Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Holiday Report: plan #2 accomplished

Two plans from my list have been done and I had one left but it's done as well now. What is that? Baking, of course :]

P1000582 copy

After that cupcakes I made months a go then it's like I think I'm addicted to baking. So, I decided to bake one in this holiday. What I bake? It's not cupcake anymore but still a cake. Chocolate for sure and it's still Nigella's ;]

I bake this cake on Saturday morning while everyone's out so I was home with Mao only. He watched me doing everything all by my self and sometimes when he's curious about what I did, he approached me and sit next to my foot. Awww... LOVE MAO!

Alright, here's the thing. You can check out the original recipe on Nigella's website or you can read the Indonesian version here on this post. Yes, I translated for you, Indonesia! :D Unfortunately, I can't find the video version on Youtube but it's still worth to try guys. Don't worry. Before we start, I'll introduce you the name of this cake, Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake.

P1000578 copy



1. Pertama-tama siapkan dulu loyang yang akan dipakai untuk memanggang adonan kuenya. Loyangnya sih sebenarnya boleh pake yang model apa aja, tapi berhubung judulnya di sini "Loaf Cake" jadi pake loyang yang bentuknya persegi panjang. Bukan yang kotak apalagi yang bunder. Lalu, olesi permukaan loyangnya dengan mentega sampai merata dan lapisi dengan kertas atau aluminum foil.
2. Sekarang kita beralih ke adonan. Haluskan mentega dengan mixer sampai soft banget, lalu masukkan semua bahan (kecuali choco chip) dan haluskan bersama mentega tadi. Air panas dapat ditambahkan bila menginginkan adonan yang banyak. Saya sendiri malah lupa memasukkannya dan bersyukur karenanya, kalau tidak, saya bakal memanggang dua loyang kue sementara satu saja saya sudah kewalahan.
3. Setelah adonan halus, masukkan choco chip dan aduk dengan spatula plastik perlahan-lahan sampai merata. Baru kemudian tuangkan ke dalam loyang dan ratakan sampai semua permukaan loyang terisi adonan.
4. Panaskan oven dan panggang adonan selama kurang lebih 45-50 menit.
5. Silahkan cek kematangan kue dalam rentang waktu setiap 15 menit. Caranya sama seperti cara ngecek adonan cupcake saya dulu, menggunakan tusuk sate. Tusukkan batang sate ke adonan kue, tarik dan lihat ujungnya. Kalau kelihatan basah, berarti bagian dalam kue masih belum matang.
6. Sekitar 10-15 menit sebelum adonan matang, saatnya kita membuat sirupnya.
7. Masukkan semua bahan sirup kecuali dark baking chocolate dan panaskan di atas api sedang sampai mendidih dan sedikit mengental. Lalu angkat dan biarkan sebentar.
8. Keluarkan kue setelah 50 menit atau bisa kurang bila sudah benar-benar matang. Mungkin di bagian atas kue akan terlihat pecah-pecah, jangan khawatir karena memang begitu hasilnya.
9. Sekarang siramkan sirup yang sudah dibuat tadi di atas bagian kue yang pecah itu supaya sirupnya langsung meresap ke dalam kue. Tidak masalah kalau sirupnya meluber ke bagian yang tidak pecah, nantinya akan meresap juga meski agak lama. Siramkan sirup sesuai selera. Saya sendiri menyiramkannya tidak terlalu banyak karena nantinya kue malah jadi puding :]
10. Kalau sudah, diamkan dulu sebentar sampai semua sirup meresap. Lalu taburkan coklat masak batangan (dark cooking chocolate) di atasnya dengan cara menyayatnya tipis-tipis seperti cover penutup blackforrest.
11. Biarkan coklatnya meleleh di atas kue yang masih panas. Beberapa menit kemudian kue sudah dapat dinikmati.

1. Coklat untuk taburan: masukkan coklat ke dalam freezer dulu sebelum ditaburkan, setelah beku baru disayat supaya hasilnya tipis dan kecil-kecil.
2. Sebagai pengganti coklat, bisa juga ditaburkan gula halus di atas kue.
3. Panggang adonan dengan api sedang kalau tidak mau bagian atasnya gosong tetapi dalamnya masih mentah (true story).
4. Sisa sirup coklatnya bisa disimpan dalam freezer dan dipakai untuk adonan lainnya seperti perasa agar-agar atau mungkin es coklat.

