often pay a visit, is the bookstore which claimed its self as A Bookstore with Discounts ("Toko Buku Diskon" in Indonesian). It has quite a complete collection of books, almost as many as Gramedia. Too bad I can't find some books from certain publishers in this bookstore. This bookstore is my favorite because it gives you quite a generous discount for all books. No, not that little 5% or 10%. It starts from 15% and the biggest I've got was 50%. For all books you can find in the store. It sells imported books recently but not the popular nor the new ones, but it sells the latest imported magazines. You can get teenVOGUE and TIME in this bookstore.

I always wanna buy something from this store since I was a kid. My dad said that this store sells English books which I couldn't read by my self at that time. And even as a teenager (with obviously a poor English understanding) I wanted to buy something from this cozy place, but I couldn't because the price range is still out of my league. Now, things get better (ehem!) and I have my own salary (which I can spend on anything I want #Oops), I finally can buy something from this store :D It held Year-End Book Sale annually and I never miss a chance to pay a visit every year for that special days ;)

I don't actually enjoy purchasing books online since the feel of touching and picking up various kind of books (and put them back in :p) is irreplaceable. However, there are times when purchasing books out of physical bookstore get even cheaper and I just can't miss that LOL! :D bukabuku is the first online bookstore I've ever purchased from. It has good service and web system (the tools are easy, user-friendly) and they offer quite a great deal for some books.
I prefer buy books through real physical bookstore, as I said earlier. However, sometimes online bookstore has great better deal when it comes to Sale. Bugger! offers more discounted books than the physical stores. Therefore, I often drool over some books with huge amount of sale tag on it :D I've purchased from the web once and what makes me worry is the shipping estimation. It's exaggerating in my opinion. I bought a book (on Sale) and the estimation was around 3 weeks, it's like purchasing from Amazon or overseas. I've asked about this on Periplus' Twitter and he/she said it's because the book needs time to arrive in Jakarta's headquarter. While I thought it's ready stock, here, in our beloved country. And turned out that I've only waited for regular 3-5 days of shipping. What the heck was the 3 weeks for?!


In the end, wherever the bookstores are, as long as it offers great deal, I'd be happy to spend time wandering around and purchase some ^^

How about you?
Do you have any favorite bookstores?
Do you prefer online or offline bookstores? 

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  1. sukak sukak,,, suka baca *yang enteng2 aja siih* :D
    heeuuummm.... kalo jaman2 dulu siih sukanya ke uranus, tapi semenjak ada togamas, jadi doyan togamas. gramed bagus banget, tapi yg ada diskon miring banget ya di togamas :P

    onlen apa oflen? baru sekali sih nyoba onlen, enak juga gak ribet di toko buku. ada diskon sih, tapi diskonnya jadi gak keitung gara-gara ongkir. -_-'

    1. Doeng! Aku kok baru inget Uranus yakk hahaha Dulu aku juga sukanya ke situ mak, sebelum ada Petra Togamas. Di situ komiknya lebih lengkap dibanding Gramed hehehe Tapi karena sekarang Togamas ga beda jauh sama Uranus, jadi pilih yang deket aja lah :D

      Gramed aku sukanya ke situ beli buku2 yang ga ada di Togamas, terbitan Gagasmedia tuh ga ada di Togamas :/ Sama stationary yang lucu2, tapi Togamas belakangan udah mulai banyak varian stationary-nya :))

      Bener! Ongkir jadi bikin diskon tak terasa #nasibjauhdariDKI :(


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