Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Oh January

January? Time flashing like a wheel, too fast.

I just read bunch of old journals of mine, some that I wrote in the last couple years. There're hopes, dreams, prayers, fun and love story. I just never expected that time is flashing this fast. I never guess that someday will be coming like soon.

Working and college, both are important. 2011 was the year of responsibility, but 2012 will be much harder. I don't mean to be pessimistic, it's just I know what I'm gonna face in the future. I mean, I can predict what they are and I hate to know that to be honest. To keep me stay sane, it's another big job. I need to light up my dreams, to keep them stay in my head, to tell my brain to stay working, to tell me to breath. It is a big job.

College, honestly, never been this hard. The last year is seriously a big deal, at least for me. It's not only about grade, it really is about surviving and fighting till the end. Or in my case, for freedom. I gotta deal not only with my lecturers and my parents but also with MY SELF, the person with the lowest level of cooperation. Yes, I am, mood can be dangerous in the time you've never expected they would be.

Work, it's getting better, in the other hand. I learn a lot of things, like, A LOT. Not only about my technical skill, but I also got a chance to develop another skills and it's really interesting. I'm staying and I'm gonna do art for the rest of my life. It's the word of honor :]

Talking about resolution. I don't have any, really. One thing I know about this year, it's gonna be harder than before. Am I being apathic? No, I'm just being realistic and trying to keep my dreams alive. Doing a multitasking job is not easy, that's why I need to be as realistic as I can to stay sane and sober ;]

Dreams. That's what I have, since the first time I know what it means. It's something that I hold my life on to. I'm livin upon my dreams. I know it's not easy to reach your dreams but many people can have their dreams come true, why can't I?

January may come faster, but I'm still holding on my dreams. Still and always be. Do you have a dream? Do you wanna make it true? Holding on it, never let it go. It is your life, you're the one who own it and dreams is something that only humans can pursue and make it true.

Dear January, I have a dream and you will accompany me to pursue it.

Good luck, everybody!

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