P1000581 copy

Well, I did almost no mistake (the forgotten water didn't count) if my Mom didn't tell me that I should bake with the medium fire. Like I told you before, nobody's home but me and Mao (don't ask me why I didn't ask Mao), and then my Mom's finally home and I told her that the top of the cake is burnt. That's when she told me that I made the fire too big and I was like running as fast as I can to reach the gas stove fire control and turned it down *fiuh*

After the cake's ready, I wanted to take a picture of it before it's sliced but I was too late. My Mom sliced it first!! Before ME even did it. I'm the one who bake that cake for God's sake! And then, I just can say 'yeah, go ahead slice it and let's eat it up people!'. I ate about 2 slices because I stick with my laptop as well at the time and when I was back to the table, the cake was gone a half. Who did eat that much?? And the next day, I wanna eat the cake for breakfast and I saw about not more than a quarter. Gosh! Okay, I ate just like before (2 slices) and my father ate the rests. I think my family love that cake, especially when it's still hot and the syrup still melting inside.

Alright, I think enough for me to talking shits here and it's your turn to try this recipe and don't forget to tell me the result, ok? ;]

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Worry Much

Once again, this moment has come into my life. A moment when I got a bad feeling about my scores and what my parents think about me after that. I mean, I'm worried about it NOW as we speak.

Sometimes I feel bloody jealous to see kids with parents who just don't bother with what their child's score at school, especially when they got bad marks and the children still got a chance to hang out to the mall or playing the net all the time or maybe shopping together with mommy. Well, I'm not that kinda child anyway. When I got a bad mark, though my parents didn't punish me or what, I'm grounded my self for that. Scores is about school, and school is about responsibility. It's my duty and I gotta be responsible with the result. No matter what.

It was the 2nd semester, when I got a very terrible marks and I was ashamed and I didn't have the guts to even face my parents. Seriously, I feel like I just dissapoint them. And I think I (will) do the same this time. What did I say? Oh yes, it's gonna happen again. My intuition said that, I never trust it but now I do.

Something rough happened in this semester. I gotta admit, this is a tough semester I've ever been. I know it's just the beginning but I never guess it would be this hard. I tried my best, I always do. And sometimes, bunch of people try to ruin it. Of course I'm not gonna let them screw my duty-it's about my scores and it's about my pride in front of my parents. Sorry friend, I can't let you do that, I'm leaving you if it's necessary.

It was a semester which has already sucking my happiness, changing the way I see my friends and however makes me better in some parts that I just obviously can predict. And like I said before, there are people who just don't care with school stuffs like I do. If the parents don't, then the children do the same. This is kinda people I try to avoid. And when I freakin' deal with them, I try as hard as I can to keep my score and just ignore 'em. I'm a tolerate person and I try to do that to everyone who even try to mess with me.

The thing I wanna say is school is important to me, it's the thing my parents try to trust me and I gotta responsible with that. I'm sure no kids intend to dissapoint their parents, but not all kids care about their school thing-especially scores. With all the stuffs I've done without my parents known, I would say it's nothing and I wanna make my parents proud with everything I did but in a very incredible way-getting a scholarship for Postgraduate for instance.

I'm afraid my decision will dissapoint them, I'm afraid what I will do in the future will make them change the way they think about me. I don't wanna lose my parents trust, I keep their trust as well as I keep my soul. I won't let any single risk touch that.

Including you.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Holiday Report: Plan #3 accomplished

Well, apparently I didn't follow my agenda but that's okay. It's not a fixed list, so I can do each point anytime I'm ready. And yes, I did a really great vacation trip :]

It was in Batu, East Java. I went with some fellas by car and it was fun! Alright, I'm gonna tell you the story one by one, as the real plot. Ready... set... go!

1 villa
1 front 1 back
1 back2

First visit, we're heading on the villa for some rests.
The view is super amazing and I can't resist to not holding my breath and scream. No, I'm kidding. Of course taking picture! There's a small playground in the house's yard and you can't find that kinda space in the city. We were running around the yard, playing the swing and the see-saw and hanging on the... I dunno its name but it's always built on every playground. Something that you can climb on, children love to climb on it. It's like unfinished foundation for a building but it's finished for children toys. Anyway, from the villa, we got 2 mountain views: in the front and in the back. In the back side of the house, you even can see the rice field. Definitely something you won't find in the city! Right next to house (still in the same range), there's an antique mosque. It has a unique stairs and a beautiful place to take Wudhu. Too bad I didn't take the picture of the Wudhu spot :[ It's a spot covers with a giant lotus around, don't get me wrong, it's not surrounding with lotus. You take Wudhu INSIDE the giant lotus! Unique, huh? Anyway it's fake and made by stones.

