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15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Recommend A Tear Jerker (Day-5)


It's the fifth-day, yay! :D 30% of the challenge has been done. Glad I can make it this far hihihi 

Anyway, the topic for today's challenge is Recommend Tear Jerker. Honestly, I never cry when I read books. But if you ask me of recommended tear jerker for movies, I've got tons of it :D

Well, since it's about books, I have to be very selected since I barely cry on even sad ending or sad story on books :D These books below have touchy story and they almost made me cry for reading it. I got too emotional and it made me sad. Alright, let's see what I've compiled so far...

(You can click on the titles to see the ratings/reviews on Goodreads)

Imaji Terindah by Sitta Karina

It's a romance book between two highschoolers. It's actually kinda cliche at first; the boy is a rebel and the girl is a sweet girl with big heart. They both met at school, got a little friction, attracted to each other and bam! it started to make me cry for a bitter truth about one of the character. Don't mean to spoil but one of them will be dead in the end.

Totto-Chan: Gadis Cilik di Jendela by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
(translated version)

I've read this book because I got to do a paper assignment of one of my class back when I was in college. I've read the e-book first then I think this book is worth to buy, so I've decided to buy it. I was looking for the softcover version, but it was sold out everywhere and I end up with the hardcover instead. This is the story about a little girl named Toto-Chan who went to a special kindergarten just because her previous school thinks she's different. What makes me cry is how her new school headmaster treated her and taught her so many things meaningful for her life. It also taught me things by reading her story :')

(translated version)

I'm a big fan of Father-Daughter kinda story. My dad is my role model and I look up to him in so many things. This book doesn't relate to me in so many ways but what really intrigued me to keep reading the book till the end is the main story; what if you got a chance to stay with your dad for a little longer before he's really gone? Oh-oh, writing that sentence alone has started me to burst my tears :'( That's it, not gonna say anything else.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett 
(translated version)

I bought this book after reading constant phrases Meg Cabot quoted in her Princess Diaries books. This book is a life lesson! It's a story about a little girl named Sara Crewe who used to be rich and she got to live in a dorm,  because her father passed away and left nothing but ashes, with a mean dorm lady. If it happens today, the dorm lady would be in jail already. She's so mean you could never believe it! How she treated Sara like a maid   wait, maid is still better, like a slave. She's just a little girl :( What brought me to tears is how Sara kept maintain to stay strong with her wonderful intelligence and grace during those horrible cold days. And all the pain was paid in the end with a great reward she could never expected before :')

What's your tear-jerker book?
Do you have any recommendation?

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