Friday, 24 January 2014

1st Year of Tama Living in My House

Oh well, 2014 huh?

I know that I rarely update this blog (and spend mostly my time on the other one), but I would never abandon this blog. This is my first blog and I saved most of my life stories here.

And today, in this very special day, I'd like to start writing the first post in 2014 by telling you a story about my Cat, Tama. Why is it so special? Because today is the day Tama first arrived in my house a year ago :)

I lost Kaisar Bo because he ran away from my house and never came back, I've tried to search all over my neighborhood for days but I think he's not a real house cat since he didn't like to stay inside my house. He seemed to find a way to escape and stayed outside. 

I was sad, at the first time. But not as sad as I lost Mao, because I know Bo is not mine in the first place. I got it from my cousin who found it in his dorm house then my Dad said that maybe that's how Bo found wandering around outside. Because he didn't like to stay in the house and tends to escape all the time.

Well, all I can say was "Let it go, let it go..." and get a new cat not long after that. My little brother's friend has some kittens and offered him one, I picked a Siamese kitten over a grey Persian kitten. I love grey cats but I still can't take my eyes away from British short-hair (gotta have one someday!) and I tend to have more interests on short-hair cats right now (I can't stand the shedding part -_-*).

And here we are, I have a new kitten. He was all playful and silly as a kitten, even my Dad treated him like a child LOL! My mom was surprised because she never seen a cat with weird spots like Tama. You know, Siamese only have dark colors on certain parts of their body; the ones which are far from the stomach (tail, paws, ears, nose/face).

I love Tama since the first sight (from a blurry picture my little brother showed me from his phone) because he's adorable. He has that kinda face which like saying he won't take "No" as an answer. Such a cutie! :D

Day after day, Tama grows like a real pet. I always wanna have a Golden Retriever, because they're playful and smart. I feel so blessed when I find out that Tama is a playful cat and he's quite smart.

He likes to play ball (with my little brother is the most) since he was a kitten, that's why I named him Tama. It means "ball" in Japanese (Tamae). When he's all playful, he will chase the ball that thrown at him like crazy, like the ball is a mouse! :D

I took a piece of newspaper and folded it round like a ball and used it as a ball after realizing that my new kitten like to play ball. Since the ball was not too big, little Tama will run and jump like crazy and even bite the paper ball then gave it back to me. Like a dog playing Frisbee! :D

Later on, I bought a real plastic ball, still rather small but a bit bigger than the paper ball and that's the ball we use to play with Tama. He doesn't bite the ball because it's harder and too big for his mouth, but he still doesn't lose the fun of playing with it :)

Beside playing ball, Tama likes to chase me when I run and tease him. He likes to sit and lying around next to me, I mean, literally next to me. He will lean his body on to mine and then fall asleep the next second you blink your eyes. Actually, not only me, he also like to do this kinda thing with my little brother LOL!

He likes to sniff everybody's toes, for Heaven's know why. He likes to miaw-ing at me to tell me that he's around    or want to poop. He replies me when I talk to him, yes you read it right, I talk to my Cat! :3

He is a Cat and a Fox and a Monkey and a Dog for me. Why? Here's the story:

A Fox, with certain part of his face is dark, not so flat face and furry tail. He could be mistaken as a fox, but note this, unless he is in his good shape. He doesn't really look a fox at the moment due to some fat on his tummy :D

A Monkey, he has a human front legs/paws. He will try to touch anything with his right paws, ANYTHING! Monkey can grab things like human, right? and I guess, if Tama's paws were able to grab things, he would. His paw will shaped into certain part like wants to grab things interesting for him. It's so cute to see him trying to grab things like that :D Also, he can stand with this two hind legs for quite a long time and let his front legs hanging or throwing at me trying to grab whatever food I'm munching. That's exactly a monkey pose! :D

A Dog, well as you can see, he likes playing a ball and chasing people around. He follows me everywhere, like literally, everywhere. Even when I wanna take a bath, he will see me close the door and he will wait right in front of the bathroom door until I finish and starts following me again. So I guess, he's half dog :p

I can also say that he's a human-cat, Siamese can't live without human. He always needs a company, even when he's just lying around or sleeping. That's why he likes to be around me or my little brothers, but he will stay away from my Mom because she doesn't like cuddling with Tama LOL! She thinks my cat is weird, remember? ;)

My Dad is the bad and good police for him, he sets the boundaries for Tama but yet Tama will run to me for help and protection LOL! Of course I will embrace and hug him away to some place he would feel safe and happy. He likes to sit on my porch at the moment, watching people walking past my house or other animals and bugs. Sometimes he stands on his Monkey pose to watch closer, I have no idea what was the object that made him so interested. I'd say good police because Tama still sniffs his toes even though my Dad often warn him to stay away from certain place (e.g. sofa in the livingroom) and Tama knows that sometimes my Dad cleans up his toilet and cage when I'm not around.

Anyway, I'm so happy and sooooo blessed to have such a smart and cute cat. And this first year is just a beginning, we still have long days to spend and I can't wait to look forward to that days :D

You can visit Tama's twitter to catch up on his latest pictures, he's also in Catmoji    special social media for cats (that's where I post his photos and linked to his Twitter). Give him a follow, will you? :)

Have a nice day! :D

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