2 waterfall
2 abby

Next is Cuban Rhondo.
It is a tourism place that has a beautiful waterfall view. I've never visited this place since I was in kindergarten. Soooo long time a go till I can't remember the moment, I just remember that I took a polaroid picture with my cousin sitting on a big rock with the backgroud of the waterfall. And this time, I went with my besties and took lots of photo. Tons of great photo of course :] You gotta try the water, it's dead cold everybody! My foot even numb when I've once put it in the water too long. The journey to that place was kinda amazing, with the green view in everyside your eyes on to and of course ravines always there on the one side. But still, it's soooo eyes relaxing :]

3 LG
3 view1
Lampion Garden from the top

3 view2
3 view3
3 view4
3 view5
me with bunny ;]

And the last pit was BNS (Batu Night Spectacular).
This is our destination in the first place, that's why we took this trip :] BNS is kinda place with many games, just like Dufan or maybe Jatim Park. The difference is it starts open at 3 PM till midnight, so the visitor will see the night view among the lights of the games stuff and you can even enjoy a light view in a special place called Lampion Garden. It's a beautiful place and I took sooooooooo many picture in there! Well, actually WE took thousands photos because the view is super amazing :D First came, we watched Cinema 4D. I was curious what the different with 3D is, then I had a try on it. And you know what, I think the different is on the chair. In 3D cinema, the chair ain't moving. In 4D, it moves like hell! You'll sit in a big chair like in a theater but a bit bigger, with a seat-belt around your stomach and a hand-holder on each side of the chair. At first, I didn't notice what the seat-belt for, but then I realized right couple seconds before the movie started. The movie is about 'having a trip' by a jet coaster, there's some reel that didn't related to each other and that's when your seat starts moving. Wondering how the chair moving? Go find out your self! ;]

3 SU

Karina, moi, Puspa, Yuri

I tried Sepeda Udara (air bike) with 3 of my friends. It's like a small box contains only 2 people, it has pedal like bicycle under both of the seat but it has steer too (only on one side, left side). You know how to ride a bike right? Yes, it's exactly like riding a bike but you don't have to ride till the end because it moves automatically after you ride, and the steer, it's controlling where you want the box heading to. But it doesn't change the direction, the box moves upon a reel so you won't go to the wrong side or whatever. And after that we're up to the Lampion Garden.

It was a fun trip overall. Though I'm a bit disappointed we can't visit the beach on Sempu Island :[ but at least, I've done a vacation trip this holiday. A very amazing vacation trip indeed.

P.S.: more photos on Deviantart
P.S.S.: for the rest BLM girls who didn't join the trip, I'll envy you with this ;]

E for Eat, F for Food

Beberapa hari sebelum liburan panjang (yang lama-lama membosankan) dimulai, saya pergi ke beberapa tempat buat makan. Yah setelah Ujian Akhir Semester yang melelahkan itu ditemani Cece dan Mia (dua orang yang namanya sering banget nongol di blog ini -,-'), saya pergi makan sekalian jalan-jalan.

Sebenarnya lumayan sering juga kita bertiga jalan ke mana-mana bareng, entah kenapa (takdir kali?!). Lama-lama ternyata rintihan perut kita saling menyamakan diri ahaha. Kalau lapar, menu yang lagi dipikirin pun suka sama. Jadi pergi makannya pun nggak lagi pusing mikirin mau makan apa, tinggal jalan.

satu buat bertiga

Yang terakhir sih di hari pertama UAS, sebelum saya ujian buat mata kuliah Psikologi Sosial II. Saya lupa tepatnya ngapain ke Delta, yang saya inget cuma waktu itu beli Cosmogirl! dan si Cece pengen ke J.Co. Tanpa disangka, di J.Co, Cece beli frozen yogurt yang paket couple buat dimakan kita bertiga. YAY!! Emang yogurt itu nggak ada duanya hahahaha

