Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Like Confucius used to say

Well, many of you might be curious what job I'm actually doing right now. Since it's quite a mystery for some people and ain't obvious for others. If you're smart enough and claim your self a real stalker, you might have the (correct) answer by now, by tracking my linkedIN account and not guessing where did I get all the money for fashion shopping and books feeding all this time.

Again, you may have a bigger pride than a tiny little stalker (which is quite popular today as a hobby and side job). That's why I decided to tell you instead, so you don't need to wondering what I'm doing anymore.

The most common question I've been asked when I met my old friends was, "Where are you now?" and the most common answer I've told them was "At home".

You know what, I wasn't joking around. I'm serious, well, I might be smiling when I said that but it's just because I wanna be friendly and not that Joker always teases you about, why-so-serious face. Yes, I work at home, sitting on a pillow in the living room or lying on my bed in my bedroom while using my laptop. Sometimes I grab some snacks and my favorite beverages with me, so I won't skip my lunch or dinner (or hold it for a while, until I'm finished with my work). In case you wanna know ;)

A job
I know the answer "At home" can be interpreted as not having a job yet a.k.a unemployed, but in my case, I'd say I'm not in the idea of working like most people do; get dressed, leave early, sit behind the desk and have some files to be done. My job right now is more like a hobby, you can say it as my passion (I guess). It may not an ideal job like most (old) people think it is, because it's not a full-time job and you can't tell (and show off) to others what job I'm actually doing since, yes, it's hard to explain. But I'm enjoying this job. Like, a lot :)

How about comfort zone? Did you leave your mother-zone or what--?

A Perfection
I did. I do stuffs which are out of my educational base can cope for, I've never learned it before and it's totally new. I may have some basics for this job but still in the lowest level and I need to develop it regularly to catch up with the world. So, it's basically my self-skill development, with payment ;)

Why do you seem so busy and working all the time? It's so hard to meet you in person!

I don't mean to be snob or anything, but I do more than one job right now. That's why it costs most of my time. Don't worry about my spare time or holiday, I've got it cover already. I'm a Virgo, remember? :) And I used to work (with most of my clients) by email, I talk and discuss the jobs through the internet due to the distance yet my schedule and they're fine with it. So, if you need to see me face to face, you're gonna be in a long list aligned with my work and projects. Sorry for that. I recommend you to save your last weekend day for me, if it's really urgent and I'm the only person you can ask :D #peace (you can ask and check this to my significant other, anyway)

Why working at home?

Why not? :D I know it sounds annoying but I can't help it ;) Well, I don't like doing boring things or being in an under-pressured job with a devil boss or terrible incentives. Mostly important, I'm not a morning person. Working or getting busy in the morning will give me bad mood and it will ruin my day unless I find something fun during the work, which I doubt it would happen in a conventional job. I don't wanna complain about my boss or my work environment at the (every) end of the day. Well, I might have done that for couple times, but I don't have to deal with the same person everyday like if I go to work in an office, right? So, I hope you got my point anyway.

What is your job?

A Single Step
This may be the end of this post and the last question to end up your freakin' curiosity, I hope. 
  1. I'm a contributor. I work for two technology base web portals, one is in Malang, Indonesia and the other is in Bath, England. I write Photoshop tutorials (mostly) and some design related articles which can help people with the same job as I am to deal with their works. You can select the title of my articles you wanna read by checking out the list I made on the sidebar of this blog (look on your right), or you can follow my twitter and LIKE my fanpage to get my latest articles while they're still hot :D
  2. I'm a graphic designer. Yes, this has been my dreams since I was a teenager and I have done some dream projects which I've only imagined years ago. I do create several design for many occasion and products (well, not that many but thank God, it's increasing). I may don't have an official portfolio web or page you can peek to, but if you're serious and interested with my skill, I will send you through email (it's an ebook). Just let me know ;)
  3. I teach English in a local English course. This is one of my little dreams which most people may not know. Like I said above, I'm doing a self-skill development. This job requires me to speak English in most of my time, to everybody. I don't have much opportunity to practice my oral skill since the only person I can talk to is my little brother and we don't meet (or talk) that often (blame the school's crazy schedule). So, teaching English is kinda way to distribute my need of speaking in one of my favorite foreign language (other than Indonesian). And let me tell you something, I have a fun time teaching other people (mostly kids) this international language. Not only that I share what I know with others but I also learn how other people deal with difficulties during studying. Since, I don't have problems learning English but it could be a (very very very) big deal for some of my students. Then, I will have to learn how to make it easier for those who have difficulties. And believe me, it's one of those fun and cool way to learn English. You're not gonna sit and listen to a boring presentation in my class. It's like playing games; you're gonna move, laugh and go home with a happy heart :D 

How much money do you get?

An Advantage
Damn! How dare you asking me that shallow question?! Who are you-my accountant? But incase you're wondering, it's big enough to buy some snacks (and toy) for my cat and take him to bath every month :D #catlover

A Learning

If you find me doing much of things on my social media pages, it's not because I have nothing else to do but I'm having fun while doing my duty. I'm contacting my clients and searching materials through online platform, that's why I have opportunity to go online quite often. Do I have a chance to be away from the laptop for a while? I do, certainly. I still have life other than my projects and those articles I have to write, my cat for instance. 

It's the matter of time management, you can read how to have some fun while working on Yoris Sebastian latest book 101 Creative Notes. Well, it's not only for those who work in creative area, but for anybody who feel stuck with their job and dying to have fun.

Anyhoo, I hope this post can explain everything and fix all the messed up curiosity some of you might have. Thank you for reading :)

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