Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pretty Much

I know, I know I haven't update my blog for centuries. And I know it's a shame for someone who claimed her self as a blogger. Like me, for instance.

So, what's up guys? I'm doing fine and pretty great over here, that's why I have no time to write this lil thing ahaha.

Anyway, so many stories I'd like to tell but I confused which one I gotta start with. Hmm let's see... we're going back a couple weeks a go, aiyte?

Family Time
Last Ied was a great time for me to gathered with the whole family. It was fun to meet my big family, knowing their life and having fun with them.

Though I got upset a bit when my cousins are busy with their cellphone because they're asking their Facebook account to each other and me, alone with cookies and Fanta in the living room. But it's all good, we successfully passed this Ied without my grandma and the thing I was worried ain't happen. The empty spot I was afraid I would see, I didn't see it at all. I see it full and nice.

I'm proud of my family so much and I'm glad I'm one of them :]


The Day
On 3-4 October 2009, I spent my weekend (yes, entirely my weekend) in campus with my friends. What the heck are you doing in campus on the weekend for God's sake? Are you some kinda nerd?? No, well, I'm might be a nerd but not that bad. I was one of the Orientation Program committee in my faculty and I was in Publication and Documentation team for the first part of the program called Student Day. And it was fun!! Though Lou started to mess with me when I took picture indoor (considering most of the activity were held inside the building), the results are blur and it really got me mad about the lighting. Okay, forget it.

full team

While two days before, in the middle of the night, they wake me up to help them out about the street banner file. I got a schedule on Friday morning as an intern and they woke me up near 12pm! Problems, coming like crazy. The more you close to the day, the more people tend to forget things. That's what happen to our team at the time. When I remember that moment, I feel so silly and it makes me smile. It was a night to remember ahaha. Love you guys! :]

PUBDOK feat. Kanyaa
feat. Kanya

I'd like to thanks to my team for the team-work and the support they gave me.
This post is a tribute for you girls: Sonya, Mira, Tita, Caca, Tiien, Nia.


Well, my first day as an intern was fun and kinda gimme nervous a lil bit. And yes, after 2 weeks become an intern I know how it feels to work in office. The boredom, the confusing, the partner, the seniors, the peers, and the works it self. It's all makes me wanna know more and more. Can't wait for the main job we gotta do, being a tester.

Considering I have a tight schedule (contains of internship and college), so I gotta save some times for my friends (weekend is booked by my family) between those hectic time. Fortunately, my schedule is not full everyday, I mean my internship. So, I still have time to spend my days with them :] I don't wanna lose any contact with my besties, I don't wanna lose any single precious time with my sista :D

And if you wondering where I take my internship, it's in LP3T. It's an organization of Applied Psychology owned by my university and managed by my faculty, you can read further info here.


The Previous
I remember I planned to make a photography exhibition focus on food on the next post, but I totally have no time to prepare all of those photos and the layout. I even don't have time to upload my photographs on Deviantart. It's all sucked up by college assignments and now it's added up with my internship schedule. I don't blame them for this lack of time I have, I just blame time. Why it's only 24 hours?

Officially as an intern, I also officially resign from the campus magazine/bulletin, Insight. I'm afraid I can't managed my time then I left the other behind. So, I gotta choose one of them by doing gambling. If I get in as an intern, then I gotta let go my job as Layout & Design staff in Insight. And the result show all of us that I'm letting go my previous job. It's kinda hard at first because I'm still new in there and they like my works, besides there's a problem inside when I resign. I was worried it's because I resign without officially saying permission to the whole team, I told the chief about my plan of taking internship and my plan about it, and she's the one who know that I'm in when the result's out. I didn't have a chance, or time actually, to tell the entire team about it. But now, with telling the main team one by one, I hope it's getting better.

This post also a tribute for the Insight team. Thanks for the work-team and the supports and the trusts you spilled on me guys. You can do it better! :D


I got an assignment to make a reflection based on several points by reading a novel entitled Totto-chan. Well, maybe most of you know this novel. I've read it before when I was doing my assignment in the 2nd semester, but I read it again because the topic is different. This one is focus on the education (assignment and evaluation) while the previous was concern about the child development. I didn't have money to buy the book and I didn't have time to go to the book store if I asked money to my mom, so I downloaded the e-book and finished it in 3 days. I cried in the midnight reading a couple last chapters, I did the same when I read it for the first time. It was a great story. I bought the novel immediately a day before the assignment collected. Yes, I used my mom's money ;]

When I bought Totto-Chan, I also bought a novel and a comic. The comic is the one I use to buy when a new volume release, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP. It reached Volume #10 right now. And the novel, oh I'm gonna talk about this one for details. It's The Mediator: Shadowland by Meg Cabot. I haven't seen and read Meg Cabot novel for months since the last Princess Diaries (Princess on the Brink), the publisher is kinda late to translate it or something. While, helloowww it's Meg Cabot we're talking about! Everbody's waiting for her new novels and you make us read the latest novel months later.

I can't wait for the next series to be translated in Indonesian so I download the e-book. I don't care I still remember how it feels reading Breaking Dawn e-book or any kind of e-book can make my eyes hurt. I don't care because I'm craving for Meg Cabot's novel and I hate them to make me waiting for this long. If I have my own publishing company, I will translate Meg Cabot's book right after the novel is officially released. I hope the publisher read this and improve their works so the customer disappointment will be increased a bit.

Anyway, you may read the review here :]

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