DUA buat berdua

Trus yang terbaru, setelah ikut rapat panitia OSPEK, saya dan Cece memutuskan untuk mengisi perut di Pizza Hut. Emang sebenernya dari rumah udah rencana mau beli pizza yang ukuran personal buat dimakan bareng adek. Nggak taunya, pulang-pulang saya bawa dua kardus pizza ukuran personal gara-gara saya dan Cece nggak kuat ngabisin makanan kita padahal kita mesen yang Sensasi Delight. Anyway, Cece lagi diet, jadi akhir-akhir ini perutnya cepet kenyang baru makan dikit aja. Sedangkan perut saya, mungkin kekenyangan jus jeruknya (padahal minum juga cuma satu sedot). Nggak tau juga sih, biasanya saya lahap sama makanan apa aja selain nasi. Terutama yang mengandung roti atau kue :D

Beberapa hari sebelumnya juga kita pergi makan bertiga (saya, Mia dan Cece) di Hokben. Makan siang hari itu pokoknya bak makan siang eksekutif muda yang sibuk berdiskusi ahaha. Serius banget ngobrolnya ;]

Anyway, posting kali ini sekedar iseng sebenernya. Mengisi kekosongan posting dengan tema HOLIDAY REPORT yang sedang dalam proses. Sebenarnya udah jadi draft, cuma ada masalah sama kode HTML gambar-gambarnya yang udah saya edit. Terpaksa harus saya revisi dulu and I'll post it soon. So, stay tune!

P.S.: while waiting for the post here, you can visit my fashion blog. I just update it ;]

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Kiki Strike

Written by Kirsten Miller
Published by Dastan Books

"Bahaya." Itulah jawaban Kiki Strike ketika ditanya ingin menjadi apa dirinya, dan memang Kiki Strike adalah sosok yang membahayakan. Bila kau tidak mengenalnya.

Awalnya saya kurang tertarik dengan buku ini meskipun di sampul depan tertera komentar dari TIMES: "Bila Harry Potter tinggal di New York, dia akan jatuh cinta pada Kiki Strike". Tentu komentar itu membuat siapa saja penasaran, juga membuat siapapun akan langsung menduga novel ini penuh petualangan dan bahaya mengingat cerita Harry Potter selalu lekat dengan kisah petualangan seru. Mungkin novel ini memang jodoh saya sehingga akhirnya saya pun membelinya ketika novel yang sebenarnya saya cari tidak ada di toko buku yang saya datangi.

Dan petualangan pun dimulai.

Belum apa-apa di halaman awal sudah diberi peringatan bahwa apapun yang nantinya dapat saya pelajari (because it's written), harus dilakukan dengan penuh tanggung jawab karena hal-hal tersebut merupakan sesuatu yang hanya boleh dilakukan oleh agen rahasia atau semacamnya. Sampai di situ, saya tahu bahwa novel ini akan sangat menyenangkan untuk dibaca. For once, saya excited sekali membaca novel selain chick-lit Sitta Karina atau Meg Cabot :D

Kiki Strike menceritakan tentang seorang gadis yang dianggap aneh oleh sekelilingnya karena dia pucat, berambut pirang-nyaris putih, dan sangat kurus juga berbadan kecil. She's almost invisible around everyone. Hingga suatu saat, seorang teman sekelasnya yang bernama Ananka (yang juga dianggap aneh) sangat penasaran terhadapnya dan diam-diam menguntit ke mana pun ia pergi. Namun Kiki Strike bukanlah gadis biasa, ia menguasai ilmu bela diri, jago memata-matai... she's just perfect for a professional secret agent-in a tiny version. Sehingga tidak sampai separuh, Ananka sudah ketahuan. Tapi bukannya memarahinya, Kiki malah mengajak Ananka masuk ke dalam kehidupannya yang benar-benar di luar dugaan Ananka. Novel ini mengisahkan petualangan Kiki Strike dan teman-teman supernya yang tergabung dalam Irregular dalam menyelamatkan Kota Bayangan. What the heck is Shadow City? Kota Bayangan adalah sebuah kota yang berada di bawah kota New York, lebih tepatnya di bawah tanah dan memiliki beberapa akses masuk yang tersebar di sejumlah tempat di New York. Mengapa kota itu harus diselamatkan? Karena Kota Bayangan merupakan tempat impian semua penjahat di dunia. Dari situ, siapapun yang ingin menghancurkan New York, dapat dengan mudah mengepung dan menguasai kota.

