Thursday, 23 July 2009

Holiday Report: Plan #3 accomplished

Well, apparently I didn't follow my agenda but that's okay. It's not a fixed list, so I can do each point anytime I'm ready. And yes, I did a really great vacation trip :]

It was in Batu, East Java. I went with some fellas by car and it was fun! Alright, I'm gonna tell you the story one by one, as the real plot. Ready... set... go!

1 villa
1 front 1 back
1 back2

First visit, we're heading on the villa for some rests.
The view is super amazing and I can't resist to not holding my breath and scream. No, I'm kidding. Of course taking picture! There's a small playground in the house's yard and you can't find that kinda space in the city. We were running around the yard, playing the swing and the see-saw and hanging on the... I dunno its name but it's always built on every playground. Something that you can climb on, children love to climb on it. It's like unfinished foundation for a building but it's finished for children toys. Anyway, from the villa, we got 2 mountain views: in the front and in the back. In the back side of the house, you even can see the rice field. Definitely something you won't find in the city! Right next to house (still in the same range), there's an antique mosque. It has a unique stairs and a beautiful place to take Wudhu. Too bad I didn't take the picture of the Wudhu spot :[ It's a spot covers with a giant lotus around, don't get me wrong, it's not surrounding with lotus. You take Wudhu INSIDE the giant lotus! Unique, huh? Anyway it's fake and made by stones.

2 waterfall
2 abby

Next is Cuban Rhondo.
It is a tourism place that has a beautiful waterfall view. I've never visited this place since I was in kindergarten. Soooo long time a go till I can't remember the moment, I just remember that I took a polaroid picture with my cousin sitting on a big rock with the backgroud of the waterfall. And this time, I went with my besties and took lots of photo. Tons of great photo of course :] You gotta try the water, it's dead cold everybody! My foot even numb when I've once put it in the water too long. The journey to that place was kinda amazing, with the green view in everyside your eyes on to and of course ravines always there on the one side. But still, it's soooo eyes relaxing :]

3 LG
3 view1
Lampion Garden from the top

3 view2
3 view3
3 view4
3 view5
me with bunny ;]

And the last pit was BNS (Batu Night Spectacular).
This is our destination in the first place, that's why we took this trip :] BNS is kinda place with many games, just like Dufan or maybe Jatim Park. The difference is it starts open at 3 PM till midnight, so the visitor will see the night view among the lights of the games stuff and you can even enjoy a light view in a special place called Lampion Garden. It's a beautiful place and I took sooooooooo many picture in there! Well, actually WE took thousands photos because the view is super amazing :D First came, we watched Cinema 4D. I was curious what the different with 3D is, then I had a try on it. And you know what, I think the different is on the chair. In 3D cinema, the chair ain't moving. In 4D, it moves like hell! You'll sit in a big chair like in a theater but a bit bigger, with a seat-belt around your stomach and a hand-holder on each side of the chair. At first, I didn't notice what the seat-belt for, but then I realized right couple seconds before the movie started. The movie is about 'having a trip' by a jet coaster, there's some reel that didn't related to each other and that's when your seat starts moving. Wondering how the chair moving? Go find out your self! ;]

3 SU

Karina, moi, Puspa, Yuri

I tried Sepeda Udara (air bike) with 3 of my friends. It's like a small box contains only 2 people, it has pedal like bicycle under both of the seat but it has steer too (only on one side, left side). You know how to ride a bike right? Yes, it's exactly like riding a bike but you don't have to ride till the end because it moves automatically after you ride, and the steer, it's controlling where you want the box heading to. But it doesn't change the direction, the box moves upon a reel so you won't go to the wrong side or whatever. And after that we're up to the Lampion Garden.

It was a fun trip overall. Though I'm a bit disappointed we can't visit the beach on Sempu Island :[ but at least, I've done a vacation trip this holiday. A very amazing vacation trip indeed.

P.S.: more photos on Deviantart
P.S.S.: for the rest BLM girls who didn't join the trip, I'll envy you with this ;]


  1. wah,,, so awesome,,,

    i'm not BLM galz,,, but i still envy about that,,,

    when will we go there with our family, nak????????????? hu hu,,, i want it too,,, T_T,,

  2. Wes ga usah jauh2 minta jalan2 keluar kota segala, kita jalan bareng ke mall aja janjiannya kayak janjian sama Luna Maya. Pada sibuk semua -,-'

  3. wow, naik sepeda udara? keren ya view-nya dari atas. cm aku agak ngeri foto2 pke digicm, takut digicamnya jatuh ke bawah hahaha

  4. haha,,, iyo2 nak,,, lha abisnya jadwal syuting kita beda2,, jadi yo sulit untuk menyamakannya,,, hoho,,,

  5. @Ajeng Sueztika Constitusia
    That's why I didn't ride that stuff alone. Yang motret2 temenku soalnya aku yang pegang setirnya. Padahal sebenernya aku pengen motret2 jg, kalo jatuh sih nggak soalnya kn kameranya ada talinya yang digantungin ke tangan :]

    mungkin kita perlu membuat manager masing2 bekerja lebih berat supaya bisa arrange jadwal buat kita jalan2 ahaha


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