Thursday, 26 February 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Blogging BFFs (Day-3)


Third day, people! Alright, today we're gonna talk about blogging BFFs. Well, I've never met any of my favorite bloggers or any bloggers whose blogs I've read regularly (or randomly LOL!). 

I've once met Trinity   she's a travel blogger, by the way   but I met her in a Meet & Greet kinda event with many other people :D So it can't be said that she's my blogging BFF, right? Other than that, I don't have any special relationship with other bloggers to be honest. We might be friends but not too deep as a best friend in real life :)

Trinity and my BFF, Sinta :)
However, I have a best friend who happens to be a blogger as well. She's my high school fella and we've been best mate ever since :') Her name is Sinta and you can peek on her travelling journey in her blog [ here ]. She likes to travel, obviously but she also likes to read books :D 

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Friday, 20 February 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Bed Time Reading Ritual (Day-2)

There's not much to talk about in this topic, to be honest. I didn't really read book before going to bed, my reading routine actually can be anytime.

You know, most people these days prefer to scrolling on their social media accounts rather than reading an actual book. Me is no exception LOL! :D Since I don't need extra lighting from the lamp to read, the handphone has already got its own lighting, and yet it's not heavy :p 

Therefore, reading books is not a part of my bedtime ritual. I sleep with the lights off and the switch button is far away from my bed, it would take an extra courage to reach there (just to switch off the light) when you're extremely sleepy or tired, wouldn't it? ;)  

However, reading books before sleeping is actually kinda relaxing. Sometimes I read book several hours before my bed time (lying on the livingroom couch). So, when I'm really sleepy, I'll put down the book and head to my bedroom. This way, I don't have to go through the complicated dilemma of "switching off the lamp because the button is too far away" anymore :D

How about you? Do you have any bedtime reading ritual?

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Reading Habits Tag

Found this tag on my favorite book-blogger's blog, Stefani Sugia (as usual LOL!). And I've decided to give it a go since I couldn't remember the last time I did a book-related tag :D

This tag was originally started by The Book Jazz on Youtube (the video dated 3 years ago. Gosh I'm so late about this!). Well, I never know that book-thing can be uploaded to Youtube as well. This is amazing! :D

Anyway, if you wanna do this tag, be my guess. You can pick up the questions here on my post or on The Book Jazz's Youtube channel, it's all up to you. Meanwhile, enjoy my answers! ^^

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Confession (Day-1)

Hi everyone,

Since I'm kinda (back) in for books lately and decided to start reading more books instead of wandering the internet with no specific destination #Oops, so I guess I'm gonna give this book-challenge a go. I found it (again) in Stefani Sugia's blog, The Bookie-Looker and it seems fun to do :D

I'm not a book blogger but since this challenge is kinda fun and looks different to me, I've decided to give it a try. However, I run two different blogs at the moment and I also have a full-time job, so I guess I'm not gonna post 15 days in a row but I'll make sure to do the all 15 posts. Wish me luck! *finger-crossed* :D

Here's the complete list of the 15 themes you gotta write as a challenge:

If you decided to join, you can use those list above as a guidance for the rest 15 days ahead ;) Oh, almost forget, this challenge was made by Good Books and Good Wine. Go pay a visit, will you? ;)

Alright, let's start challenge Day-1! :D


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