Namun ternyata, Ananka mendapati bahwa bukan itu saja tujuan Kiki mengajaknya dan beberapa teman lain untuk berpetualang. Kiki memiliki agenda tersendiri yang tidak ia ceritakan pada yang lain. Hal ini membuat Ananka dan teman-teman sekelompoknya merasa dikhianati, terutama ketika seorang anggota mereka terluka dan Kiki malah kabur menghilang selama 2 tahun. Kejadian itu benar-benar merubah pandangan Irregular terhadap Kiki Strike.

Lalu apakah Kota Bayangan berhasil diselamatkan? Apakah sebenarnya agenda rahasia yang disembunyikan Kiki StrikeRead it by your self :]

Anyway, I gotta tell you, apapun yang saya bilang tentang hal-hal rahasia nan berbahaya di awal tadi benar-benar ada dan memang bisa dipelajari (serta digunakan bila saatnya tiba). Ananka menuliskannya ke dalam poin-poin di setiap akhir chapter, jadi ia menuliskan pengamatan (dari Kiki Strike) dan pengalamannya dalam menghadapi suatu situasi yang sedang berlangsung di tiap chapter-nya. So, use it wisely.

What I like in this novel, besides Kiki Strike of course, is Verushka Kozlova. Dia adalah seorang wanita yang mendampingi Kiki Strike. Menguasai belasan bahasa asing, mahir SEMUA ilmu beladiri, dan ahli menembak. Wow! It's like the most greatest character I want to be. Definitely a secret agent type ;]

Overall, I gotta agree with the comment in the cover back: "Can't wait for the next series."

Have fun reading!


Directed by Chris Williams
Staring (dubbing) John Travolta, Miley Cyrus

Film animasi yang satu ini boleh dibilang memiliki tema berbeda dibanding film-film sejenis yang seringnya menceritakan kehidupan di dunia hewan berikut kekonyolannya. Bolt menceritakan tentang persahabatan Bolt, seekor anjing German Sherperd, dan majikannya, PennyBolt merupakan anjing yang terlibat dalam pembuatan film serial di mana ia menjadi anjing super yang selalu melindungi tuannya, yaitu PennyPenny mengadopsi Bolt dari sebuah pet shop dan dia menemaninya sepanjang hari. Sampai suatu ketika, dalam film diceritakan Penny diculik penjahat dan Bolt mengira Penny benar-benar diculik. Bolt tidak bisa membedakan dunia nyata dan dunia film karena seumur hidupnya ia berada dalam lingkungan film. Dan dimulailah petualangan Bolt dalam menyelamatkan Penny, sahabatnya.

Dari segi grafis, animasi film Bolt tidak kalah bagus dari film animasi lainnya. Penggambaran karakter Bolt sangat lucu terutama waktu Bolt masih kecil :D

Selain karena dubber terdiri dari Miley Cyrus (Penny) and Chris Evans (Bolt) of course ;], menurut saya film ini menceritakan hubungan yang essential antara manusia dengan hewan peliharaannya. Maybe I'm a bit subjective but it's true. Especially for dogs, it gets worse when you lose a dog. Because dog is a loyal pet, they will love you when you love them too. So does Bolt.

I watched this movie with my lil brother and we both love Bolt. I wanna have a Bolt! :D And I'm wondering if there's a real story about a dog like Bolt, loyal to his person and it's just great. I even cried when Bolt was replaced by another dog at the movie because he's gone 'looking for' Penny outside the studio. He saw Penny 'looks' love her new dog that looks like Bolt, it was a movie scene actually but Bolt was behind the shadow to realize that.

Film ini memberikan banyak pelajaran mengenai bagaimana seharusnya kita memperlakukan hewan peliharaan kita (atau hewan manapun). Because sometimes animal can be hurt. It teaches you that animal can be so nice to you, if you treat them right. Just like human. So, if you own a pet (any kind of pet), treat it well. And trust me, they even can protect you more than a human can do.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Holiday Report: Plan #1 accomplished

Well, in this holy vacation, like I said (via Twitter) that my #1 plan is rent some DVDs. I rented Bolt, Bride Wars, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 and Sex and The City the movie. And I just realized that 3 of those movies I rented have a same theme, Bolt is not included anyway.

