Monday, 23 March 2009

Stupid, but happened

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Well, it's just my opinion and I don't mean to be so harsh for crying out loud. Hopefully, after you read this you won't do the same thing like those people did or worse, do that to me. So, read this carefully.

Every point I mention here I grab from my profile on Friendster, it's some comments that was sent to me. I hope you realize your mistake now, dude.

Who are you?
I just don't get it. Pertanyaan itu selalu datang dari beberapa orang yang saya approve request-nya. Well, I guess it's a greeting sign or whatever, instead of Thanks for the add sign. FYI, I don't add people, unless I know them well. That silly question is asked to me in a simple tiny comment. Yeah sometimes it's written in Indonesian and mostly comes from Indonesian! Oh please, apakah saya harus menyebutkan nama dan tempat saya tinggal (like some kids do) sementara keterangan itu jelas-jelas tertulis di halaman profil saya?

Kuliah di mana?
Apa guna kolom School terpampang di halaman profil kalau pertanyaan ini akhirnya keluar juga? Selain pertanyaan silly seperti poin pertama, pertanyaan ini juga cukup sering ditanyakan pada saya tiap kali habis approve sejumlah friend requests. I'm not gonna answer this time either, find out! (READ

Nama kamu siapa?
Nah, ini lebih silly lagi. Oke, mungkin screen name saya nggak begitu jelas karena penulisannya digabung dengan sebuah adjective. Tapi, saya juga menuliskan bagaimana kamu harus memanggil saya di halaman profil. It's written in a big, bold and clear letters. So, it's weird for me if you miss that.

Anak mana nih?
Well, setahu saya sih, you may know exactly where I am by School section, Hometown and Location. Karena kota saya berada sudah ditunjukkan melalui tempat saya kuliah, jadi saya nggak perlu nulis lagi di kolom Hometown. Buang-buang space, menurut saya. Dan sejauh ini, saya juga belum keluar dari Nusantara. So, you know what country I live in, rite?

Alien Language
Don't take it personally please. I don't mean to be rude to you but please don't speak any language except English or Indonesian to me. I don't know what the heck you're talking about, man. So please, please, please use international language if you don't speak my country's language. It's just so silly when you wanna say something personal and I have no idea what you're trying to say to me.

Hmmm I guess that's all I can find from my comments and my inbox on Friendster, and still, it's so silly to read that when you can obviously read the answer on my profile page. So, I beg you, for everyone who visits my profile on any social networks I join, read my profile information first before you ask me. Maybe it's only me who did this to you and maybe I'm the only one who feel bothered about being asked like that, tapi ada baiknya membaca apapun yang ditulis seseorang di halaman profilnya sebelum bertanya. It's a way for appreciate people, in my opinion.

Have a nice day!


  1. it mean that everyone want to know you sist,,,

    itu kan emang pertanyaan umum sist,,, masa' mau tanya nama bapak-ibu'mu sapa, nama adekmu sapa? masa' mau langsung begitu??

    ok,,, makasih ya nak commentnya,,,

    kasih comment terus yah buat kita,,, biar lebih baek lg,,,


    miss u to nak,,,

  2. yahh tapi kan bisa DIBACA di halaman profil jawaban2nya :[

  3. Makanya join Facebook aja bu.. Hahahaha

  4. Males !
    Jangan tanya kenapa .


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