Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Good Series Come to an End

Hi guys,

Today I wanna tell you my sad story. It feels like a coincidence but it's a bad thing, that's why it's sad for me :( 

I know it's barely possible for you to remember about how enthusiastic I am for watching some series that I love. Well, you can read the post [ here ] actually.

FYI, if you've been missed out the news lately, Lie to Me has been cancelled. So did The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Animal Practice, No Ordinary Family, Bunheads, SMASHJane by Design, The Carrie Diaries and the latest and the most shocking one: Witches of East End.

I mean, they were long list of my favorite TV Shows and they've cancelled it! Darn it! :|

Most of them left us with a cliffhanger, which gave you hope for another season but they've just cut it off and didn't shoot for new ones. I mean, why did they have to do that to all of my favorite shows? The story wasn't even finished yet! >.<

The only series I can accept is over is No Ordinary Family. The problem was solved and no other mystery but of course they left us with a string, hopefully would connect for stories in another season. But again, it didn't make it to next season.

And why Witches of East End is the most shocking one? It's because the story has just begun to get serious and the plot is twisted here and there but that's the art of TV Show, right? So I guess they have to do plot-twisting someday around some episodes. Back to the topic, I do love this special series since it's about witches and we don't get that a lot on TV.  Vampires   you name it! (), Zombies (), but not Witches :(

There are some series I stop watching since they got too long and no resolution for the characters (the plots have twisted too much) or the story simply doesn't entertain me anymore. Say, I quit watching Pretty Little Liars, I've only watched a half of the season then I've decided to "let it go". The story seems always in a surprise phase and yeah, I admit that viewers love surprise but not in every episode. There's a moment when you have to tell the resolution for the characters and not doing too much plot-twisting to make your story interesting.

I also stop watching The Originals since I think it gets too flat and didn't surprise me much. So does New Girl (sorry, Zooey!), I don't know, it's funny but it's not that funny anymore. It's more like silly, foolish story with a low speed of plot-twisting (in the other hand). Same thing happens to Surbugatory as well, it's not working for me too. I've enjoyed the first and second season but that's it, I don't think I wanna continue to watch the next season. I just don't think I enjoy the shows more like the first time I've watched them.

Modern Family
I do stop watching Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory (for a while), but not because they're boring or plot-twisted too much. I believe these two won't go anywhere and their stories are ever lasting. I don't have to follow the whole season to understand the story, I can pick up any episodes and enjoy the story :) It's just I try to finish some series one after another so it won't get overwhelmed. (I'm gonna back at you guys as soon as I'm finishing the current shows. Promise!)

The other sad thing besides cancelled TV Shows is Season Finale for some great series. And here are some of them *sobs*: Glee (airing next year) and Parenthood

This is more like heart-breaking, really. Glee is my favorite TV Shows, ever! I know so many old songs I've never been familiar before through this series. I've learnt to sing another version of songs through this series (while I used to do that before via Youtube, FYI). I love to watch movie with singing and dancing involved, and this series provides me all of them! But it has to end :'(

Next, Parenthood. You have no idea how much I love this show. It's about a big family and I can totally relate to them since I also have a big family and we're all close to each other. Just like the characters. I've learnt so many things about adulthood and dealing with awkward family situation. I mean, this show has taught me a lot. But yeah, unfortunately they have to end as well :|

I don't wanna offend anyone else, but I've read that Witches of East End will be replaced by another criminal TV Show. Well, I guess we have enough for that kinda TV shows, don't you think? You can find them in almost every channel and those series that have been cancelled have a unique point in their story since they're different to each other. They're all have great stories to tell. I think we should embrace that instead of following the trend.

Well, it's just a point of view from a viewer like me. I'm no way named TV sponsors, so I have no power over controlling the decision. I just wanna express how dissapointed I am with some series for being cancelled, ended or plot-twisting too much. I wish they will come back again someday *finger-crossed* ;)

Do you have any TV Shows which have been cancelled?
What TV Shows do you think should be cancelled or improve the story?

Let me know below! xo


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