Wondering what theme? It's girl's friendship. And I even got another same theme, which refers to marriage. Kinda girls daily stuffs, huh? Yeah, I know. But the funny thing is I didn't realize that I rented the movies with similar theme :D

I'm not gonna review all those movies because it's kinda too old to be reviewed, however I'm gonna review Bolt :] I love that movie!

But still, I will talk about them, sort of lil comment about it ;]

First I watched Bolt, but you can read the rest at REVIEW.
So, skip to the second, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. It's a good movie anyway, it's been so long I didn't watch this kinda movie ( It teaches you lots of morale lesson in a fun way. The characters in this movie is in my age, it's like I just learn how to face the world by them. Because sometimes, the movie I watched has the younger or older character than I am. So, it's pretty fun to watch movie with character in your age.

Anyway, I watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2 right before Michael Jackson in Memorial and I was too tired and sleepy so I fell asleep while Mariah Carey's singing.

Next, the remaining 2 movies are the movie I told you has older characters than I am but still worth to watch (surely!). I watched Bride Wars in the third round, staring by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, this movie is soooo stunning and touching! Reminds me to a moment when I got (silly) fight with my besties. The lesson from this movie is "besties know you better than your mom" :] (except your mom is your bestfriend as well)

The last movie, yanno... Sex and The City the movie. It's good though a bit gross in some part and I love the wardrobe. It's like you're attending a fashion show when you watch this movie :D Carrie Bradshaw's clothes are just amazing! The others are good too but I like Carrie's more ;]

And I love Carrie's outfit when she stepped out the store (she was with Miranda) and carried a VOGUE. Love it. All black and a lil red touch (VOGUE cover), just stunning and sophisticated!

Beside the rest 2 movies I tell you about staring by older actress than the other 2, it's basically talking about the same thing: marriage. I didn't expect that from Sex and the City (actually I didn't know what movie it was about), but still it's interesting and worth learning for my future :]

I said this via Twitter that Bride Wars and Sex and The City got the same supporting actress (or whatever the call it). I didn't googling her because I'm too lazy but just look at the picture you'll see what I mean.

LEFT: in Bride Wars, RIGHT: in Sex and the City

In Bride Wars, she's a famous wedding planner in Manhattan named Marion St.Claire and in Sex and the City, she's an editor of a well-known fashion magazine, VOGUE. Both work behind the table and she's really good I think.

Well, I guess that's my holiday report so far. I'm gonna tell you more whether I do my #2 plan or not or just skip to #3, I dunno. We'll see ;]

Monday, 6 July 2009

Surprisingly YAY!!!

Another surprising event I've got couple days a go!
Well, nobody would guess we went home with a full tummy :D

It was mbak Anty's birthday and she intended to celebrate it together with Dinda because their birthday is in the same month ( Celebrate here means that she wanted to held a treating party collaborating with Dinda's. And of course they wanted to celebrate it with their besties (BLM :D

BLM all crew

Then, after a pretty long thinking about where they're gonna held the party, they decided to held it on Long's resto in WTC, Surabaya. Mas Ridzki said they got a pretty cozy place outdoor and it's on the second floor! What a nice place.

girls with tummy :D

And the rest is history. We each ordered different menu from about 40's menus they got, it's all look yummy! And I got a chicken mushroom my self and a glass of Lemon tea. Well, if you look at the photos, I'm the one who ordered food with many vegetables. Green, baby green... Trust me it's healthy :]

no, it's not trash

I've wanted to ordered a black-pepper beef but there's no enough vegetables so I changed to the green one hoho.

The place it self is pretty cool, with the red lampions and the interior is set in red and black. It's just amuse me because they got my fave color ;]

From the second floor, you can see through the roads below or the viaduct. But something need to be fixed so that the view would look good is the tree. There's a huge tree near the building which the branches distort the view, a little cut down till it looks tidy and nice then it could be nothing but perfect.

Oh and I just realized that the sky in the center of Surabaya has no pretty color at dusk. I mean, there's no color changing from light blue, orange, purple, magenta, and the last is dark blue or black. And I didn't find any clouds being the pattern of the sky field. It's weird I guess. The only color changing is from light blue to orange and then end up with black, the sky view from that place wasn't a pleasure so I did take no pictures.

However, I took a few shots and mostly the pictures I took were my fellas :D

I'd like to say thanks to mbak Anty and Dinda for the party. Well, maybe we can do this again next month, huh? ;]

P.S.: more photos on Deviantart


After all the promise I said to you couple weeks a go, then now I think it's time to prove my words. I proudly present my own...

