Friday, 24 January 2014

1st Year of Tama Living in My House

Oh well, 2014 huh?

I know that I rarely update this blog (and spend mostly my time on the other one), but I would never abandon this blog. This is my first blog and I saved most of my life stories here.

And today, in this very special day, I'd like to start writing the first post in 2014 by telling you a story about my Cat, Tama. Why is it so special? Because today is the day Tama first arrived in my house a year ago :)

I lost Kaisar Bo because he ran away from my house and never came back, I've tried to search all over my neighborhood for days but I think he's not a real house cat since he didn't like to stay inside my house. He seemed to find a way to escape and stayed outside. 

I was sad, at the first time. But not as sad as I lost Mao, because I know Bo is not mine in the first place. I got it from my cousin who found it in his dorm house then my Dad said that maybe that's how Bo found wandering around outside. Because he didn't like to stay in the house and tends to escape all the time.

Well, all I can say was "Let it go, let it go..." and get a new cat not long after that. My little brother's friend has some kittens and offered him one, I picked a Siamese kitten over a grey Persian kitten. I love grey cats but I still can't take my eyes away from British short-hair (gotta have one someday!) and I tend to have more interests on short-hair cats right now (I can't stand the shedding part -_-*).


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