Monday, 7 December 2009

A little surprise

It was on Friday, when I, just as usual stucked in a calm morning at the office because we had nothing to do. Well, at least not yet. I didn't expect to have something special that day, all I wanna do was just go home. Nothing more. I wanna grab my weekend as soon as possible.

And worse, there're so many of my friends decided to not going to office and went somewhere else. So, I stayed in the office firstly with a friend who will go delivering a document 2 hours after I got arrived, then not so long a friend come after that. The official staffs, oh they got something else to do than just mingle with the interns ;] The circumtenses wasn't getting better after all. We didn't really had an office thing to do. Seriously.

Then I decided to just check the pencils, suddenly Mia asked me something.

Mia: Do you have an appointment with mbak Anty today?
Me: No... why?
Mia: (quiet a moment) I think you'll get a surprise. Oops... I shouldn't say that. It won't be a surprise anymore then!
Me: What surprise? No way. Oh the girls are giving Puspa's birthday gift today, right?
Mia: Yeah...

And suddenly a staff came by and brought a few dozens of envelopes. Finally, a job! We were told to pick out the good ones, at least we did something. After that, I asked the staff about what to do with the bad condition envelopes, and she told me to put it in Hope (a room's name), it's a room to put the test and office related stuffs.

I was just going back to the work room when I saw a black car driving in the parking lot in front of the building. A familiar one. I recognized it from a symbol that sticked on the front glass. At the same time someone entered the building and I asked whether she need to meet someone, she wanted to meet a staff in the office. So, I walked back to the staff office first to tell the one who asked me to bring the bad envelopes to the Hope, that she got someone to meet and then I immediately ran to Mia.

Me: Mia, why mbak Anty is here?
Mia: Hah?
Me: That's the car in the parking lot, isn't it? I think it's mas Ridzki's car. There's Autonomic's symbol in the front glass. Do you have an appointment with her?
Mia: (look confused) Really?

And I continued checking the pencils while Mia walked out the office and went check what I just told her. When she got back, she told me to check outside my self. And when I looked at the parking lot when the car was parked, I saw nothing. Then I started asking my self, "Where is it??" I even started to think I was just, you know, hallucinated. I was freaked out a bit at the time. But then, I saw the car when I turned right. It parked right next to Mia's car.

Mia: Here they are... let's meet them.
Me: Why? Do you think they're here to meet me? I don't have any appointment with both of them.

But then I just walked slowly following Mia, mbak Anty got out the car with a package in her hand. And she gave the package to me, Mia start clapping and singing Happy Birthday song.

Gift 01


The package was square and tough, I bet it was a CD. I almost yelling to ask them whether the CD is Demi Lovato's latest album or what, but then I hold my self. Mbak Anty told me to open it right away, get the picture of it and tell the girls immediately! Oh great, it's a pleasure to do anyway :]

Mia was kindly doing a favor for me. She helped me taking the pictures and I can't say anything else but thank you so much and I heart you all sistaaa! :D

Gift 02

The gift was, yes, a CD and it's not like what I expected, it's NEW MOON original soundtrack. Doesn't mean I feel dissapointed or what, it's even better!!! It means I don't have to buy it by my self. FYI, I planned to buy it after office. That day. So, I'm so grateful :]

Gift 03

Oh well, I used the money to treat Mao 4 packs of Whiskas and I bought my self and my little brother some DVDs. What a great day!

Though I already wrote this on Twitter, but I'd like to make it official here. I wanna say thanks to all BLM sistas, you guys really know how much I love surprise ;]

Thank you.

This post is dedicated to you :]

P.S.: FYI, my birthday was 2 months a go and it's some kinda tradition in BLM to give the gift months after :D
P.S.S: check out a review I just wrote here!


  1. happy birthdays!!!!

    what a great day and gift :)

    maaf telat :(


  2. ahaha yeah it's okay. Udah biasa kok dapet ucapan yg telat hoho. Thanks anyway :]

  3. ihi,,, dapet hadiah nih,,,

    hikz,, si emak kagak bisa kasih nih,,, maap yah,, ndak bisa kasih balik nak,,, :D

  4. mak jangan gitu dong! jadi pengen nangis nih bacanya :[

    with you staying next to me and keep my trust well, that's enough for me on my day when I'm getting bloody older :] And better, it's a gift for me everyday . Yayy!! :D

  5. ah,,, si emak jadi malu nih, di puji2 mulu,,, :D

    jangan gitu donk ah,, nti ga cukup helmnya emak,, hahaha


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