It contains some fashion works I love, such as street look photography, fashion illustration (of course by me), lookbook wanna be :] and maybe I'll write some fashion review later. Just stay tune!

This blog is my biggest obsession since I've been regularly visiting some adorable fashion blogs and lately being a fans of the writer ;] It's just addicting and I can't wait to start my own. I love street style because it represents the fashion taste of the city and considering I hardly find this kinda blog which talks about fashion street in Indonesia (I only got one) then I think I'm gonna prove it to the world that Indonesian have a good taste as well in fashion street.

About the fashion illustration, since I love drawing so I wanna try to be a fashion illustrator by creating a fashion icon. Unfortunately, I can't post my works for now but I will when everything's ready. I promise :]

Okayyy, I'm not gonna talking more about this. I let you check it out and tell me what do you think ;]

The Graduation that I've been waiting for

Jumat malam yang lalu saya menemani nyokap menghadiri acara perpisahan adik saya yang paling kecil. Ya, seperti yang saya pernah ceritakan setahun yang lalu, saya berniat mengabadikan momen perpisahan adik saya seperti yang pernah saya alami bertahun-tahun yang lalu (kok kesannya udah tua banget ya saya).

Dateng telat, akhirnya saya dan nyokap nggak dapet tempat sestrategis tahun lalu. Kalau dianalogikan dengan kursi bioskop, kita dapet posisi yang bikin leher tengeng. Duduknya di sudut kiri dan nggak kelihatan panggung sepenuhnya karena terhalang kepala-kepala -,-'

Berusaha untuk enjoy di kursi yang saya duduki, saya buka kotak kue yang dibagiin waktu masuk pintu tadi. Snack-nya unik banget: 1 hotdog, 1 muffin, dan 1 lemper! Semua mengenyangkan dan membuat saya tertawa ketika melihat nyokap membuka kotak kue itu. Eastern food vs Western food. Anyway, terbukti di sini kalau dominasi barat masih kelihatan. Jumlah makanan bulenya lebih banyak daripada makanan Indonesia sendiri. Kenapa nggak 1 muffin, 1 lemper dan 1 tahu isi? :D

Lupakan tentang kuenya, saya akan cerita tentang penampilan panggung yang saya tonton. Masih sama seperti tahun kemarin dan kemarin-kemarinnya lagi sih, tapi yang ini saya tonton sampai acaranya selesai. Dari kesemuanya, saya masukkan sejumlah acara yang ditampilkan ke dalam beberapa kategori:

Paling gokil: teater Jaka Tarub
Paling favorit: permainan angklung
Paling W.O.W: tari gembira
Paling nggak jelas: pidato 4 bahasa

Begini penjelasannya satu-satu...

Teater Jaka Tarub
Yah, udah pada tau kan gimana ceritanya Jaka Tarub, si cowok tukang ngintip bidadari yang lagi mandi di sungai itu. Seingat saya, bidadari dalam cerita Jaka Tarub berjumlah 7--disesuaikan dengan warna pelangi yang ada 7 warna. Tapi kemarin itu bidadarinya ada 8 orang, weird huh? Di mana gokilnya? Dari kedelapan bidadari tersebut, hanya 2 orang yang diperankan oleh perempuan tulen, sisanya cowok semua! ahaha Trus, cowok-cowoknya itu tampil all out dengan menggantungkan dua karton emas yang dibentuk kerucut, pretend they're bra! Kegiatan mandi di kali yang seharusnya diiringi suara gemercik air atau suara ketawa-ketiwi bidadarinya, anehnya diganti dengan backsound lagu India (OST Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham yang populer itu, bener nggak tulisannya nih?) dan para bidadari itu joget India bersama!! What's interesting? Sumpah saya ngakak ngelihat cowok-cowok itu joget India, apalagi ada cowok yang gendut banget and I think he's the star that night haha. Waktu lagu hampir selesai, which means the shower is over as well, para bidadari satu persatu kembali terbang ke kayangan. Dan si cowok gendut itu, karena ribet masang baju kebaya dan kain batiknya kembali dia memutuskan untuk menyampirkan kebaya dan kainnya di bahu dan lari keluar panggung mengikuti 'saudari-saudarinya' LOL. FYI, dibalik kebaya dan kain, mereka semua pake kaos polos putih dan celana pendek selutut yang ditutupi rumbai-rumbai dari tali rafia warna-warni. So, don't you ever think it's a porn show or what! Penampilan teater yang diletakkan mendekati akhir acara itu sedikit menyembuhkan migrain yang mendadak saya alami :D BRAVO!!!

