Monday, 23 February 2009

No, I don't have a tattoo

Don't get me wrong or whatever. The tattoos I made here using Sharpie pen marker, so it's not a real tattoo. I just got influenced by Miami Ink and wanna try to create something looks like tattoo considering I'm afraid of needle. I like it when they started coloring or draw the outer line and everything, it's interesting to watch people creating art. Then here they are. My tattoo art with Sharpie markers. Enjoy!

Obvious I guess. You can say I'm narcist or whatever, I don't trully care.

Umm... it's inspired by a picture on COSMOgirls. One of their model had a tattoo on her ankle and it's very pretty.

I just love to draw human eyes. I love when Kat Von D (LA Ink) draws the eyes part and I wanna try that by my own.

Well, actually those tattoos above are based on my favorite tattoo. I like letters tattoo, cherry blossoms, and human's face (I can't draw a full face so I decided to draw my fave part of the face: eye). It's very nice to see how it's created and my favorite part is when they make the color gradient. So interesting! I know it hurts for the person who got tattoed but still, I enjoy the process of making a tattoo on someone's body. I mean, how the artwork being created.

Hmm I know it's kinda rough however, still needs lots of fix. But I don't care. I did it for fun, so why bother? :]

P.S.: the idea to draw a tattoo with Sharpie marker came from Ami James (Miami Ink), he once draw a large tattoo on a female model's body for some commercial photo shoot with markers and it was Sharpie.


  1. WOW!!! The eye is amazing!

    LOVE this. xxx

  2. Cool stuff! For more on Miami Ink, check out my blog:

  3. i love the eye is amazin sara!
    ur very talented

    really, kenapa bisa ga bisa llihat ?
    aneh ya kemarin juga orang2 ga bisa kasih comments ke june >.<

  4. @ June
    aww thanks dear :]

    @ Victoria
    thanks for the link ! :]]

  5. I really like ur own design!
    Amazing :)


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