Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I don't believe in new year's resolution

As you read above, on the title, I guess you could understand why I don't embrace new year as most people do. For me, new year's resolution is a freakin myth that people made up so we can start an impossible list we wanna do before a new year coming and leave it the other day after the first day of new year. Yeah, it's that bitter. 

And for me, start a resolution can be anytime, it doesn't have to be on New Year's Eve. Anytime, like when you suddenly have an idea about developing driving skill right after lunch, then start make a plan right after to achieve it. Don't wait until a new year coming, it's too late, you're getting too old by then or have another goal already.

I have a dreams list, not a new year's resolution. I add some if I want to, like I said above, anytime. And I don't have pressures to achieve it in a certain period, well, unless you're that kinda person who is really really strict about time and deadline then it's another story. I let it there alone, check it when I want to, give a tick sign when it's accomplished or done. That's it, that's all. Maybe it seems all the same but it's not, all you gonna do is just let your dreams arouse as it should be. Don't give any pressure on it or it would never happen. Let God do the rest :)

Anyway, since it's a new year, let's celebrate it with something fun. I discover some excellent new singers on Youtube. Well, maybe they're not new on Youtube, but they're new in my Youtubers' list ;) So, check them out! 

Alex G
She might not new in my list since she works with Tyler Ward. She has that amazing voice, like a girl next door :)

Jess Moskaluke
So, I 'found' her accidentally on the suggestion tab on Youtube, it was Red by Taylor Swift cover. I was searching for ones and found her video. Her voice is that powerful high range voice that I really really wanna have someday. I wish she cover more songs though :)

Sara Niemietz
I saw her performance on Jake Coco's collaboration project of the song "Some Nights" (fun. cover). Her voice there was, if I may say, crunchy and makes me wanna listen to some more :D Almost sounds like Joss Stone but lighter.

Those whom I've mentioned before on the previous list are still producing more cover videos, but some are kinda slow of making ones. Christina Grimmie for instance, since she was doing tour and start performing on TV, her cover videos increased in a slow period. If it's new, it's not a hit song like she used to sing before. This phenomena happened as well to Mike Tompkins and Gamaliel & Audrey. More Youtube singers growing on Youtube (like those who I just discovered), if they left the point where they were at the first place, I think they will lose their fans. Well, that's just my silly opinion ;)

Speaking of which, I guess I only can give you those three, I will not stop discovering some more and I will share it with you some day.

Here's a bonus. A super little girl with big voice, Connie Talbot, singing Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato. A little rough and couldn't catch up with the lyric in some parts but she is awesome. Enjoy! :)

Happy new year, everybody! :D

P.S.: well, I do believe in this kinda resolution ;)


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