Permainan Angklung
Seperti tahun lalu di mana adik saya juga berada dalam permainan yang sama, permainan angklung tahun ini lebih menarik somehow. Entah kenapa, tapi saya melihat dari sisi wardrobe (busana adat daerah Indonesia) lebih bervariasi and I even have a favorite costume. It's like kebaya, but modified overall it's beautiful! I told my mom if it's good :] Permainan angklungnya sendiri sih, lebih rapi dari tahun lalu (sorry bro!) and it was nice! :D

Tari Gembira
One thing I notice from this dance is the costume. Kenapa 'Paling W.O.W'? Wait a sec, saya deskripsikan dulu bagaimana kostum yang dipakai penarinya. Warna-warni, jelas. Rame, pastinya. Norak? tunggu dulu. Kostumnya, menurut saya udah cocok banget dipakai buat clubbing. Apalagi berdasarkan review di blognya Glam Girls, baju clubbing yang lagi hip adalah warna-warna neon. Nah, kostum tari gembira ini udah pas banget. Dari segi warna, hijau neon, merah menyala = check! Bling-bling, anything you want deh = check! Aksesoris, hiasan leher warna neon (oranye + merah + bling-bling) = check! Jadi kesimpulannya, kalau saja malam itu lampu ruangan dimatikan dan digantikan dengan lampu disko dan lighting warna-warni, just ask the DJ to play the music and let's DANCE! :D

Pidato 4 Bahasa
Waktu MC membacakan acara yang akan ditampilkan berikutnya and it was "Four Languages Speech" alias pidato empat bahasa, saya langsung excited dan penasaran kira-kira bahasa apa yang bakal ditampilin. Prediksi saya sih Indonesia dan Inggris sudah pasti, tapi apa ya kira-kira sisanya? Perancis dan Rusia? Jerman dan Mandarin? Well, I got it ALL wrong! Dua sisanya adalah bahasa Jawa dan Arab. Okay, it's interesting because they still try to keep our culture inside. And you know what, waktu giliran bahasa Jawa, saya berasa di planet lain. Well, maybe I'm pretty good at English, but NOT in Javanese. Bahasa Jawa yang saya dengar saat itu seperti bahasa Inggris di kuping nyokap saya. And maybe you're wondering which part that looks 'nggak jelas' in this performance, okay, I'll explain it to you. Saya kurang sreg sama maksud dari pidato ini (baca: nggak jelas), apa maksudnya mengekor pembacaan berita 3 bahasa yang ada di Metro TV atau gimana. Inti pidatonya sih tentang ucapan selamat jalan dari junior pada seniornya yang udah lulus and blablabla. But still, I don't get it. Belum lagi pembaca pidato yang pake bahasa Inggris, I wish I was her make up artist and the wardrobe. And I was thinking, "What century her parents live in???". Anak sekecil itu (sekitar kelas 3 atau 4 gitu) didandanin...sumpah norak abis! As anchor wanna be, gadis kecil itu didandanin dengan rok span hitam selutut, kemeja kegedean merah menyala, blazer hitam yang kepanjangan, dasi merah polkadot putih yang menjuntai panjang dan kebesaran, dan ia mengenakan bando oranye polkadot di kepalanya. Oh God! Have you ever heard department store, parents?! Coba dia didandanin dengan rok mini putih, kemeja yang sweet warna pale yellow, pink jacket, pale yellow legging dan sepatu maryjane putih pasti lucu!! Rambutnya, pake aja bando simple warna putih yang ada pitanya kecil. She's gonna be sweet, I'm sure.

the first boy: my lil bro

Overall, I enjoy that night and I'm soooo proud could attend my lil brother's graduation and took his picture of course ;] And here's some pictures I took when he performed with all the seniors playing songs: Laskar Pelangi by Nidji and Saat Terakhir by ST 12 (no comment why the teacher choosed the 2nd song) with their little piano called pianica.
Well, next year maybe I'll come to my lil brother's (the bigger one) graduation, he's in 9th grade now ;]

P.S.: sorry I didn't take photos that much, my migrain was such a damn.


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